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  1. So far so good, good colour and nice work. Can you give us details on feeding- eg how often and at what strength. Nice start to the LST, in the first pic i see you have a bottom support however can not see it in second pic, the reason its needed is to stop up rooting of the plant as you bend her over, bottom support should be placed opposite to the way you bend her. There maybe one in place already. Keep up the good work and hope this helps if not known already. PEACE
  2. some really nice growth going on here shame about the little one, lets hope the coco one keeps going PEACE
  3. Flowering is coming along nicely, nice healthy plants, cant wait to see how the colas knit up, good job Bam. PEACE
  4. Absolutely beautiful, they appear to be in prefect health an excellent job One observation, they look like they are going to flower, however im probabally wrong. PEACE
  5. @Dust Thx bro was a little unsure about the logos id used. @Jose.gh Thx bro Growing in coco normally gives me trouble but im gonna try and do a natural structure plant, as for DWC its very fast, when them roots hit the water it grows like crazy so id say they like the swirling of the water caused by the air, when i first done this kind of grow it was weird and exciting to see how fast roots grow.
  6. Hi hunters and thx Dust So far so good being playing with photoshop curious how this format goes down PEACE and enjoy
  7. hi in reading the post before last, where you said you can get away with higher temps i think you are spot on, i remember watching a video saying the same, with HID lighting the light penation is more intense with this the air temp of 75 keeps internal temps of plant to 85 with led an 85 air temp is needed to to heat the internal flesh of the plant to 85. if i manage to find this video again il post it for ya peace
  8. Hi hunters. On the 14th november the dwc plant was put in her 20l bucket, this is because the light has been upgraded to 250w mh with 100mm exhaust fan for ventilation and temp control and 150mm desk fan on speed controler so not so harsh on the young plants. Also repotted other plants into 3l coco pots, both had a very nice root sytem, wish i had taken pics now. Overal growth is good both above and below ground so to speak, all have wideish leaves which i hope they keep and show in flower more to the indica side. Thx for joining me on what i think is an exciting time, dont know what else to say so lets let the pics say the rest see ya soon guys. PEACE.
  9. Hi bro sorry to hear about the damn earthquakes, keep safe nice to see you still updated us on plants, BIG RESPECT with what you dealing with. PEACE
  10. nice start, cant wait to see these no need for luck here, but you have my best wishes for nice phenos PEACE
  11. Nice going bro, soon to be flowers cant wait peace
  12. Nice restart, damn puppies eat everything health and development look grt, keep up the good work peace

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