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  1. Time for a quick meid week progress update on Jack Herer #3 This morning the dirt in the root pouch of Jack Herer #3 was dry and she felt nice and light. So I gave her 4 litres of water and then placed her back inside the grow tent under the LED to soak up the rays. Not sure how far off finished she is there seem to be about 50% brown pistles and the trichomes are definitely milky. When I look at the sugar leaves I can see plenty of amber trichomes so she is very close to finished on way or another. Happy growing...
  2. Time for a quick progress update on the 2 X GH Cheese and 2 X Exodus Cheese. Yesterday I decided that it was time to pot the seedlings so I prepared 4 four little 3 inch plastic plant pots and filled them with dirt, then I planted the seedlings into the dirt in their root plugs. Then I gave each seedling 10ml of water and put the plastic pots under the flourescent tube. Here are some images I took. All the Cheese seedlings in root plugs. 1st Exodus Cheese seedlings roots 2st Exodus Cheese seedlings roots 1st Green House Cheese seedlings roots 2st Green House Cheese seedlings roots All of the Cheese seedlings in plastic plant pots. All of the Cheese seedlings back under the flourescent tube.. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  3. Yes the flourescent tube is fixed to the wall in a little cupboard next to my tent, so it is not possible to put it on a timer. Hence I switch it off first thing at 06.30am when I get up and switch it on at 12.30pm lunch time this way I am up and within a couple of days I am in a little routine. I could pop them into the tent during the day, but now I have the LED 12 inches above the top of Jack Herer #3 I would need to make a little platform to raise them up nearer the LED So the flourescent tube in the cupboard does the job until the tent is clear in a week or so.
  4. Yes we have nuff dickheads wandering about in the UK driving miles to visit a beauty spot then all crowding together, here is an article about Police catching 25 adults and kids having a party. I don't think the karaoke was a great idea but clearly shows how dumb people really are
  5. Yeah she definitely has that sativa pheno she is traveling the long way round to the finish but I like how the bud is building. It reminds me of a joke on Ian Dury's album New Boots And Panties from around 1978 "It always takes much longer to get up north, the slow way"
  6. Time for a progress update. End of week 11 and start of week 12 of the flowering period. The bud on Jack Herer #3 continue to fatten as I wait for the dirt in her root pouch to dry out again. Here are some photos I took of her yesterday afternoon. Jack Herer #3 in grow tent. Jack Herer #3 side view. Jack Herer #3 top view. Jack Herer #3 bud porn I will let the dirt get nice and dry again and giver her just water, when I last watered on Friday the run off from the sides and bottom of the root pouch was clear so there don't seem to be any nutrients left in the dirt. Happy growing...
  7. Beautiful plants and those buds are absolutely amazing never mind the close up shots of the trichomes great job your doing magic there bro
  8. This morning after my alarm woke me at 06.30am I gave each seedling a few mls of water to keep their sponge plugs nice and damp. Then I swithed off the flourescent tube so they have a dark period, I will switch it back on again at 12.30pm so they get 6 hours of darkness so their photperiod is 18/6 Happy growing...
  9. This morning the dirt in the root pouch of Jack Herer #3 was dry and she felt nice and light. So I gave her 4 litres of water that has been stood in lemonade bottles for a couple of days, then I placed her back into the grow tent under the LED to soak up the rays. I have also lifted the LED as well there was only a couple of inches between the top pf the plant and the LED. I will take some photos tomorrow when the root pouch is dry and update my journal. Happy growing...
  10. @OG.Naj inner luv for the kind words brother my neck feels OK and my voice is a bit croaky but its all good
  11. Today the second Green House Cheese seedling is now above the surface of the Root It Sponge plug. All 4 seedlings under the flourescent tube. This morning at 7.30am I switched off the flourescent tube to give them their first dark period and get then onto an 18/6 photoperiod. Unfortunately I am a bumboclatt and forgot to switch the flourescent tube on again at 13.30pm I took the dog for a walk and it was 15.30pm when I remembered and switched the flourescent tube on again. Tomorrow I won't make the same mistake, I will leave the seedlings as they are for a couple more days to give the 2nd Green House Cheese seedling to throw some roots before I pot them in little 3 inch plastic pots. Happy growing...
  12. Wednesday 25 March 2020 Today when I checked the second Green House Cheese seedling the tap root was long enough to place it into a Root It plug and as you can see in the image below she has cast her little helmet. So I prepared a new Root It spong and then placed her into the sponge plug. Then I put her with the other three seedlings under the flourescent tube. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  13. Monday 23 March 2020 Today the new Green House Cheese bean has split its shell case. The two Exodus Cheese and the single Green House Cheese are now above the surface of the sponge plugs. The two Exodus Cheese and the single Green House Cheese seedlings under the flourescent tube. More updates to follow, happy growing...

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