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  1. Haha plz set your life on pause and revolutionize the LED industry I have been thinking about that soo much, but I have zero skills with the physics of electrical components and how to improve them. What you describe there is actually inbreeding and that is definitely the way to go you take the best looking seeds from the best looking plants and continue breeding.
  2. Some of the seeds from your cross should be dominated by either parent, there should be many "random" phenotypes in this first cross of yours. This is the probably for breeders. They have to pop ALL seeds in search of that one phenotype with perfect mix from either parent and then inbreed that phenotype. Ive never heard of a 700w COB that sounds absolutely insane I still believe the Cree cxb3590 chips are the best these days, but every expensive, would be cool to see something else I hope you share your build when it's done
  3. I don't live in America, but I have to agree with the others. He might not need rehab, he need something else to fill his life. Going out from rehab he will have nothing to do and possibly slide back. If he has stuff he cares about to do all day he will see that the drugs are only keeping him from doing his stuff. Fishing was good for me.
  4. Some interesting posts you make man. I hope more people have opinions about this and answers. I have no idea about the LED drivers tho...
  5. In my experience it is of no particular importance. Anyways the sexual reproduction produces a random mix of chromosomes from mother and father, and no seed is a like in this sense (only if you create F1 seeds which are first filial cross from stable parents (stabilized over 6-10generations minimum) and not just the first cross of any two random plants, like many people wrongfully use it in the cannabis community). So if all seeds are unique, the cross or phenotype you want may be created either way if you cross male x female or vice versa. So no particular importance, imo. Compare it with humans, is it important that some man reproduce with some woman or the other way around? Doesn't really make sense as the children will be unique either way. Try set up a punnett square and swap the female and male, you will get the same genotype percentages either way.
  6. I think outdoor the presence of predators keep inesct pests down or maybe there are other plants the insects attack instead, sorta like guardian plants. And also I think the natural sunlight and growing conditions beef up the plants abit more so they have thicker cell walls and higher brix, which is not what mites are interested in.
  7. Man this new house and furnace is giving me alot of trouble this winter fucking hell the night time temperatures drop to 14C so growth have been very slow in the first week of flowering, but I have now been able to get a 17C night temperature and max 24C , which isn't ideal, but better and I see little more growth here in week 2. Cloned and defoliated on day 9 of flowering (yesterday), but didn't take pictures. When I took the clones it became clear that the original Amnesia and blueberry OG are slow growers with small root systems and short branches, too short for cloning at day 9. So maybe they perform better in a hydro setup or they are just not as vigorous growing strains as the others. Either way they're probably out after this grow. The pots are moving abit around in the pictures. Big pots moved to front and back again.
  8. I think the real problem is the seeds they collect around the world are not very stable and selling seeds with too many unknown phenotypes is probably a bad idea because people will get some bad experiences. Better to collect those seeds, inbreed them and stabilize the genetics to make new "strains" to create actual F1 seeds with nice uniform phenotypes. As any producer they want to produce a uniform product that satisfies the customer the same way every time. This is not possible if you just go and collect the seeds from the fields - I mean look at those SH documentaries. Those local farmers don't seem to be controlling the breeding at all.
  9. @Urban Guerilla agreed. I have similar problems where I live and I have had huge success growing autoflowering strains outdoors. This way I get two harvest outdoors per growing season and with nice quality buds. Else there are some different outdoor strains native to my country that perform vaery well. These are sometimes referred to as semi-autoflowering.
  10. Now that all you beautiful people have created accounts you must also go create a forum post about your grows so we can see your progress, share and drool over your bud pictures @weed_harcore_crazy yo tengo un poco de semillas de Malawi gold. My friend brought them home from Malawi when he was smoking there. I don't know why anyone wants to grow this one, it is an untameable sativa beast
  11. Fuck those fucking spider mites always trying to ruin good grows Plants look nice tho.
  12. Woaw more growing experience then I have life experience haha 35years of outdoor growing surely you must have some awesome pictures, please share And this project of your sounds very interesting please elaborate and let's bounce some ideas
  13. @g22 so true! But I think very difficult sadly. You really got me thinking tho
  14. So the next flowering cycle is about to start. Same setup as before: 217w COB LED Cree cxa3070 actively cooled 30w circulation fans 40w exhaust fan Growroom 120*110, with 100*100tray Fertilized peat/spagnum mixed with some coarse vermiculite. Fertilizers during flowering will be GHSC powder feeding short flowering and PK booster. Sadly iam out of GHSC BioBloom. The veg cycle was completely organic. They are looking okay as we enter flowering alittle small, but I hope they will fill out their pots. Strangely two plants in back left show leaves clawing. I think this is a mix of too much fluctuations in watering, feeding and too temperatures. This run is very unprofessional with one plant per strain and I just learned 11plants is alittle too much for my lights, but still I will try anyways The strains are: Blue Dream Humboldt Seed organization Blueberry OG Barney's Farm Seeds Godberry Freedom of Seeds Original Amnesia Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze Critical cheese Dinafem Seeds C99 G13labs Seeds Dinafem Seeds Pineapple Express G13labs Seeds White Rhino Greenhouse Seeds Company Louis' Haze (the Louie's skunk renamed) OG Kush Amsterdam Coffeeshop I had 100%germimation success on the 7freebies from attitude seedbank. Then there is two seeds that have vegged one week longer, I got from a buddy. Two clones have vegged together with those two seeds and these four plants are in 9,8L pots. The 7UFOs are in 6,2L pots and vegged for two weeks. This is part of my hunt for a new strain and only the best will be kept to compete in following grows against 5 different GHSC strains. Along with some test of the organic vs non-organic GHSC feeding. Iam very excited and we have an amazing year ahead of us if all goes as planned.

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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