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  1. That picture on the balcony in Spain.... Man that looks nice
  2. Yeah they are probably having an internal struggle to adapt to the environment. But let's wait and see how they will grow. You should try topping them, as the branching is crazy on this one. They are starting to show sex already?
  3. First proper flush was done last week, second and final will be today and harvesting will start Sunday I hope I think iam in for a pleasant surprise with this harvest :))) I dunno why the pictures look so hazy...
  4. Yeah this yield was so low because of the obvious uneven canopy and too crowded grow room. Also some of the varieties are more sativa dominant and I should've given those a few more weeks to flower for higher yield. The last few grows has been fast fast and so I only turn of lights for the day iam harvesting, which will be little less then 24hrs total darkness. But I actually like to go that full week of darkness, but it is not possible when I want to flower next batch immediately I don't water for minimum of 3-5days before harvesting - this drying time I suppose is dependent on yo
  5. Hey! Iam in this contest also and iam very excited to grow the Sweet Valley Kush as I love kushes, but have never grown this. The grow is like usual with the greenhouse mineral feeding in veg and flower. Vegging in 1L pots and moved to 6L pots for flowering. Just a peat, compost and coarse vermiculite mix for media in round net pots. (Last few grows have been without the homemade compost, and now I have rats visiting my compost, so iam kinda fearful to see how it will work). Grown under dimmable 220w 3500K COB LEDs. ATM we're in veg week 2 with 8plants under 50w 5000K COB.
  6. Hey man , had a 1month hiatus from the forum The flowering is going slower with the mineral powder feeding then the organic (at least for me in these last couple of flower runs). Iam extending the flowering period for this grow by at least 2weeks (so total will be >11weeks flowering). Pictures are from week 8, 9 and beginning 10. In the last couple of weeks the buds have started to swell nicely and the plants have started self cannibalising hard.
  7. Nice vegetative growth this week and bud sites are starting to develop. I did a little bottom defoliation.
  8. Hypoaspis miles will be added today as preventive. I gave them a neem spray last week because I saw spider mites in the veg room. Maybe one last neem spray this week. Now they call the predatory mites Stratiolaelaps scimitus .. I don't understand why these name changes happen - it only give rise to misunderstandings. Also on an unrelated note: I got a dry sift tumbler - and woaw... I just wanna stay home and smoke this delicious and smooth kief all day no more messing around with trim wet by water or butter - dry sift is my new favourite for sure
  9. Start week 3 of flowering with no veg. Topped them at end of week 2. For me the Super Bud is really looking nice. I have it them a watering with the bioenhancer and it seems to have made them abit happier. This weekend I hope to finish my 400L worm farm - this will be epic, a lot of vermicompost for future grows :)) There are two plants that look strange, one big bang and one jack herer. The JH is growing very slowly and the BB is developing some deficiencies. Also it seems my future mothers are already showing favorable traits.
  10. Looking great I hope they will flower beautifully under the Mediterranean sun
  11. The weigh in is here Original Amnesia 20gr White Rhino 7gr Godberry 19gr Louis's Haze 23gr Pineapple Express 13gr OG Kush 18gr Critical Super Silver Haze 23gr Critical Cheese 23gr C 99 18gr Blueberry OG 23gr Blue Dream 22gr 209grams total. Decent yield compared to how the grow looked with so many strains. Clearly my favorite of the batch (the critical Super Silver Haze) is still my favorite The blueberry OG have a disappointing taste and the critical cheese has that real nice cheese smell. The OG Kush had slot better t
  12. Hey gang One week into flowering with no veg and things are looking okay, but abit slow growth. Anyways my last grow showed me that everything happened after week 5 with this powder feeding. Two super lemon haze seedlings was added now because they took longer to sprout. So stay tuned Should I remove the ideal holders for better efficiency? Maybe some light is lost by the ideal holder. I removed the reflectors because I needed the spread more.
  13. Yes, the search function does not work on phones. If you rotate the screen, on some phones, the search bar will come into view and you can interact with it. Else try on the computer. But this is a huge problem for me also
  14. Just cut off everything at the bottom that don't get enough light and ventilation. And in my experience you can't overdo the training and topping in the veg phase. When flowering comes many many colas will develop and need support.