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  1. @Hydra that dried bud looks so tasty Your plants look great all nice and healthy and I love this last one above WOW those buds look awesome
  2. Time for a progress update on the 4 Doctor plants on week 6 of veg. On Friday afternoon the TNB Naturals CO2 refill was delivered, I had already rinsed out the dispense bottle a few days before. I opened the refill sachet and carefully poured it into the dispense bottle and then I put 1 litre of water into a jug and carefully poured it into the dispense bottle, then I put the lid on the bottle and gave it a little shake and then I put it in the grow tent. I placed a 2 litre jug on the floor of the tent upside down and put the CO2 dispense bottle on top of the upturned jug so the top of the bottle was just above the top of the plants then I closed the tent. Each day I move the plants and rotate them in the grow tent so they feel the air from the fan from different angles and the plant that is next to the fan today wont be tomorrow, it will have moved one position in a clockwise direction if your looking down on the plants from above. This also means that the stalks lower down and foliage that are against the tent wall in the shade will soon be away from the tent wall out of the shade as I move the plants around the tent each day, so the get a more consistent exposure to the available light. Plus I also helps me to keep in touch with how heavy they feel each day as the dirt in the root pouches dries out and I get to have a look at each plant so I have more chance of spotting problems than if I kept them in the same positions in the tent all the time. Yesterday morning when I moved the plants I noticed that the dirt in the root pouches was dry and they felt light so I mixed 4ml per litre of Plant Magic root stimulant and 3ml per litre of Plant Magic Old Timer organic grow feed and I made up 2 litres of the feed solution. Then I place a couple of piece of wood on the shower tray and then I placed each plant one at a time in the shower sat on the pieces of wood and I gave each plant 1 litre of the feed solution, with the root pouch sat on the strips of wood the run off flows away down the shower drain. After I had watered and fed the plants I refilled the lemonade bottles I use to store water ready for when the dirt dries out again and I will give them all 1.5 litres of water so there is always some run off whether I am watering or watering and feeding to try to minimise salt build up in the dirt. Here are some images of the Doctor plants I took before I watered and fed them all. All 4 Doctor plants in the grow tent. All 4 Doctor plants side view. All 4 Doctor plants top view. Single Doctor plants foliage side view. Single Doctor plants foliage top view. Close up of top foliage and stalks where the plant was topped. I am well pleased with the plants they have responded well after topping them over a week ago and they are all healthy and growing lots of new nodes on all of the stalks and at the moment the internode spacing is pretty tight on all of the plants because of the LED The taller two of the four Doctor plants are now heading towards 30cm tall so it will be interesting to see how much bigger they get over the next two weeks of veg and what effect the CO2 has on proceedings as well. Although they recommend shaking the CO2 dispense bottle every day I only gave it a shake after I put the warm water into the bottle, because of the size of the tent I don't need to, when I unzip the tent there is a slight aroma and if I pin the tent door open for a few minutes I can smell it in the room. With the plants being 6 weeks old I don't want to over do it and mash them up I am thinking its best to ease them into it, they seem OK with it so far although it is only 2 days since I refilled the bottle. I did send the guys at TNB Naturals an email to ask their advise about just putting half of the refill granules into the bottle, but I haven't had a reply from them, so I just put all the refill pack in the dispense bottle and gave it a gentle shake to get it going. Hopefully they will be OK I will just have to keep a close eye on things over the next week as they get used to it, so far the seem happy. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  3. @Godess_T inner luv for the kind words bro I have only been growing since 2015 when I decided it was time to take control and grow my own collie, so at the moment I am just letting them do their own thing and trying to keep the canopy as even as possible. I don't put a net in the tent over the plants because I move them around the tent clockwise 1 place every day so stalks against the wall of the tent in the shade end up out of shade and the air from the fan is hitting the plants from different angles as well. The 12 litre root pouches work great in my size tent there will be room for a fan on the floor and a small dehumidifier once they go into flower, otherwise if I used 16 litre root pouches there would be no floor space for them and less air flow. And the great thing with root pouches is that they air prune the roots so they don't get root bound.
  4. Hopefully the staff at GHS will do another test session in 2021 with different strains and you will get a chance to test them. The Kongs Krush is a good candidate to start with sadly nobody managed to germinate the beans in last years test there was an issue with them.
  5. I just spotted a new article on the 420 Magazine web site that was published yesterday 12th January 2021 that states Cannabis tourism may be coming to an end in Amsterdam if the environmentalist mayor Femke Halsema gets her wish to ban foreign tourists from the city’s coffee shops by the time coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted. https://www.420magazine.com/420-news/international-cannabis-news/no-more-cannabis-tourism-in-amsterdam-post-coronavirus/ It seems that some people are ill with Amsterdam being famous for sex and Cannabis tourism and the connections with organised crime. From my perspective the problem is prohibition, the fact that coffee shop owners have two choices to stock their shop, they either deal with criminals or grow their own supplies, which then means they are classed as a criminal, its bullshit either way. There was talk of banning tourists from coffee shops a few years ago and it came to nothing, hopefully this will end the same way. Maybe this will provide an opportunity to highlight the stupidity of the whole situation with the government and law enforcement turning a blind eye, which is just another part of the problem, the government have created this situation through turning a blind eye. This is why there are problems with Heroin and Cocaine abuse, as a criminal dealing you want to make the most money for your effort, selling weed is not as profitable as selling smack and crack. The average purity of class A's here in the UK is anything from 20% to 30% so if you have a kilo of very clean smack or coke at even 70% you can easily cut it with 2 kilos of brown sugar (demerara) now you have 3 kilos of smack to sell your margin just tripled. There is no way to do this with bud or hash and end up with a decent quality end product, but it is easy with class A's So until governments take responsibility and legalise Cannabis this issue is not going to go away.
  6. On Thursday 07th Jan 2021 the dirt in the root pouches was dry so I gave the young Doctor plants 500ml of water each Two days later on Saturday the 09th of January 2021 the plants are looking healthy and growing well. The plants were about 20cm tall and growing the 8th node so I decided to top them at the 6th node. Clippings from topping the plants. The dirt in the root pouches was dry so I mixed 3ml of root stimulant and 2ml of organic grow feed per litre and I mixed 4 litres of the feed solution and then I gave each plant 750ml of the feed solution. This afternoon the dirt in the root pouches was dry so I gave each plant 1 litre of water. Since I topped the plants they have soon recovered and are growing well again, I have also ordered a CO2 refill which should arrive in the next couple of days, it will be interesting to see the effect on the plants during veg. Happy growing...
  7. The following day Sunday the 03rd of January 2021 I emptied out the root pouches and rinsed them with lots of water to clean them out, then I put them in the dryer for 30 minutes and then I left them on a radiator over night to dry them out. The next day Monday the 04th of January 2021 the dirt in the little plastic pots was dry and they plants were ready for a drink. So I took the root pouches and plants out to the shed and put the plants into the root pouches, here are some images I took. A bucket full of young Doctor plants. Young Doctor plants ready to go into root pouches. Young Doctor plants in root pouches. Young Doctor plants in root pouches back in the grow tent under the LED. I used a 4 inch plant pot to make a hole in the dirt then I put a large table spoon of the Plant Magic Old Timer organic root granules around the edges of each hole and then I placed the plants in to the holes in the dirt and sprinkled a bit more dirt over their root balls. I just bumped the root pouches on the floor to settle the plants into the dirt I don't tamp or compress the dirt this allows the plants roots to easily penetrate the dirt. I then took the plants inside and put them into the grow tent under the LED to soak up the rays. I then mixed 3ml of root stimulant and 2ml of Old Timer organic grow feed in 1 litre of water and then I gave each of the plants 300ml of the solution to water and feed them and wet their root balls and to wet the root ball and the dirt around it to bed it into the dirt in the root pouch. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  8. On Friday the 1st of January 2021 I harvested the 4 Silver Back girls and freed up space in the grow tent. On Saturday the 2nd of January 2021 after scrubbing out the grow tent I moved the 4 young Doctor plants into the grow tent under the LED to soak up the rays. The 4 young Doctor plants in normal light. After putting the young Doctor plants into the grow tent I noticed the dirt in their little pots was dry so I gave the plants 200ml of water each, as soon as the dirt dries out and they are ready for a drink I will put them into root pouches. Happy growing...
  9. A week later on Saturday the 26th of December the young Doctor plants are nice and healthy and growing well. They have all increased in size nicely over the past week so today I mixed 1ml of root stimulant and 1ml of the Plant Magic Old Timer organic grow feed in 1 litre of water and then I gave each plant about 100ml of the feed solution. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  10. A week later on Saturday the 19th of December 2020 and the young Doctor plants are doing well under the fluorescent tube. Their little stalks are getting thicker and they have grown out the second node with three leaves and they are growing the fourth node which will probably be the first proper set of five fingered leaves. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  11. I just gave the Doctor seedlings water to keep the root sponges damp for the first couple of days, then I mixed 1ml of Plant Magic root stimulant with 1 litre of water and started to use that to keep the root sponges damp. Just over a week later on the 14th of December 2020 the Doctor seedlings had produced their first set of single true leaves and they were building the next node and they had all grown plenty of roots. So I decided that it was time to put them into some dirt in small 4 inch plastic plant pots. The Doctor seedlings in root sponges. The Doctor seedling roots close up. The Doctor seedlings in their new 4 inch pots under the fluorescent tube. They can spread their roots out into the dirt now and soak up some nutrients as they continue to veg and build more nodes. Happy growing...
  12. The next day on the 05th of December 2020 the Doctor beans had reached the surface of the sponge plugs. By the next day the 06th of December they had all grown passed the surface of the sponge and were earth strong. The Doctor babies under the fluorescent tube. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  13. The following day the 04th of December 2020 all of the Doctor beans had pushed out beautiful tap roots. I put 1 litre of water into a jug and added 2ml of Plant Magic root stimulant and then I put 4 Root It sponge plugs into the solution. I had already split the Root It sponge plugs cutting them down one side with scissors, I then placed each Doctor bean into a sponge plug. All of the Doctor beans in Root It plugs in their little black plastic pots. I then put the plastic saucer with the root plugs and little plastic pots under the fluorescent tube on an 18/6 photoperiod in the cupboard next to my grow tent. In the morning at 06.30am when the LED comes on in the grow tent I switch off the fluorescent tube in the cupboard until 12.30pm at lunch time, this is easier for me to make their night time in the day when I am awake, rather than me waking up at 12.30am to switch off the fluorescent tube. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  14. The 4 young Doctor plants are now over 1 month old. On the 1st of December 2020 I put 4 of The Doctor beans between damp kitchen roll to start to germinate them. Pack of 5 The Doctor beans Four of The Doctor beans placed onto damp kitchen roll to start germination. Then 2 days later on the 04th of December all 4 Doctor beans popped. As soon as the beans had soaked up enough moisture they soon popped their seed casings. More updates to follow, happy growing...

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