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  1. Another week has passed so it is time for another progress update on the 4 Exodus Chees autos. They are all quietly building bud which are getting nice and solid looking and most of the pistles are brown except where new bud is forming. I watered and fed 3 plants on Saturday one was looking a bit sad so I just gave her water and on Sunday she looked better, once their dirt is dry in a few days I will flush them then it will be just water for the following 14 days. Here are some photos I took on Saturday before I watered and fed them. Exodus Cheese auto's in the grow tent under LED. Exodus Cheese side view (flash). Exodus Cheese top view (flash). Exodus Cheese lower buds that look nice and dense (flash). Exodus Cheese lower buds that look a bit fluffy (flash). Exodus Cheese bud at the top of a plant (flash). Exodus Cheese bud close up (flash). Some of the lower buds on a couple are still a bit fuffy looking and need to fill out, but they should be filled out by the time I cut them. From the look of these the yeild won't be a good as I got from the first two, simply because I did not FIM them, they were in such a hurry, even with the first two I only just managed to FIM them a couple of times and suddenly they were flowering, but they shared the love amongst the lower stalks. I love the Jack Herer even under 12/12 and full spectrum they just plod forwards allowing time to FIM then it gets busy flowering. I will pop the Kings Kush autos next weekend and get the ball rolling on the next run. Happy growing guys. Gasmeter
  2. Hi Jose, yes the buds at the tops of the plants are looking nice and frosty, thanks for the kind words man inner luv. I know what you mean, oh man it would be great of we could download the images and smoke the bud in them. The camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot 20.1 megapixels which produces good high resolution images, it wasn't dear it was about £80 when I bought it last year, I also have a Nikon CoolPix P3 8.1 megapixels that I bought a good few years ago which was quite dear it cost me about £150 at the time. The Sony definitey produces higher resolution images, but the quality in low light conditions is poor compared to the Nikon, also the colour reproduction is not as good as the Nikon either, but in good light conditions or using the flash you can capture good high resolution images with plenty of detail, especially of trichomes which is what matters most.
  3. Thanks for the info thats good to know for the future Especially the fact they can be used for preventive treatment, and they are low cost and effective.
  4. Hi g22 glad to hear you have been able to deal with the thrips using natural products. So far indoors I havent had any bug problems, touch wood (taps head and desk for good measure). Outdoors is a different story I bought some stuff that contains Pyrethrins called Trounce which you can use while they are in flower I got a 500ml container and I dilute it and put it in a spray gun, but you only use it when bugs are on the plant not as a preventative sort of thing.
  5. Time for a quick progress update on the 4 Exodus Cheese autos. As I mentioned last Monday I was waiting for the dirt in their pots to dry out and I was thinking they would be ready for a drink and a feed by Wednesday, but the dirt was still not very dry by last Wednesday so I left them a few more days until Sunday when I watered and fed them. I made up a solution of 3ml per litre of Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Bloom only and then I gave each plant about 750 mils of the solution a couple of hours before the light went out. The plants are quietly building buds and the bud at the top of each plant is quite solid, the buds at the bottoms of the plants are still a bit light and fluffy, but they are all producing plenty of resin and there is a nice aroma in the toilet now coming from the tent. Here are some images I took just after I fed and watered the plants on Sunday afternoon. Exodus Cheese in grow tent under LED. Exodus Cheese side view (flash). Exodus Cheese top view (flash). Exodus Cheese lower buds (flash). Exodus Cheese top bud (flash). Exodus Cheese top bud close up (flash). They haven't got long to go now before they are finished, more updates to follow, happy growing. Gasmeter
  6. Nice 1 g22 mi dead wi laff I love it ghostbuster team ha ha....
  7. Hi silver1 great points about working out wattage to gram of finished product, Yes I think like g22 that the wattage value used for the calculation is the wattage of the light used in the grow, which as silver1 points out does not account for running the light at different photoperiods or any kit to control the enviroment such as fans, heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers etc. All seed banks use the lamp wattage as a benchmark, from a marketing perspective it makes the strain sound more attractive to potential customers browsing their web site or printed material looking to buy some beans, we all want plenty of bang for our buck. Nice yield and nice looking buds, enjoy...
  8. Hi OG.Naj Thanks for the kind words man inner luv for that. Yeah on my next run I am going to go from the first 3 inch pot straight to the 10 inch size pot they are in now. I have been looking at root pouches I see lots of people on the forum having good results with them, the thing that was confusing me was that people often talk about the size of the pots or pouches in litres, I have been using the Stewart brand of plastic pots but they do not provide information about capacity only dimensions, which was making it difficult for me to compare them and work out which to buy. So you mentioning a size like 10 litres has been really useful to me and has helped me to work out what to buy. With the plastic Stewart pots the size I use to finish the plants are 10 inch wide at the top, 11 inch tall and 5 inch wide at the bottom, so on the root pouch site the 12 litre pouches are 10 inch wide and 8 1/2 inches tall so these look like a nice drop in replacement for the pots I am using, I can also get some beenie 3 inch ones for the first pot when the beans pop. The hydroponics store near where I am located sells them but they only stock the 12, 16 and 22 litre pouches, so I will probably have to source the beenie 3 inch ones online somewhere, but for now I can use the little plastic pots when I pop the next run of Kings Kush auto beans in a couple of weeks time. Gasmeter Likkle more
  9. Time for an update on the progress of the 4 Exodus Cheese autos. Last Wednesday when the dirt in all the pots was nice and dry I placed the plants one at a time into the shower cubicle and flushed each plant with 2 litres of clean tap water twice, the run off the first time was quite dark and the run off the second time was much lighter in colour. I left the plants standing outside the tent until the run off finished dripping from the pots into the saucers below, before I then placed them all back inside the tent for the night. Today four days later the dirt is starting to dry out now, so they should be ready for a drink and a feed on Wednesday, I will give them only Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Bloom but no root stimulant for the next two weeks, then I will flush again and give them just water until harvest a couple of weeks later around the end of this month. The 3 Kings Kush feminised auto and 1 CBD Kings Kush auto, plus the free Sweet Mango auto arrived last week so I all set for the next run with the Kings Kush. Here are some images I took on Saturday. Exodus Cheese autos in grow tent under LED full spectrum. Exodus Cheese autos side view. Exodus Cheese autos top view. Exodus Cheese auto bud under LED in grow tent. Exodus Cheese auto lower buds (camera flash). Exodus Cheese auto top bud (camera flash). Exodus Cheese auto bud close up (camera flash). A bit of bud porn to end with, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
  10. The stems will thicken up slowly, I have had a couple that appeared to defy gravity they were so skinny and tall. You mention it has been cloudy outside and they are sat on a window sill, the fact the ligh has been poor will affect their growth, as will temperature if it is a bit cool. If the light source is poor they will stretch upwards, you could put them under a flourescent tube or a few cfl bulbs to provide a better light source to stop or minimise them stretching. The better the light source as in the more intense the more they will like it, happy growing. Gasmeter
  11. Hi Marcelloss, It looks like some sort of deficiency or excess, hopefully someone with more experience will provide some useful information. This is usually caused by nutrient lock where there is a build up of salts in the dirt and the plant cannot make use of them. I would advise you to flush the plant with clean water no nutrients, make sure to water the dirt with plenty of water so you get water coming out the bottom of the pot, what we call run off, then repeat, the run off water should look a brownish colour this should look lighter when you water the second time. Last week I flushed my plants I gave each of them 4 litres of water then another 4 litres to flush the dirt, normally when I water them they around half a litre of water and feed solution, so puttting 8 litres of clean water through the pots I could see the run off get lighter the second time as the nutrients were flush out of the dirt. Don't worry about the amount of water you need to use to flush the dirt, because the dirt can only hold so much moisture so it will probably only take a couple more days longer than usual for the dirt to dry out and it is time to water and feed the plant again. Gasmeter
  12. Hey Coolio they look OK to me. You mention that the dirt is for seedlings usually it does not contain any nutrients which is good, you don't feed babies a full roast beef dinner. Once they get their second set of true leaves they will be robust enough to be given some mild solution of nutrients. With the watering at this point just try to keep the soil damp and moist this way you won't over water, if you give them a spray and make the dirt nice and damp before you go to work, then at tea time when you get home and maybe before you crash out at night. By the end of the first two weeks you want to aim to water once per day to make the soil damp and start moving towards watering every two or three days as the plant gets stronger, do not worry about run off at this point, you just need to keep the dirt moist. Don''t worry about the little yellow/brown spot on the leaf in the second image this is a membrane that covers the cotyledon leaves within the bean it is not a nutrient deficiency or anything like that, it will probably fall off in a few days, happy growing. Gasmeter
  13. Progress update time, the 4 Exodus Cheese are all growing nicely and building bud. All the plants root systems appear to be conquering the pot now, and the dirt is now drying in 3 to 4 days after watering and feeding. The last time they were watered and fed was Friday 26th a couple of days ago and the dirt is now dring out nicely I will leave them for a couple more days to let the dirt really dry out and then I will flush them. Here are a few images I took yesterday. Exodus Cheese autos side view. Exodus Cheese autos tops of plants. Exodus Cheese auto buds Exodus Cheese bud close up. After lots of thought and browsing the greenhouse seeds store last night I ordered 3 KIngs Kush feminised autos and 1 Kings Kush CBD auto, I just love the Kings Kush it has that earthy herby smell and taste similar to the Jack Herer. I want to check out the CBD version of the strain to see if it helps with the osteo arthritis in my ankle and lower leg, I will make some edibles and see if it helps with the stiffness and aching compared with smoking it. I also got a free bean which was a nice surprise, so I chose 1 Sweet Mango auto I will have to get 3 more to go with it. More updates in a week, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
  14. Thanks for sharing a great grow journal @Chesterland It has been really interesting following your grow, it will be great to see how the end product turns out and read your smoke report. Reserving myself a seat ready for the 2019 season
  15. Hey guys time for a progress update, the 4 Exodus Cheese autos are all doing great and growing nicely. After repotting to the 10 inch pots I let them all dry out and then on Friday 19th of October when the dirt had dried out I gave them all 500ml of water and then let them dry out, then tonight just before the light went out I fed them 500ml of a solution of 2ml of Plant Magic Root Stimulant and Old Timer Bloom per litre of water. Here are some images I took on Saturday 20th October. Exodus Cheese in normal light. Exodus Cheese view of plant tops. Exodus Cheese bud. Exodus Cheese bud close up. More updates to follow soon, happy growing guys. Gasmeter

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