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  1. Listen brother, plants are like children, they may seem a little bit unsteady and insecure in the beginning, but nobody is perfect and with enough time, patience and attention on your side, they can flourish to greatness and become beautiful.
  2. Woah! Congrats, mang! Your plants looks dank. Keep up the good work. Did you give them 48h of darkness to get the purple touch or did you try it another way (or were the plants naturally purple - ish?)? Peace, peacemaker
  3. Hallo alle zusammen, dies ist einer meiner 1. Beiträge im Forum und ich freue mich, dass es auch ein deutschsprachiges Unterforum gibt. Ich habe bereits etwas Erfahrung mit einigen Strains und würde gerne mein Wissen über diese wunderbare Pflanze erweitern und vertiefen. Fall einer oder eine von euch sich austauschen will oder Fragen hat, dann nur zu, ich bin gerne offen für Konversation. Peace, peacemaker
  4. There was another similar question, I responded to earlier. There can be many reasons why your plant leaves turn yellow: 1. Lack of sunlight. If your plants don't get sunlight at all, you should consider repositioning them. Like in humans, sunlight is an important factor in the growth and developement process of a plant. 2. Root issues/nutrients. You should try checking, if you'd need to add fertilizer or repot your plants. Sometimes the roots get too compacted within the pot and this can also lead to oxygen issues and the roots sticking out from the bottom of the pot. 3. Too little wa
  5. "One of the ways to tell that your plant is ready to harvest is to look at the calyxes. In the final stages, they will swell and ripen as more resin glands develop on the surface. This creates a mushroom-like cap commonly called the “bud.” Chemical changes are occurring in the THC development during this stage also. The pistils or little hairs that grow inside the calyxes will change color from white to red. The ratio of red to white will determine the type of high you will get, whether it’s a “head” high or a “stone.” As the harvest time gets closer, usually in the last couple of weeks, the p
  6. Do you have enough soil in there? Did you overwater them (or: do the roots get enough oxygen?)? Try putting scrumbled eggshells around your plant (basically adding nutrients). A friend of mine had a similar issue (slightly dry&yellow - ish leaves) and this fixed it for him.
  7. Hey mang, don't worry, the little sweeties look fine, just remember to have them enough soil and not too much water (overwatering is actually not a thing, due to the plants getting suffocated by too much water, ergo not getting enough oxygen).
  8. Hey mang, I have the same problem and now I know what the 'cause of it was. Cheers.