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  1. some update. mights are still going Tones Now under nearly every leaf, so even tho i know im not gonna completely get rid of them this grow. Im just gonna keep killing them every way possible and as much as possible too. Its very humid the past months couse of the drip system and comming into summer its getting hotter. So theyy musent mind the little bit of heat and humidity :/ This is the time of year i always seem to get mights at least one grow a summer. Thats something i need to fix And a close up of the problem leafs. I havnet watered them in nearly over a week because the pots are quite heavy compaired to the others the same size. So it could be to much water, or lack of (N) so next watering im gonna feed with 1.0 EC. when there lighter. They dont seem to be looking for water either, no droopy leaves or the likes. Not 100% happy about this turn out again, even tho i said it for the last one aswell this one seems abit more of a loss. Apart for the mites in hydro thoes are doing great, ill be doing a grow in hydro for seed if i can next time around and just a cool random shot i got of the led light leaking out of the tent like this
  2. FIM: Yea it really is BS, i did get rid of some leafs before floweringing(but not enough). I did the same today and got rid of some natural dying leafes and badly effected ones so theres abit more air all around. Iv had a fan on 24/7 the past couple weeks, and theyve been growing more and more. So the fans going off lights off too. Also sprying them with more rosemary water just to help. its hard to tell if they like humid or not the plants i have now are under led and in a drip system, and i think the humidity is between 70-90H lights off. abit high for flowering. But last grow i had some mites in soil plants and i trid keeping the H low 40% -55%H . C.S: Il be doing a fimming on the next plants, to help prevent the mites and get rid of the smaller buds. Iv been looking for some neem oil to try with the rose mary even Iv heard theat works good . AS for lady bugs iv looked for some in stores but no luck, so if i see them outi throw them in the tent. Iv onnly ever put 2 or 3 at a time in since i cant find them that often, but putting some water out for them is a good idea they never seem to stay on the plants . The best i can do now is just to continue what im doing and if there loads still around at the end, worst comes to worst il just do a bud wash Cheers
  3. Some of the hydro ladies doing weell apart from the mites. One choco haze plant is streching a good bit more then the other and the other one looks like she grew pretty well alll around :) just trying to deal with the problem child (back left) i can see some dead mites from spraying them but still some crawling. ANY HELP ON MITES for alredy into flower? the rosemary doesnt seem to work guys. The tent stunk of the rose mary and i sprayed 3-4 days in a row all over and under leaves i could. And the soil plants. the two in the back are the photos with the yellowing. (im almost sure its overwatering) and the ones in the front TD Auto, 2 had problems i think were PH related. I let them dry for 5-6 days. and gave them a feed of 450-500ppm just to make sure they had what they needed, no burns or nothing. One TD is doing very well (just like it should be growing) If i could get them all like this, thats my goal, to PREFECT my palnts :D
  4. some pics of the new babies with small problems.. over watering and im not sure about the wrinkled leaves and the curling. also the mite are building up again in the hydro tent, i spray with a rosemary mix almost everyday when light are off for 12h. im gona make a stong fresh bit and keep sprsying from tomorrow to
  5. there is a couple STIILL on just one plant tho my Rose mary mix didnt seem to work, maby i should make a stronger one with added stuff with the rosemary. iv a mint plant that im gona make a juice from the leaves and add that with the rosemary hope it helps
  6. Here the turn out from the double tap roots. We have twins Double plants came out in both of them Heres the Candy Kush one And the Think Diffeent Auto one And some girls in a drip sytem that are soon to be flowered
  7. Had to do just that with the flower tent. I couldnt bring myself to throw the plants out so i just but them outside and the new growth on them is looking good. Im thing about repotting them into the ground outside since them need repotting but it abit dodgy, they could just take of growing and smell abit to much. I got rosemary extract in a 10ml small bottle and put 1ml to a half litre for spraying and the plants seemed fine with it. I could see some dead black mites but there were stil other crawling even after a good spray. Anyway some new seeds Candy Kush, CBD strain, and 3 Think Diffrent auto. And the candy kush i noticed first had 2 tap roots ...? iv never seen this before and was thinking its a magic seed or something haha. then i noticed one of the T.Ds had 2 taps aswell ??? so strange THE CANDY KUSH DOUBLE TAP ROOT AND THE THINK DIF. DOUBLE
  8. Dying veg plants due to mite and not enough Nitro. These plants have mites and not growing well at all. I plan on taking a cople of cuttings maby and throwing them out. Sprayed a few time with a rosemary mix. not going away tho.
  9. Cheers FIM. Some dry weight to come on each plant, intresed to see that. I get throwen of bud with a lot of orange hairs like the bigbang, its just looks very scraggly haha. Decent smoke tho nice and smooth with a orangey exhale to it. Still needs a drying and a cure after. I have Damnezia auto and Kalashnikova auto anyone done these here ?
  10. Some pics of the BigBang auto u didnt see yet and i half harvested her last night to . It was the biggest of my plants with the fattest buds And then some of the hanging plants 4 half copped
  11. Cheers Tokage. Yea theres a bit of mix of colours on some of them alright, purppling couse abit chilly on light off I half copped 2 plants and if i was to guess ther hole weight will be around 20-25G for one and around 28-30G for the other slightly bigger. I could be completely off, because they both look like the same strain but ones dence and one not so dence at all i wounder why that is.. hmmm Some pics soon of them in a group if u guys can help me tell the strains apart peace
  12. Some single shots of all the plants except 2 of them, and there are multipal shots of each 5:) chopped one of them yesterday that looked more done to the rest. It had a good few amber trich and mainly all milky on high and low branches. But still only have choped and left the small bud to puff up abit hopefully some amazing smells of one of the strains. still not 100%. betwenn 4 bigbang and 3automazar. the purple one u see im pretty sure is an automazar If any nes a good gusser fire away ? more pics on the other 2 later. Peace
  13. just a couple of shots of some Chocolate Haze nugs dry. The finial weight was 26grams dry. Dryed a little quick on the outside, i think my dehumidifer did this and the bit of heat was all to much to quick.
  14. Whats up StrainHunter Peps The Autos are finnishing up with all the yellowing going on. there roughly a 100 days i think still another week or 2 left on them. I cant quite make out with my scope weater the trichs, are clear or white/cloudy. I can see some amber some times in odd spots but im never a 100% Some of these plants, ( I think the bigbang bunch) threw out orange pistols quite early. im not to sure if its a thing with the big bang plant, but iv noticed it happen in stressed plants before or one that didnt turn out the best. any reasons or ideas for this happening let me know **my cams gone abit dodgy for some reason sorry bout the fuzzy photos guys
  15. Some more shots of the Autos, looking great. Gave them a feed of Dr.Hornberys Bloom @ 1/3 strengh. because i noticed every watering there was a hand full of lower leaves dead on almost most of them. Since they have a couple weeks to go i thought they could do with it save using all there energy Just a Note To ALL, Its my first time reusing soil and having great results with it so far. I think the results could almost be better, becuse the fresh soil from the bag with the nutes full in it still, might be to much for seedlings and causes stress at the start of the life. And the choco haze half chop. more dry shots on that soon

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