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  1. Hi @Lisa2525 I agree with @g22 your friends son needs to really want to stop using whatever substance he is struggling with, otherwise it is a waste of everybody's time trying to help them if they do not wish to help themselves to quit using the substance they are struggling with. I know this from experience, I spent over 30 years addicted to opiates and coke, I would get clean for a few months and soon back slide into another habit. I note you say he "was" addicted, if he has stopped using then half the battle is won, he now needs to focus on living without using and keeping busy to fill his time with positive things and learn to overstand your friends are your enemy, if they are not down with him getting clean fuck them off they are not friends. People who encourage you to do bad shit are not your friends, good friends will encourage you to do good for yourself and in the neighbourhood and be a better person not a selfish ares hole who only wishes to take from everyone around them. Rather than spend money on rehab I would suggest finding an ex addict who is now living clean who he can relate to and help him get strong again and forward in life. I hope this helps.
  2. Your welcome Lisa2525 Take your time you will soon work out who smokes and who you can trust to help you hook up.
  3. Hi @Urban Guerilla to control the photoperiod is not that hard. I am located next to the Irish sea and grow outside in the back yard, I put the plants in a shed over night because of thieves snorkling about. I have light proofed he shed best I can, it is far from perfect, but it works, remember outside at night in towns there is loads of light pollution, even in the country side there is light pollution from nearby towns, planes flying overhead, stars and the moon, it is not pitch black outside at night. When I want to trick the plant or plants into flowering I make sure they get 14 1/2 hours per day which is usually the length of the day on the 21st August, I put the plant or plants into the shed when its had 14 1/2 hours day light, to end its day and start its night early. You could cover the poly tunnel with a big tarp, tie it down on one side and use ropes to pull it over at night or when you want it to be night, then uncover in the day. Or buy some silage bags it doesn't matter what colour the plastic is it will definitely block day light out, use them to cover the plants like a tent to control the light, I was thinking of doing this but the shed does the same thing and allows me to keep the plants secure and control the photoperiod easily. If the poly tunnel is long you do not need to cover all of it with a tarp just enough to trick the plant into thinking its the edge of dark or dusk and it will have the desired effect the plant will treat it as night time is happening and go into sleep mode as it were.
  4. Great job and a well earned reward for your labour. I hope everything works out as well if not better in 2019
  5. Thanx @Gizmo2908 Santa was well kind he fetched nuff collie, we had a smoke an got well red, a couple of the reindeers got a bit rowdy with next doors dog, then they pissed off into the night to finish delivering all the prezzies and goodies for everyone. Sorry if Santa was a bit late getting to your house Happy New Year!
  6. I hope everyone has a very merry crissmuss 2018 and a very happy new year in 2019 Gasmeter Likkle more
  7. Hi Lisa2525 sorry for the slow reply, yep I am located in the UK, from a small town just outside Manchester. Yes you should be able to score some collie the UK is awash with herb, the average price on the street is £10 per gram, if you buy by weight then it should be £240 per ounce which is about average for commercial, but the quality will vary wildly. Be very careful approaching people, I would suggest checking out your local community, go down the local boozer check out the locals, take your time and you will find out who the heads are (smokers) and then hopefully you can get sorted. With regards to growing yes even easier there are heaps of grow shops in Manchester and places where you can buy beans, or you can buy on line from GHS. Finally vaporizers I got one that was supposed to be good for smoking herb it cost me £50 to find out it was rubbish I used it twice and broke it, maybe I expected or demanded too much of it, from what I learned the more you spend the better the device is likely to be. GHS have one on their site for 129 euros which should work with herbal material Gasmeter Likkle more
  8. Hi @GanjahMx I havent heard of Philzon so I cannot comment on them, but I run a Mars Hydro LED and it is great. My tent is a Mars Hyrdo grow tent that is 70cm X 70cm X 160cm my light is a Mars Hydro II 400 LED which is equivalent to a 250 watt HPS lamp. The lamp consumes 159 watts it costs me less than £20 per month plus a 6" fan running constantly and less than £30 when I run a little dehumidifier during flowering. At the end of the day it is about light intensity so if you can afford the $97 thats good, but remember you need to afford to run the light as well, so if you buy a lower wattage lamp you just need to give the plants an extra week or two for them to finish.
  9. The day after my last progress update the Exodus Cheese bud was ready to cut off the stalks. So in the late afternoon I got out the clippers and cut all the bud off the stalks in total I got 40 grams of bud, which was dry enough to put into mason jars, the bud from the tops of each plant I put into a separate jar with the bud from the top of the two from the last run. Anyhoo here are some images of the bud. Cutting Exodus Cheese bud off stalks. Exodus Cheese bud on scales. Exodus Cheese in mason jars. Exodus Cheese bud next to Clipper lighter for scale. Exodus Cheese bud close up. Exodus Cheese in grinder. Exodus Cheese in spliff. Then I man smoked up the spliff, it was nice, the aroma from the bud reminds me of hash, the taste is also hash like, but there is also this spicey or peppery thing too, sometimes I can taste it as I smoke a spliff, but most of the time it is when I go out of the room then come back and I notice the peppery spicey thing. The vibe is a nice body stone and high that lasts a few hours. The Kings Kush babies are doing great, now I have completed this journal I will start one for the Kings Kush, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
  10. Man those girls are gettin ripe an sticky Nice job, happy growing.
  11. Hi @g22 WOW that is strange I think you may be right about the strength of the solution. Hopefully some one with experience will provide some useful info about the best strength or percentage to use to get rid of algae in a hydro grow.
  12. Whoa that Super Lemon Haze looks nice man great job. I bet it smells good, happy growing...
  13. Feel free to use any of my images, ropin... That said I dont use social networks or seek followers etc, these hold no value for me Here is a little bud porn to help things along... Jack Herer auto bud close up from May 2018
  14. Hi @g22 Like you I am trying to make sense of how to use Hydrogen Peroxide and if it has any real value. I agree really for dirt it is best to only use as a foliar spray for bugs, but for hydro growers it is their friend and does good. I found some useful information on the Grow Weed Easy site by using the search term "hydrogen peroxide" and I got the results at the link below. peroxide I think it is better to use products or things to help create a healthy vigorous root zone and help friendly bacteria thrive. The Green House Feeding from what I have seen in test grow journals helps good bacteria thrive in the dirt, I have just bought some Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic Granules that provide good bacteria, apparently 20 different types and it helps to maximise root growth and provide disease resistance. I will keep the 200ml bottle of 9% hydrogen peroxide I bought just in case it comes in handy to deal with some bugs, but otherwise it will stay in the bottle.

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