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  1. @g22 yes most technology is of no real use I agree people who are obsessed with their supposed smart phones are like zombies and to make lots of this stuff rare minerals and metals are used yet these things are not well made and only work for a couple of years before they break down its all about selling people useless crap they do not really need like a kettle, toaster, coffee machine, fridge or waste bin that has a WiFi adapter I enjoyed driving and I cannot overstand why anyone would want a car that drives itself so they are a passenger it defeats the point of driving
  2. They look so healthy great job bro
  3. @g22 mek no mind bout 5G or 6G people talk folly 5G uses the old analogue TV radio spectrum or frequencies and whatever comes after 5G will continue to do the same. If there was any truth in stories about birds and insects dying out they would already be extinct because of TV an radio. Today with network hardware we can do a lot more tricky stuff this is simply because of the software running on the hardware. With 5G it is possible to have essentially layered networks riding on a core network, this is why 5G will be very useful for the IOT (Internet Of Things) this makes it easier to keep traffic separate and route it more efficiently to keep data flowing. 5G will just provide the means to sell people more network services they do not really need and more ways to track everyone there are plenty who will pay good money for this data.
  4. @Guovsahas wow that's some list you got there and great news about the job
  5. Time for a quick update on the Cheese plants. This morning the dirt in their root pouches was dry and they felt nice and light so I gave each plant 1ltr of water. Then I placed the plants back inside the grow tent under the LED to continue soaking up the rays. All of the plants are growing well and they are producing lots of nodes and side stalks I am well pleased with them. The little Passion #1 girls are now producing their second set of true leaves yesterday their dirt was dry so I gave them 100ml of water and root stimulant there was no run off from the bottom of the pots, next time I give them some water and root stimulant I will increase the amount to 150ml. Once they get a bit bigger probably by the end of the week I will give them a mild feed of the organic grow nutrient. With the Plant Magic Old Timer organic nutrients it is best to mix them when you use them, so I will just mix 500ml then throw away what is left over to reduce waste, otherwise if left in the bottle weird lumps form in the solution. Got some good news yesterday I got an email to let me know the new Silver Back test beans are on there way to me. Happy growing...
  6. @Cannabissapean hows that baby Kong's Krush going ???
  7. Time for a weekly update on the 4 Cheese plants at the end of week 1 of flowering. All of the Cheese plants are growing well stretching and increasing their structure and creating new nodes and bud sites. The Green House Cheese plants are now 27cm and 34cm tall and the Exodus Cheese plants are now 30cm and 34cm tall. When I watered and gave them a light feed on Friday I poured the water carefully around the edges of the dirt in the root pouch to make them work to seek out the moisture in the dirt. This morning as I rotated the plants in their root pouches I can see the dirt is drying out in a timely fashion because of the increase growth of all of the plants as their root mass and the foliage and stalks increase. Here are some images of the plants I took yesterday afternoon. All of the plants in the grow tent under the LED All of the Cheese plants in normal light. Green House Cheese plants side view. Green House Cheese plant foliage. Green House Cheese plants top view. Exodus Cheese plants side view. Exodus Cheese plant foliage. Exodus Cheese plants top view. As soon as the dirt dries out again in the next couple of days I will just give them water and I will increase the amount again by a couple of hundred mls and then I will feed them next time the dirt is dry. More updates to follow soon, happy growing...
  8. Yesterday I mixed a feed solution of 0.03g GHS grow powder feed per litre and 3ml of Plant Magic root stimulant per litre and I made up 4 litres of the feed solution in two 2ltr lemonade bottles. This morning the dirt in the root pouches of all the plants was dry and they felt nice and light. So I gave each of the Cheese plants 800ml of the feed solution and then put them back into the grow tent under the LED. The Passion #1 seedlings are in the cupboard in bed at the moment until lunch time when I will put them back into the grow tent under the LED again to soak up the rays. The weather here in UK land is a bit mixed at the moment we are getting a mixture of sunny and cloudy dull days, but the temperature is staying well above 10C so its not too bad, hopefully it will improve as we move into June. Happy growing...
  9. For me the main thing about Windows 10 is the direction of travel Microsoft are taking, this operating system is the last to be designated a number there will not be a Windows 11 or 12 etc, it will just be known as Windows in the future. Microsoft describe Windows 10 as, "an operating system as a service" over the past few years they have been deliberately blurring the lines between the desktop and the cloud or in plain language online or web services, consider the Office Suite in the past it was just a suite of application software then then developed Office 365 the web service where you can access and use the same application software via a browser. Adobe have done the same thing with the CS suite of application software you can now pay N amount per month to access the software through a browser you get a copy of the software to install locally on your device and as long as you pay the monthly fee its all good. They do not want you to own the software because they make more money renting you an instance of the software than they did with upgrades every 5 or 10 years where you pay a discounted amount to upgrade your existing software to the latest version, plus this way they do not have the same support headache supporting old versions of their software, they just support the latest version and just keep tweaking it. So considering this it is pretty obvious that Microsoft have also taken note of Google and their Chrome books where you do everything through the Chrome browser there is an OS but you never see it, you only see a file system if you plug in external storage devices like a USB thumb drive and you cannot install application software simply because there is no means to access the operating system and this functionality, and the drive space is limited. When you use a Chrome book the only way to create a document is via the Chrome browser using Google Docs for any task you require a Google service to perform the task. This is where Microsoft are moving with Windows to where the OS on your device is really just an interface or conduit to their web services, and you will be paying for the privilege, everything you do on the device will depend on a network connection simply because the software will be a cloud service. Also drive space like the Chrome books will be limited so the file system will be replaced with a cloud storage service, just like with these Chrome books. Microsoft stooped to some pretty nasty behaviour to "encourage" people to upgrade from Win 7 like breaking the media player so that everything displayed within the media player was "unknown" names of CD's and all tracks. You cannot create 2 files or folders with the same name within the same folder within any operating systems file system every file needs to be unique within the file systems namespace, so to have the media player render all track names as "unknown" took more heavy lifting than just rendering the file name for each track. So I am done with Windows I prefer to keep my data on a hard drive within my device under my control I do not want to be part of whatever the future with Microsoft holds. Be aware that a VPN service does not mean that your activity is secure, because the service is essentially a proxy and all your network activity goes via their server/s even where your browsing sites over https their services has the same privileges so they get the same encryption key and see all the data flowing across their server/s. Just install some paid security software that provides a suite of anti virus and firewall software I used to run Norton 360 and I ran this along side Malware Bytes free anti malware software, the antivirus sometimes doesn't catch the malware so Malware Bytes is your friend here. Don't waste time installing free security solutions like AVG Free it will detect an infection, but guess what you have to buy the real software to remove the threat, if I had a quid for every time a client has come to me with an infected machine wondering why the software won't deal with the threat. To browse the web you need decent antivirus and firewall installed on the device that is up to date and your good. These VPN services are snake oil they are similar to service to allow people to remotely access their devices like Teamviewer the problem is just the same and they see everything you do, one of my clients was using Teamviewer free to access his desktop while on holiday and check his business emails. I pointed out to him this would breach the terms for using the software and service, in the terms they clearly state that they will analyze the traffic that has passed over their service to make sure the user is not breaching the terms. Sure enough within a week or 2 he got an email warning him that using the service to check and reply to business emails was a breach of their terms of use, he was shocked when he realized they had to have read the emails to know they were for business. As I pointed out to him you gave up your privacy and compromised you security for the convenience of using this FREE service. From a security perspective anything that you may find convenient will definitely be of convenience to a bad actor, like using shitty weak passwords like password123 then compounding this sin by using it everywhere. My advice is very simple if you have been chopping firewood in the back yard do not leave the axe outside next to the back door when you go inside take the damn thing with you and lock the door, it may be convenient to leave the axe by the back door, but a robber will also find the axe very convenient as well. Antivirus and firewall software are a better investment than a snake oil VPN services, to stay secure when your connected to the web.
  10. Dire Wolf

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