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  1. Hi everyone, just thought I'd say hello again after an extended break & post some harvest pics of White Lemon. Flipped to flower on 21/01/16 & flowered for almost 13 weeks! But MAN - look at the size of those colas! Grew from seed that popped 15/12 /15, FIM'd & LST under 600W HPS shared with Liberty Haze. Haven't weighed it yet - don't usually do that until it's dry & will update with final yield. I estimate I'll get about 6oZ once dried, probably more. Not bad, eh?
  2. can taste the SLH definitely but doesn't get you as high though, probably due to non-decarboxylation of THC onto THC-9 (or something.. wheres Franco? ), but when my only other option is paying $25AUD/ gram or $350 /oz (17 & 230 Euro ) you probably understand final feed tonight, flush on wednesday, chopped Saturday I watched a Jorge Cervantes video in which he suggests using a microwave, but he added one small caveat: use the LOW setting - it's effectively the same as a dehydrator. I wrap the bud in kitchen towel/ paper towel so it is double folded on the bottom & covering the top on
  3. timestamp & the dried product courtesy of the low setting on my microwave haha
  4. a few timestamped pics for the doubters & the (quickly) dried product.. *edit pics didn't attach for some reason.. try again
  5. couldn't resist & plucked myself a nug.. lights are still out, but will show you the rest of the white lemons in next post, but for now here is the purple white lemon I mentioned 5g, rock hard. El Nino more than SLH definitely
  6. Hi everyone I started them all from seed under t5's before splitting them up into their respective homes with 600w MH. Vegged 2 months, 1 tent is free standing, no scrog and minor lst, 2nd tent had the LH & PC that were too bloody tall, and owing to using a drip system & needing clearance under the plants so gravity can do it's magic & return my nutes to the res, plus the size of my 60cmx60cmx28cm hood plus the height of the pots, leaves only about 100cm of grow space.. using air cool hoods, so no problem if they hit the light plus it's white, not dimpled aluminium, so no hot spot
  7. Hi everyone, just saying 'hi' before I harvest my current grow & share some pics with everyone. Currently running 2 1.2x1.2x2m tents with 8 lovely ladies in each, recirculating drip system using 50/50 perlite and coco w/ full Canna nutrient & additive line inc. boost plus a little cal-max. Tent 1 has 3 White Lemon (although I must say it's more like purple lemon due to the coldness during lights off as it's winter down here), 2x The Doctor, 2x White Rhino & 1 Kings Kush (grape pheno - leaves are almost black, the rest are yellow/purpe ). Tent 2 has 2x Jack Herer (the biggest, fatt