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Dr Zulu

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  1. Dr Zulu

    Dr Zulu's Outdoor Garden

    3xAMS; 3xSuperCritical; 2xExodusCheese; 1xBubble
  2. Dr Zulu

    The Babies

  3. As allways Franco is Helpin' ! Thanks Mate !...
  4. Feelin' Stoked !

  5. This is the first post about my outdoor plantation. I put the germinated seeds ( 3 x AMS, 3 x Super Critical, 2 x Exodus Cheese, 1 x Bubble Gum ) 'round early April in soil + Argilex, so at the time being they are about 3 months in vegetative stage . The tallest one is about 1m50 (5 feet) high and the smallest 1m (3 feet). I feed them with "Powder Feeding Hybrids" 2-3 times a month and they're doing just great, it's the best fertilizer I used so far in about 20 years ! I will keep u updated with more pics & vids as they grow towards & through the flowering period. 1 Love, 1 People, 1 H
  6. GREETINGS TO ONE & ALL ! ONE LOVE ! Bless up Children of the Earth !