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  1. Time for a quick mid week update. I watered all 4 of the Sweet Mango autos last night, it was three days since I fed and watered them last. I watered all 4 of the Sweet Mango autos last night, it was three days since I fed and watered them last. I gave he two smaller plants 300ml of water each and the larger plants 400ml of water each, I will water and feed them in 3 days when the dirt has dried out again. I also FIM'd 3 of them again, 1 of them has started to flower after I FIM'd her with the others for the first time last week. They only have another week to go to the end of the month then I will flip the timer to 12/12 and switch on the bloom switch on the lamp so they get full spectrum to get the other 3 flowering. Here are some images from last night. Sweet Mango under LED in tent. Top of Sweet Mango auto in flower, looks like this one had a hair trigger. Sweet Mango FIM site. More updates at the weekend, happy growing... Gasmeter Likkle more
  2. Good question g22 I will be booking a seat for sure
  3. Hi kareng123 your welcome thats what the forum is about sharing information and helping each other to grow collie Checkout the outdoor journals to see what people can achieve in different condition my last outdoor journal was 2017 some Passion #1 from Dutch Passion its a great strain for our climate it finishes in 6 weeks and they do an auto version. It is also worth checking out the indoor journals too, you can learn a lot from them, and if you have questions someone will answer and offer advice. Gasmeter Likkle more
  4. Hey Nordic Grower, Glad you got your nutes, super stealthy ninja shipping...
  5. Hey kareng123, Yes your way too early to be poppin beans for outdoors here in the UK, unless you have an indoor garden where you could veg them until mid May. Wit all Greenhouse strains the lowest temp is 10C they just stop all activity below this temperature, indoor I aim for a range between 17C and 28C anything over 30C is tropical, obviously outdoors we have no control of the temperature other than prividing shade and runnig a fan or fans. The important thing is to start in time for the plants to finish, the season here is May to October that gives you 6 months to do your thing. I will be poppin some beans for outdoors at the start of May for the Mega Comp they will be vegged for 1 month or 4 weeks, then I will trick them into flowering which means I need to make it dark for them to control the photoperiod, I do this by putting them in the shed in the yard so they get 14 i/2 hours light per day. The flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks, so depending on the weather it may take 10 or 11 weeks for the bud to ripen properly, its all down to conditions, I have read this season will be similar to last year which was great I was done by the end of August and smoking the bud by mid September. When you pop your beans put them under some sort of light, the more intense the better, at this point it only needs to be at the blue end of the spectrum to help them get started, then after a couple of weeks once they get stronger put them outside for half a day for a couple of days to acclimatize them to the sun, you will see the plant respond and know if it is ready to be outside. With the auto flowering strain it should flower once it reaches about 30 to 35 days old, although I have kept an auto flower in veg for 2 months, but that was by providing the right conditions, outside in your back yard it will be getting full spectrum light from the sun so it will just do what is required you wont need to trick it into flowering by putting something over the plant or placing it in a shed to control the amount of light it receives. With the LED 15W just two won't provide much light a few more would not go amiss, people use those 125W CFL's to get plants started and veg plants, so they were not a waste of money, just add a couple more, their light output is probably like a 20 or 30W normal bulb. Hope this helps, happy growing...
  6. Time to update the grow journal with a bit of news about progress. The 4 Sweet Mango autos are doing great and growing nicely and since I FIMed them last Wednesday they have just carried on regardless. Last night I gave them all a drink of water, the 2 larger ones got about 200ml each and the smaller 2 got about 100ml each, by Monday night the dirt will be nice and dry and they will be ready for a drink and their next feed. Here are some images from last night. Sweet Mango under LED in tent. Structure of the largest Sweet Mango. Top growth on largest Sweet Mango. More updates to follow, happy growing... Gasmeter Likkle more
  7. Hi Nordic Grower Hopefully they are coming separately, double stealth shipping
  8. The 4 young Sweet Mango plants are all growing nicely and enjoying the new LED lamp the nodes are noce and tight. They are all around 4 or 5 nodes now so last night I decided it was time to FIM them all to break their apical tendency. Sweet Mango under LED in tent. Sweet Mango plant FIM site. The two slightly smaller plants are now being watered every 2 days now at the same time as the other 2 plants. Tonight I will give the smaller 2 plants their first feed and for the other 2 plants it will be their second feed. I love these root pouches the root system is a lot healthier and the dirt dries out nicely too, I am also loving the Old Timer range of nutrients this will be my second run using the full range of organic nutrients and additives, the PK boost is great 3 days after the first feed using it the buds were visibly fatter. I am looking forwards to testing the GHS powder feed with the Sweet Valley Kush both inside and outside. Gasmeter Likkle more
  9. Hi Ganja XL Thanks for the kind words man. Yeah the root pouches are awsome well worth trying the plants will love them and your dirt will dry out nicely making watering and feeding easier.
  10. My nutes and beans were delivered last Friday. I am looking forwards to popping some beans soon, I will do a run of 2 plants outside and once the Sweet Mango auto grow is completed I can run 4 in my grow tent. Happy growing...
  11. The Sweet Mango seedlings are all doing OK and seem to be happy in their Root Pouches. The 2 smaller seedlings I am watering every evening I am giving them about 60ml of water each, which I am slowly increasing to meet their demand. The 2 larger seedlings I am watering every two days now, and last night I gave them their first feed of a mild solution of Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and the Plant Magic Root Stimulant as well, I gave them about 150ml each, next time I will only give them water. Here are some images I took yesterday afternoon. Sweet Mango seedlings in grow tent under LED. Sweet Mango small seedling side view. Sweet Mango small seedling top view. Sweet Mango larger seedling side view. Sweet Mango larger seedling side view. The 2 smaller seedlings are certainly perking up I should be able to water them every two days in the next few days then I can start to give them a mild feed as well once they have a few more leaves. The two larger seedlings will soon be ready to FIM they are about the 4th node now. I will update the journal next week when there is something to look at, unless something interesting happens in between times. Gasmeter Likkle more
  12. Hey g22 That stealth packaging got me as well I wasn't sure if the packaging contained any beans until I checked to forum and saw ShaggyGrowers post here in your journal. Happy growing
  13. It is the search text input field that appears on the left of the screen. You can replicate this on a desktop or laptop, just resize the browser and the main menu will change to the one in the screen shot above click on the search icon and you will see the Start New Topic element and everything belwo move downwards to make room for the search box which is just peeping into the page on the left. If you now resize your browser window and make it wider you will be able to see the search text input field and if you click the search icon again you will now see it disappear and everything below move up into the freed up space. Good advice from silver1 to check out the forum on a desktop or laptop with a more capable browser and a real keyboard
  14. Wednesday 06 March 2019 All of the Sweet Mango seedlings appear to be doing OK and settling into the fibre pots and dirt nicely. The two that cast their seed shells last look to be starting to catch up to the other two growth wise. Sweet Mango auto seedlings in the grow tent. I will update the journal in a couple of days. Gasmeter Likkle more
  15. Monday 04 March 2019 Today it is time to plant all of the Sweet Mango seedlings into dirt in their final pots, I filled the pots with BioBizz All Mix a couple of days ago and they have been sitting in the shed ready to go, I took the fibre pots to the grow tent and I placed a big table spoon of the Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Granules on the dirt in the centre of the pots. I then used the handle of the table spoon to mix the granules into the dirt thoroughly a bit deeper than the depth of the RootIt plugs then I made a hole and then I removed each seedling in its RootIt plug from the little plastic pot and then I planted each of the seedlings. Then I put them into the grow tent in their fibre pots and gave them all about 80ml if spring water. Sweet Mango seedlings in the grow tent. Sweet Mango seedling roots. Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Granules Organic Granules in dirt. Sweet Mango seedlings in fibre pots. Sweet Mango seedlings in fibre pots back in grow tent. More updates to follow. Gasmeter

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