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  1. Time for a progress update, the 4 Exodus Cheese autos are all growing well and enjoying having the grow tent to themselves. I continued to give them all 100 mls of water and feed every 2 days, one was taking 3 days to consume the moisture in the dirt, so I gave it half the amount of water and feed so the dirt in all 4 pots dried out at the same time. Then on Saturday when they needed to be fed and watered I repotted them all into 10 inch pots and gave each 1 litre of water before I put them all back into the grow tent. I started taking photos but the battery ran out of power, I forgot to check it and charge the battery, before I started, anyway I managed to take a few photos before the battery died. Exodus Cheese autos in grow tent Exodus Cheese autos in normal light Exodus Cheese autos tops of plants Exodus Cheese autos in new pots in grow tent After drying over the last ten days the Jack Herer stalks made a snapping sound when broken so this afternoon I cut all the bud off the stalks, there was 34 grams of bud and 4 grams of dry trim. Once I had tidied up I got a bit of trim and a nice bud sample. Then I rolled a spliff I love the earthy and herby taste and aroma of the Jack Herer auto and the hit profile is just how I like it with a good body stone and strong high, the taste an aroma is OK despite me having to spray it with a solution of milk and water to combat the touch of powdery mildew. With the two Exodus Cheese the aroma and taste has a slight hint of milk, which slightly masks the aroma and gives the taste a subtle hint of milk, but it does not make it harsh to smoke at all. Definitely better than loosing all the bud thats for sure. It seems to be more on the smaller buds from low down on the plants, anyway now I can control humidity that won't happen again. Happy growing guys. Gasmeter
  2. Hey guys its time for another update on progress, the 4 Exodus Cheese autos are all growing nicely, I am now feeding them with Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Bloom and Root Stimulant at 2ml of both per litre of water. At the moment I am watering and feeding them 100 mls every 2 days now once the soil dries out, one of them takes a little longer to consume the moisture from the dirt, but its not a problem hopefully it will catch up with the others as its roots conquer the pot. Here are some images I took a couple of days ago on Saturday afternoon. Exodus Cheese autos in the grow tent with the Jack Herer Exodus Cheese autos in normal light Exodus Cheese autos tops of plants Exodus Cheese flower close up Last Thursday afternoon I cut and harvested the 2 mature Exodus Cheese autos and the Jack Herer autos dirt had dried out nicely so I gave her 2 litres of water, today her dirt is almost dry and the trichomes are all well milk so so she now ready to cut and harvest. The bud from the Exodus Cheese autos I cut last week that is hanging in the image above is now dry the stalks snap with a little crack sound so I will cut the bud off the stalk and put it in brown paper bags for a couple of days then into mason jars. I recently bought myself some decent digital scales that can weight up to a kilo, so now I can accurately weight the end product. Once I have cut and harvested the Jack Herer auto I can then repot the 4 young Exodus Cheese autos into the 10 inch pots in the next couple of days, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
  3. It s so quiet in the forum at the moment Apart from the tumble weeds blowing through the forum Gasmeter Likkle more
  4. Nice one Jose, I man agree most of these vapourisers are shit, I bought a vaping pen that was supposed to handle herbal material, it was shyte I think I managed to get a couple of decent tokes of vapour, but after that when I managed to get a decent toke it burned the bud, and after a few goes the heating coil mashed up. A total waste of £45 on a product that was not fit for purpose, I threw it away within a month it was garbage. You need to spend a bit of money and "invest" in a good quality vapouriser that will be fit for purpose, over time I suppose they will become cheaper, but right now any vapourisers under £100 are low quality products that won't provide good service or last long. Gasmeter Likkle more
  5. Hi your welcome man, yes they are growing nicely I am pleased with their progress. The white residue that you noticed is from the milk and water solution I sprayed on all of the plants, despite the fact I spotted the powdery mildew on 4 fan leaves on the Jack Herer and a couple on one of the mature Exodus Cheese that was next to it, I decided it would be wisest to treat all the plants and spray them with milk and water. The new growth on them looks all sparkly and clean, the white milk residue does dust off, I will give them a wash with some damp tissue. Happy growing. Gasmeter
  6. Its update time again, the four Exodus Cheese are all growing nicely, since my last update I have been feeding them a solution of Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and Root Stimulant at 2ml of both per litre, each plant has been getting 40ml per day. Last night I repotted them all from their 3 inch pots into 4 inch pots and gave them a feed and some water to make the new dirt damp, I did not put them straight into the ten inch pots, because of the amount of space available in my grow tent at the moment. On the next run I will pop the beans two weeks before these are ready to harvest so I can then transplant the seedlings from the 3 inch pots straight into the 10 inch pots and see what difference it makes. So far I my method has been to repot to bigger pots so as the root system is growing the dirt has chance to dry out so I don't over water the seedling and once its root system has conquered the pot you can tell by the way it looks and the way the dirt dries, as you can see in the images below the root systems have only just conquered the pots and haven't started to swirl. Also I can water through the pot and the dirt will dry out in a timely fashion, as well as being able to check the PH of the run off now and again, I suppose when repotting straight into a ten inch pot I will need to be careful and make sure to only water the root zone and keep the feed light to avoid build up in the soil below where the roots have grown. All 4 Exodus Cheese are in flower now so when I feed and water them tomorrow I will make a solution of Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and Root Stimulant at just a couple of ml per litre now they are in proper dirt containing nutrients. I will add the root stimulant for another two weeks then it will just be the organic flower bloom, the two Exodus Cheese and the Jack Herer seemed to like it. Here are some images I took yesterday. Exodus Cheese plants. Exodus Cheese top of plants and flowers close up. Exodus Cheese root systems. Exodus Cheese plants in new pots. Exodus Cheese back in the grow tent On Thursday the Jack Herer's dirt was nice and dry so I flushed the pot with 4 litres of water, and yesterday the dirt in the pots of the 2 Exodus Cheese was well dry so I gave them 2 litres of water each, all the trichomes are well milky now so I will let them dry out and harvest them towards the end of the week. I will let the Jack Herer dry out and then give her 2 litres of water and let her dry out then harvest her, probably the end of next week, then I can repot the 4 new Exodus Cheese into the 10 inch pots they will finish in. More updates to follow, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
  7. Your welcome UKNew2it With my first proper grow in 2015 I started late at the begining of July and I ended up with some bud, I knew it could come to nothing but I just wanted to see the plant go through its life cycle and overstand what happens at each stage of its life. On the Dutch Passion site they say 6 weeks flowering time for the Passion #1 so even though its late hopefully with it being such a vigorous strain you should get some bud for your efforts, it is just a case of nursing her along over the next few weeks. That is good having a stables nearby where you can get straw, we used to live on what had been a farm and our neighbour was still farming and he let a girl stable her horse in one of the buildings, that horse shit makes great fertilizer for the garden, cow shit is good, but chicken shit is awsome our nighbour used to get 20 tonne loads and I would load it onto his spreader with the JCB, you could almost see the grass growing after. Oh man those bugs are hard work I found 4 caterpillars on my Passion #1 this season, rassclatts I took great pleasure popping them.
  8. Hey UKNew2it, its shame that you started late and you do not have anywhere indoors to put them under artificial light so you can finish them. At the moment we are only 2 days away from October, here on the coast the weather is mild but we do get frost and snow, in the image above it looks like the plant is in a pot, if you wrap the pot in straw or anything to insulate it, but also sit the pot on bricks so air can get to the bottom drain holes. Try to give the plant shelter from rain so it does not get battered as the days get cooler, in the image above it definitely looks to have started to flower, so if you can keep it alive long enough you will get a few tiny buds, but the hit will probably be very weak. The Passon #1 grows fast but unfortunately not that fast. My advice is don't pop any autoflower beans there is not enough time, if you have somehwere in doors it would be a different matter. Gasmeter Likkle more
  9. Your welcome man, Yeah its a good idea to find out as much as possible before you have a go, rather than rush in and mash up the grow. Hopefully some one who has used Plant Magics coco nutrients will chip in with some useful information. Gasmeter Likkle more
  10. Hi Urban Guerilla Yeah you can grow "proper" collie in Ireland, I am in the UK just across the Irish sea on the Fylde coast check out my 2017 Passion #1 outdoor grow journal. I grow in dirt in the back yard which is paved so I use pots, which means I can easily move the plants. In order to trick them into flowering I place them inside the shed so they get 14 and a half hours light per day, this year I started to trick the 2 plants at the start of July and they were ready to cut by the end of August a month before last years grow. I also put them in the shed under 2 flourescent tubes if it is pissing down raining so I control watering and feeding, plus when those buds start to get dense you don't want them getting wet and increasing the risk of mould and bud rot etc. I man say trick rather than force into flowering, because the state of flowering is not permanent the plant can be revegged, forced to me implies a permanent change to the plant, so for me tricked into flowering is closer description of the reality. In the poly tunnel you won't have to worry about the weather, you just need to work out some way to cover the plant so you can control its day length when your ready to trick the plant/s into flowering, if I did not have access to the shed I would check out a local farmer and buy a silage bag which I could adjust size wise to requirements also remember the plant will grow bigger as it matures during flowering. To be successful make sure you start early enough in May or even April so the plant has time to finish. Happy growing.
  11. A quick mid week update On Tuesday afternoon I noticed a dead leaf on a bud on the Jack Herer and the bud was brown and looked dead, the bud on the opposite side of the stalk was going brown on the stalk side where they touched, so I cut them off and threw them away and washed my hands. As I then closely inspected the Jack Herer I noticed a couple of fan leaves had powdery mildew on them, I then check the Exodus Cheese that was next to the Jack Herer and it had a tiny bit of powdery mildew on a couple of fan leaves, never mind shit a brick I shat a 20 storey block of flats at the though of loosing all 3 plants at this point so close to harvest. I quickly did a shit load of research and found a few different ways to deal with the issue I chose to use milk and water, so I mixed 200ml of whole milk with 600ml of water so I had a solution at 1:3 ratio of milk to water which I then sprayed on the seedlings and plants, I decided it would be best to just treat everything. I left an 18 inch fan running to dry them, lower humidity and circulate more air, when the solution had dried I could see it had killed the mildew. The following day Wednesday I sprayed all the plants in the morning I left the 18 inch fan running to dry them out and then I repeated the process after lunch and they had dried out by 3pm so I put them back in the tent but left the door open with the big fan on them. I also ordered a little dehumidifier and it arrived this afternoon just after lunch, so I put it in the tent set it to 45% humidity and closed the tent and left it a couple of hours and the humidity is now 45% and the temperater has increased with the door shut from 23 C to 28 C I am well pleased with the dehumidifier and the quick delivery too, now I don't have to worry about humidity causing problems. Happy growing guys. Gasmeter
  12. Hi Your welcome thanks for checking out the journal. Man those buds are getting well fat now, the trichomes are all pretty much milky so hopefully they will be ready to cut next week. Yeah with the seedlings when I repot them I will bury the stems to even them out, the one of the smaller ones is now taller than all of them. These girls get a move on...
  13. Hey Gizmo2908 I use Plant Magic nutes, although I grow in dirt not coco coir. But using their grow and bloom nutes as well as the root stimulant I have only had problems when I got cocky and tried to use the amount recommended on the label, but a good flush with water soon sorts over feeding and nute locking. At the moment I am using the Old Timer Plant Magic nutes with the regular root stimulant and the plants didn't complain when I gave them their first feed. Hope this helps.
  14. Time to update my journal with some news, the 4 Exodus Cheese seedlings are doing great 2 of the seedlings are now nearly as tall as the one that is tallest which I had to support with a little stick and a little plastic bag tie to stop it flopping over. Since I started to feed them Canna Start last week they have all responded well, instead of giving them a few mils 4 times per day I started to give them 10 mls just as the light goes off and I have increased that to 20 mls now. Over the past few days their stems have started to thicken up and get green, it is interesting how the stems thicken from the top down, you would think the stem would get thicker from the bottom upwards not downwards making the seedling top heavy. So tonight I gave the seedlings 20 mls of Canna Start each and threw what was left of the solution away and filled the litre container with water ready to add a couple of millilitres of the Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and Root Stimulant tomorrow night when I feed them as the light goes off. Here are some images I took tonight. Exodus Cheese seedlings in grow tent LED off so I used camera flash. Exodus Cheese seedlings normal light. Exodus Cheese seedling stalks close up. I fed the Jack Herer tonight with 2 litres of water with the Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Bloom feed which should be its last feed, I flushed the second Exodus Cheese with 4 litres of water, I flush the other one on Thursday after its dirt had dried out nicely. I will let their dirt dry out then give them another flush and harvest them and give the Jack Herer its first flush, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
  15. Hey guys time to update the Exodus Cheese journal. All 4 seedlings are doing great I continued to give each seedling a few ml's of spring water 4 times per day. On Thursday afternoon I mixed some Canna Start with 1 litre of tap water and then I gave the seedlings the last of the spring water just before the light went out. Then on Friday I gave them all 5 mls of the water and Canna Start solution I prepared the day before, at the moment I am giving them 5 mls in the morning and 5 mls in the evening before the light goes out. Here are a couple of images I took earlier today. Exodus Cheese seedlings in grow tent under LED Exodus Cheese seedlings normal light The two Exodus Cheese and Jack Herer are doing great I am really looking forwards to checking out the Exodus Cheese, it has an interesting aroma I am looking forwards to smoking some. I also need to weigh up strains for my next grow and order some beans, I have arthritis in my ankle so I am going to check out a CBD strain and use it for edibles. I am thinking I will get 3 beans of the auto and the auto CBD version of whatever strain I choose, so the canopy will be even. Happy growing Gasmeter

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