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  1. Mopman the only ingredient I had trouble with is rock phosphate but the Dehner phosphate potash is rock phosphate from what I could translate as its German but I don't know what the the potash is from if there's any Germans here maybe that can help but the product did say it benefits microorganism sin the soil so I'm hoping it's not going to fuck things up
  2. Ok the strain as been changed due to super soil not ready white rhino as now been grown with powder feed So the new strain with super soil is now pineapple chunk This grow will be 3 strains 3 white rhino and 2 CBD shark shock with gh powder feed Pineapple chunk with super soil The super soil smells like fungus like it suppose to but not seeing any mycelium like I'm suppose to So I've sat the bags of super soil in the veg tent to warm up hope it's going to be ok Pics to follow Would take videos but grow he is not taking any new registrations
  3. Hello this is my first attempt at a super soil grow After studying subcools recipe I think I've came up with a uk version that will work , I've mixed all ingredients together on the 18 /10 /2015 then split them into 2 bags and left to cook for 2 months In the grow tent where it's nice and warm. I' have 4 white rhinos growing and will take cuttings for this super soil grow , As its my first try I will only use 2 plants for super soil just in case something goes wrong with the mix Trial and error First time also at taking cuttings so will document this as well , Will be good to hear anybody with experience with super soil from uk Hope we can learn something Enjoy
  4. SUPER SOIL U.K. available ingredients 50L Plant magic soil (sphagnum peat, Fytocell foam and Organic Growth Stimulant) 6L Bioblizz coco mix (Composted coco fiber ) 6L Organic worm castings ( NPK + micro in low amounts ) 2L Perlite (Drainage) 300g (Westland )bone meal (NPK 3.5/7.05/0 ) 300g (Vitax) Blood meal (NPK 13/0/0 ) 300g ( ivisions )seaweed,Kelp meal (Small NPK + 70 vitamins and minerals, plant hormones and biochemical compounds.. ) 300g Plagron Bloom bat guano (NPK 3-15-4 + micro ) 170g (Dehner ) Phosphate potash (NPK 0/10/15 +5MG +12Su )rock phosphate, unknown potash source ? stimulates microbe life & improves soil structure 140g (Vitax) Calcified sea weed (Small amounts of NPK. 46% calcium oxide, 5% magnesium oxide; sulphur, copper, iodine and cobalt and some twenty trace elements & raises ph of acidic soils ) 500g of (Kernow Black )Biochar Kernow Black feeds this biochar with nutrients and micro-organism cultures Lacto Bacilus from rice water,Molasses bacteria ,Calcified shells bacteria ,Seaweed Small pinch (Vitax) Epson salt magnesium, sulfur and oxygen, (MgSO) 1 cup (ivisions) Volcanic rock dust (Micro nutrients ,Microbe food ) 5g Lignohumate Humic acid 46%,Fulvic acids 50%, Micro-elements 1%, Sulphur 3% Grate White (15 different species of mycorrhizal fungi, 11 different species of beneficial bacteria and 2 species of trichoderma) Extra microbe food ( 2 cups Organic oaks 1/2 L of cooked rice , molasses ) Real Coconut and coconut water (Small NPK + Micro , Plant hormones ,cytokinins, )
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  6. Kush please indoor coco mix greenhouse powder feed My other account is Chronic grower thou I no longer can log in to that account Under that account I've completed the money maker grow so you know I'm good for it .
  7. I know it's a late reply but if anyone has the same problem and comes across this thread then it could help them out . I've had this problem before and there are 2 ways round it But first understanding why it's happening in the first place helps Understand the solution method better. When u add nuts to water the ph goes down naturally due to the acidity of the salt , plants don't take the water with all the nutrients in one go and with the evaporation that naturally happening this leaves the water with an higher ec level , even more so when you add more feed to a medium that's left a lot of salt behind ( salt build up )so naturally lowers the ph of the water. You can flush a lot of water though the medium when you first notice a ph drop utill you have reached the desired ph (a lot of work ) Or you can try to balance it out but every other watering by upping the ph of the nutrient water to try and balance the ph out ( that I've done with grate success ) If you are using chem ferts or organics that's readily availe to plants then never use beneficial microbes , use liquid oxygen instead to keep everything clean because These microbes alter the ph of it medium to suite its needs And makes nutrients available in a form that the plants can use , then in return the plants uses the nutrient boron to move sugers that it's made from photosynthesis down to its roots to feed the microbes , this only works when the nutrients and not readily available to the plant so in any organic or none organic nutrient where plants can uptake nutrients on there own there's no interaction between the 2 and the microbes become dormant leaving a stunned ph that you now have to change. Hope you find this useful in anyway
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  9. From the album HigherStateOfMind

  10. Whats happening WITH greenhouse right now? looks from this forum its gone to quiet so to long. hope this is the calm before the storm
  11. HI nice looking plants mate ,dont look ready to me a nother 2 weeks i would say , have you already started the flush ? looks like lack nutes for some reason .
  12. Good to be on here love what you guys represent with the strain hunters collection of landrace genetics. hoping to do some jornals very soon with the strains i choose to grow and share my grow room with you all Till then i will be floating around the grow jornals taking a peak peace and love X

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