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  1. Mouthwatering strains and pics in this thread. Just awesome!
  2. Next time I say to do a bagseed grow please talk me out of it I got hermies..... Also I had a water leakage in the growroom and furnace shutdown over the last week. So even more stress to put out more hermafrodite flowers ..yay.. winter time is fun, eh? The smell is really unique tho. Something like papaya, mango or something perfumey. The bud structure look abit like an arjans haze #3 I grew a while back, atleast more haze than skunk.
  3. Try link the light, some of those blurple ones I don't have great experiences with, but they can grow decent bud - and I don't think 200w of LED sounds like too much. It is a question of hanging height or supplements. CFLis a really cheap option and fine one also. But that temp is high tho .. I think DKH2 is too harsh on the LEDs and there is alot of evidence and anecdotal out there. Different folks different strokes. I had a friend who had a a 400w air-cooled HPS in a similar closet like yours and right next to the bed. His whole student apartment vibrated when that puppy turned on If I was you and had the money or skills I would make an passively cooled COB.
  4. populargrow CREE chip 400W full spectrum COB led grow light for hydroponic greenhouse tent commercial medical plants growth It is a great light that use Cree cxa3070. I use two of those lights that are actively cooled with fans. They don't sell heatsinks, but I found these heat sinks that look great COB CREE CXB3590 Bridgelux Vero29 gen7 Citizen clu048 1212 LED heat sink Aluminum 180mm pin fin pre-drilled 100w heatsink
  5. What g22 says is good advice! Finding a good and cheap grow shop takes some time.. People are nowadays talking more about vapor pressure deficit (VPD), which in short terms mean plants at normal growing temperatures actually grow better at a humidity around 60-70%. Instead of the 30-40% often recommended for flowering cannabis. I run my ventilation 24/7 - this lowered humidity. I agressively defoliate to also lower humidity. If you just have plenty of air flow you will have no problems.
  6. Delicious looking buds and good plan with the mother plants
  7. For me the cheap Chinese COBs have been a better upgrade from my HPS. I used 250w HPS with lumatek ballast for many years, but within last year changed to COB. Before I got around 0,5-0,6g/w with 250w HPS and now I get 0,9-1,1g/w with 217w COB. If you live in Europe and would like some cheap COBs tell me and I'll send a link from AliExpress which ship from Germany (so tax-free in EU).
  8. First I would set up a proper barrier/division up between the grow and your clothes. Get a tray to protect the floor, speaking from experience For ventilation get a clip-on fan for circulation and a small 100mm or computer fan for exhaust. For the light a 250w HPS is very good, but I would actually recommend a COB led. Many of them come passively cooled. But the budget is important if you can afford cheap Chinese COBs or high end SunGrown or Timber grow lights.. Square pots are very nice, but I like the fabric pots better and they come cheaper from China (AliExpress). You have to decide your style of grow. I like a separate mother/veg room and a flower room to move clones into in a SOG style. But for you maybe buying seeds and growing entire cycle in the room would be better. Get some local soil and the ghsc bio feed, enhancer and some seeds - I would recommend a indica for short flowering and less problems And your good to go Pests and diseases will come and be your next frustration
  9. Woaw amazing buds and resin! And with just abit of plagron and biofeed, absolutely amazing What week are those last pics? Some nice colors showing.
  10. Hey guy! Very nice introduction. I shared many of your thoughts in the beginning, but not to worry. These forums rarely get people into trouble. Just beware of what you do IRL Reading your story, maybe you should consider growing in soil with the greenhouse seeds company's bio feed or maybe the powder feed in DWC - just a thought. Cant wait to see your setup
  11. Thanks for the responds Iam going with the super bud and Jack herer, but i got sooo many freebies this time i plan om posting the grows on here so stay tuned Back to this grow I have defoliate on Day 22 of flower and think this was the last defoliation. I found two male flowers :S so they are herming for some reason, the way the flowers formed i think this is genetically :s as iam sure i have no light leaks, but maybe its due to too much defoliation? Pics are from before and arter the defoliation.
  12. Pictures from 3weeks in flowering. Next run iam considering to try some different GHSC indicas. My eyes are on the super bud and jack herer atm... What indicas do you guys like?
  13. I think due to low temperatures. Yea the clones are looking abit too revegged if you know what i mean :S But flowers are starting to develop and i gave them a defoliation and NeemAzal spray on day14 of flower.
  14. So the final outcome looks nice. Too many smaller popcorn buds for my liking, but i think i removed too little notes from the bottom. The gram/watt talk is interesting, but in this grow the aim wasnt to get the biggest yeild. For that i would need a different strain and some more fine tuning of the nutes Another problem i have with the gram/watt is that people only list the wattage of their lights. The entire growroom uses alot more watts then the lights alone - but this creates the dilemma of unfair comparisons between grows seasons and locations. As different grows will need different amount of ventilation, humidification and/or dehumidification. Another problem i have with this gram/watt talk is it doesnt reflect the amount of light hours. Autoflower and photoperiod g/w yeild do not compare as the lights will be listed as same wattage, but one runs much longer hours and there use more watt over the grow. 12/12 photoperiod cannot compare to 24/0 autoflower... Also i have a problem with later addition of light in the flowering period. I ran 2xchinese COB LEDs for the entire grow period. They run 115w each but 217w when connected in a daisy chain (whats up with that? Must be some resistance in the lights daisy chain connect? It should be 230w?). In flower week 8 i added the mars Hydro LED which run 135w. So what is my g/w? Should i calculate using the wattage of all lights or only the ones i used through the entire flower? Or should i calculate KWh used? I lean towards the latter of calculating KWh of the entire grow/cycle of the plant - but this is not the standard we use. Also i think it is unfair if i have to divide my grams by 352w instead of 217w, as it will give me a much lower g/w yeild ;D So... WTF did i yeild? I think i have been avoiding the subject enough, but also i harvested one plant early because papa needed his smoke which is distorting the yeild result.. But from that one plant i measured 22g after smoking some of it. The rest og the planets yeilded 202g, so total 224g of bud. 224g/217w= 1,03grams/watt This is the calculation i chose to go with and as you can see (if you read my entire blabbering post) i think there are a few points of error in that calculation, but it is the one that satisfies me the most lol
  15. Hey hey hey New run of girlies. I met this nice guy Louie at a party and he gave me my first proper dabs. (Dabs are not very common in my country). He gave me three seeds of some dank he had bought some time back. Only one seed popped, so you can imagine i was little nervous that one seed got potted outside and turned out to be female! Happy days, so in the fall i snipped some clones. And now as the green love potion has left the flower room it is time to see how louie's skunk will flower The mother was left outside to see how it would flower. And it seems it will be a ~10weeks flowering period indoor. The growing media is unfertilized peat mixed with coarse vermiculite and worm castings/compost in 20x20cm net pots. The lights are same like before (2x chinese COB LED (cree cxa3070)). The last is a picture of the mother as she looks now - i hope i get some purp on the flowers indoor, but not likely

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