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  1. This is what I've found in regard to your request about vegan leather

    Let me know if I can be of further help.

  2. This morning the dirt in the root pouches was dry and all of the Silver Back plants felt nice and light. So I gave each of the plants 500ml of water and then put them back into the grow tent under the LED. Happy growing...
  3. Here we are today 24th of October 2020 at the end of week 7 of veg and the plants have responded nicely after being topped last week. Here are a couple of images of the plants I took this afternoon. All of the Silver Back girls in the grow tent. All of the Silver Back plants in normal light. The dirt in their root pouches should be dry tomorrow so I will give them 500ml of water. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  4. I let the Silver Back girls settle into their new root pouches for five days and it is now Sunday 18th of September 2020 and time to top the plants at the end of week 6 of veg. All of the Silver Back plants in the grow tent. All of the Silver Back plants in normal light. Site where Silver Back plant was topped. I will let them veg for another two weeks until the end of the month. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  5. The following day 13th of October 2020 I decided it was now time to put the young Silver Back plants into the 12 litre rot pouches that they will finish in and get them settled into some fresh dirt. Here are some images I took as I put them into the root pouches. All four of the new Silver Back plants in the grow tent. A bucket full of Silver Back plants. Root balls All four Silver Back plants in their new 12 litre root pouches. All of the Silver Back plants back in the grow tent in their root pouches. After putting the girls back into the grow tent in their new root pouches I watered them all I think I gave them about 250ml or water each. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  6. A week later on the 3rd of October 2020 and the 4 young Silver Back plants are in week 4 of veg. Here is an image of the 4 Silver Backs 1 week later on the 19th of October 2020 at the end of week 5 in veg. Two days later on Monday the 12th of October I harvested the 4 original Silver Back girls from the first run. So the tent was now empty so the new young Silver Back plants can have it all to themselves, so I changed the timer to an 18/6 photoperiod and set the bloom switch on the LED to the off position. The young Silver Back plants have been enjoying the LED each day, so they should enjoy having it all day now. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  7. Four days later on the 16th of September 2020 the last seedling that germinated is now about the same size as the other three Silver Back seedlings. They are all growing well and they have plenty of roots even the last one to germinate so they need to be planted in some dirt in little 3 inch plastic plant pots. Then I put them back under the fluorescent tube. Here they are 11 days later on the 27th of September 2020 the plants are now 3 weeks old The Silver Back plants are on an 18/6 photoperiod I switch off the fluorescent tube at 06.30am when I get up then I switch it back on again at 12.30pm at lunch time and at this point I move them into the grow tent with the older Silver Back girls to enjoy some full spectrum light from the LED. On Tuesday 29th of September I went into hospital to have surgery to remove a plate from my leg and I was discharged the next day I had water the plants on the Sunday and the dirt in their plastic pots was dry and they were all ready for a drink of water, but otherwise they were OK. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  8. The next day 8th of September 2020 when I checked on the 3 Silver Back babies in their root plugs and switched on the fluorescent tube in the morning they had all come earth strong and had grown above the sponge surface. The new bean has not cracked and the old bean has not changed it still looks dead. The following morning on the 9th of September 2020 when I checked the 3 Silver Back babies they were a bit taller and looking healthy I dripped a few mls of water on their sponge plugs to keep them damp. The new bean has now cracked its shell case after two days between damp kitchen roll and still no change with the other bean I think we can safely say that this bean is officially dead an done. I left the new Silver Back bean in between the damp kitchen roll for a couple of days to allow the tap root to grow longer and a couple of days later on the 11th of September 2020 it was time to put it into a Root It plug. I then put it with the other 3 Silver Back babies. The following day 12th of September 2020 when I checked on the silver Back babies and switched on the fluorescent tube the new one had come earth strong and grown above the surface of the sponge plug. I am well pleased with the growth of rate of the seedlings so far they seem quite strong and vigorous. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  9. The first run of Silver Back girls was a bit messy so I decided it would be a good idea to do a second run, so on Friday the 4th of September 2020 I started to germinate another 4 Silver Back beans by placing them between damp kitchen roll. I kept the kitchen roll damp and when I checked the beans the following day 5th of September 2020 one of the beans had cracked its shell case, I left the beans between the damp kitchen roll in a drawer in the dark. The following day 6th of September 2020 the other 3 beans had cracked their shell cases and their tap roots were visible as well so I left them between the damp kitchen roll in the drawer to let their tap roots grow. Unfortunately one of the beans seems to have mis-fired the next day 7th of September 2020 when I checked the beans three had nice long tap roots, but the fourth bean had not pushed out its tap root and after cracking its shell case it seems to have stalled on the starting line. The tap roots on the other 3 Silver Back girls were nice and long so I mixed a mild solution of Plant Magic Root Stimulant in a jug and placed 3 Root It sponges in the solution to soak for a few minutes. Before I placed the Root It sponge plugs into the solution I slide the blade of a pair of scissors into the hole in the middle of each of the sponge plugs and then I cut down one side of the sponge plug to split them. Then I placed the 3 germinated Silver Back girls into a sponge plug Then I put each plug into its little black plastic pot and sat them on a plastic saucer and then gave them a few mls of water and root stimulant. Then I put the plastic saucer with the root plugs and Silver Back babies under the fluorescent tube. The last bean is has definitely dropped out it has not changed in the past few days. I then put a new Silver Back bean between the damp kitchen roll to germinate and to give the other bean a chance in case it is just very slow. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  10. Its time to get my indoor journal going for the 4 X Silver Back strain test indoor grow. Here is the info about the grow kit and nutrients I will be using. Tent Mars Hydro 70cm X 70cm X 160cm Grow Light Mars II 400 LED The grow light is the equivalent to a 250W HPS. Strains 4 X Silver Back = Green House Seeds All of the seeds are feminised. Growing Medium BioBizz Lite Mix The soil is new and has not been used before. Pots 3 inch and 4 inch plastic pots (seedlings/young plants). Root Pouch fibre pots 12 litre. Plant Feed Green House powder feeding mineral nutrients and additives. Plus Plant Magic Root Stimulant. Grow N-P-K-Mg: 24-6-12(1.2) Designed specifically for the vegetative growth stage of all plants. Its formula provides optimum development throughout the growth-stage to obtain greener, stronger and more resistant plants. Grow faster, greener and more vigorous than ever. Ideal for the production of cuttings. The easy assimilation of nutrients and the high Nitrogen content provides plants with a more robust and branched structure. The great thickness of the leaves accumulates more reserves, stimulating rapid rooting of cuttings. https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/grow-bag.html Hybrids NPK: 15-7-22 The Hybrids feeding contains less ammoniacal nitrogen and higher amounts of magnesium which is beneficial for Hybrid varieties with a flowering time of 8-10 weeks and plants grown in hydroponic systems.. The higher amount of magnesium and sulfate stimulates the production of essential oils, terpenes and flavonoids. https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/hybrids-bag.html Booster 0 - 30 - 27 PK+ This additive is especially formulated to provide the right amounts of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and micronutrients to increase flower and fruit production. https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/booster-en.html More updates to follow, happy growing...
  11. @BEDZ all the other people growing the Silver Back strain have actually put the name of the strain in the title of their grow journal, so they are pretty obvious. Although a few people have used tags to note the strains they are growing in their journals. If you are wanting to be notified when people update their journals it is simply a case of going to any of the journals and then clicking on the button at the top of the page marked Following and this will open a little menu where you can select the type of notification you wish to receive. The first item in the menu is Send Me: A notification when new content is posted if you click on the radio button to select this you will see a notification where the bell icon is displayed at the very top of the page to let you know when the person has posted new content on their journal. You also need to check the settings for how your are notified in your user account profile settings you can either see notification here in the forum of you can receive an email to notify you that someone has posted new content on a topic you are following. You can set the notification settings so that if you comment or reply to a post you get notifications when new content is posted. I have the notification settings set to only notify me here in the forum, I get shit loads of email from my clients etc so I do not want trivial stuff cluttering up my inbox. The notifications and the Activity timeline allow me to keep up with what is happening, the notifications show me comments and reply to stuff I have commented and replied to and the Activity timeline allows me to see what other stuff has been happening between visits. I hope this helps.
  12. @BEDZ I will have to check out the support documentation for the forum software and get back to you.
  13. Yesterday the Silver Back bud on the stalk was nice and dry and the little stalks holding the bud to the main stalks made a snapping sound when bend and snapped off cleanly from the main stalk they were attached to. So I cut the bud off the stalks and then I placed the bud into a Kilner jar. Here are some images I took during the process. All of the Silver Back bud on the stalks hanging and drying. Silver Back bud on stalk close up Dried Silver Back bud in a pile. Silver Back bud close up next to Clipper lighter for scale. All the Silver Back bud in an icecream tub All of the Sliver Back bud in tub on scales 38.8g total. All of the Silver Back trim in an icecream tub on the scales 4.4g All of the Silver Back bud in a Kilner jar. The total yeild of bud from all 4 Silver Back girls was 38.8g and there was 4.4g of trim. For me the Silver Back bud smells earthy and herby with a sour aspect to the smell similar to the Sweet Valley Kush. When smoked thew bud tastes herby and earthy and there is also a very subtle fruity aspect to the taste. The for me the vibe hits straight away no creeping up from behind and it lasts for hours, I had 2 fat king sized spliffs last night and I had a really good sleep. Happy growing, harvesting and smoking...
  14. Yeah stay true to nature
  15. Time for an update on the Silver Back girls. Yesterday the dirt in their root pouches was dry and they all felt nice and light. So it was time to cut and harvest all 4 of the Silver Back girls. Here are some images of the plants that I took before I started to harvest them. All of the Silver Back girls in the grow tent under the LED. All of the Silver Back girls in normal light side view. All of the Silver Back girls in normal light top view. Silver Back bud porn Here are some images I took as I harvested the plants. Silver Back with any fan leaves stripped off the plant ready to harvest. Silver Back main stalk stripped of all stalks and bud. Silver Back bud on stalk ready to be trimmed. Silver Back bud on stalk trimmed. Silver Back trimmed bud on stalk hung on string line to dry. All of the bud from all 4 Silver Back girls hung on string line to dry. Silver Back trim from the bud. At 12.30pm when it was time to wake up the new young Silver Back girls I put them straight into the grow tent under the LED so they could spread out a bit and start to enjoy having the tent all to themselves now. This morning the dirt in their little plastic pots was dry and they all felt nice and light so I put them into 12 litre root pouches in some fresh BioBizz Lite Mix. Then I put them back into the grow tent under the LED and then I gave them 200ml of water each. Before I put the new Silver Back girls into the root pouches I emptied the old set of 4 root pouches from this run and shook out the dirt to clean off and look at the roots for each plant and I was well impressed. As you can see in the image above all of the root balls were a decent size despite the fact they were small plants, when I compare them with the root balls from the Cheese from my last run they are about twice the size. Around the start of this strain test I saw a video on You Tube and it showed a guy repotting some plants and when he put the dirt into the pot he did not compact it at all, he put a bit in the pot t start with to find the level he wanted the plant to sit at, then he just placed the plant into the new dirt and put fresh dirt into the pot around it. Once he had the root ball covered he tapped the pot to help to settle the dirt and he explained that he never compacts the dirt into the pot, because it helps the roots to reach out and conquer the pot if the dirt is loose. So with this run when I put the plants into the little plastic pots I did not compact the dirt and when I put them into the 12 litre root pouches I did not compact the dirt I just held the sides of the root pouch and bumped it onto the table top to help the dirt to settle and that was all. As long as the plant is stood upright its all good, her roots will soon conquer the pot and stabilise the dirt. I will let these 4 new Silver Backs settle into their root pouches over the next couple of days and then I will top them all then I will let them veg for at least 2 more weeks before I flip the timer back to a 12/12 photoperiod. The flesh in my leg is healing great I had the clips removed yesterday after I harvested the plants I had eaten a couple of pieces of brownie and then I had a spliff of GH Cheese before I went to the health centre to get the clips removed. There were about 18 clips in total, it only took the nurse a few minutes to remove them and put a plaster over each site, the incisions have healed well they look really neat an tidy. So all of the bud is now hanging on a string line I have the dehumidifier sat on the back on a chair and the extractor fan sat on the chair directly below to help things along. With my leg healing up quickly I will be able to do a smoke report once the bud is dry enough to smoke in about a week. Happy harvesting...

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