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  1. Welcome themountainman
  2. Hello mungbean79 welcome to the site
  3. Hello Sungrow and welcome to the forum.
  4. Nice grow which one is the trainwreck
  5. Im playing with this strain now she is a crazy strain two different pheno types one stretched like crazy and the other stayed a nice size now both into full on flowering the bigger is full on with fox tailing and the smaller is with a lot of buds but some gaps between nugs a lot of deformed buds on both plants just hope they get solid. Im into week five of flower
  6. Wow nice photo
  7. What strains you get mate?
  8. Welcome Sweetgarden
  9. And sorry no pictures as the Australian government is cracking down on everything on the net. New Terrorism laws and stuff like that
  10. Ok thanks for the info
  11. Don't mean to be a pain there me old mate but did the money maker finish well because I have noticed her flowering stsge is starting to slow down not as aggressive as her veg stage and is very gappy in the main colas
  12. Thanks mate for the information.
  13. Makes for hard reading almost frustrating.
  14. Ok mate thanks for your information and time and I will give you an update when its harvest time or could be sooner if I need some help on something else. Thank you once again
  15. Yes that was my plan to tie her away from the light. Its crazy how big this plant got a lot of branches are higher then the light and shade so not left with a lot of options and will just got to grow her out and never grow that pheno again unless I change my style of growing.
  16. Its to late at week 4 of flowering I think. Nevermind just got to ride the wave and hope for good things. Thanks for your information and time
  17. My question is how did you keep it short and not let her get to big
  18. Yes I agree with you on getting rid of that pheno type I scrog both my plants I have two screens and I switched my plants to flower after 4 weeks of veg and they had covered 3/4 of my bottom screen and had just touched my second screen before I switched to 12/12 the indica which I thought they both were had done what was expected of her and grew like a good girl and filled most of my second screen and is great but that sativa girl who I grew hoping she was like her indica sisters just blew me away I have never grown sativa indoor only out door which I have over 15 years experience with which i think this sativa pheno would be ideal for taking outdoors but im amazed by how much this pheno has stretched and the amount of side branching and is still stretching shes a crazy girl which I hope I never meet again.
  19. Great to hear that its a great tasting girl. I have got you a couple of questions on her if you don't mind. I grow two plants at a time under the SCROG method and I also have two different pheno types of the Money Maker one a beautiful indica type that I have cloned off and will be growing that pheno again my problem is with the other one shes more of a sativa trait and shes just gone nuts and has taken over her side of the tent im into week four of flowering and her stretch is not slowing down im getting a lot of nice bud formation but my tent is only 2 meters tall and my lights are at max height and I had to cut away a few branches because they were touching the light now the rest of the branches are growing past my light and are not far away from my tent roof. I am totally blown away by this one plant and im just wondering did you ever come across this pheno in the strain and how did you deal with it or how to deal with it in the future if I decide to grow again because I took cuttings off that one as well. But im leaning towards the indica type for my next grow. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is only my second grow. Thank you for your time
  20. Hello again I see you are growing Money Maker as well from other topic post how are you finding her
  21. Hello all I have taken back up growing indoor again after a 7yr break back then my good friend and I grew 4 crops with one 600w and flood table first crop AK47 and the last 3 of Ice which I found to be an awesome strain. Today after my 7yr break I have a 2.5m L x 1.5m W x 2.0m H. Grow tent with two 600w lights with cool tubes thats attached to my carbon filter that I have in my roof space I grow two plants at a time under the SCROG method one plant under each light in 30 litre pots in coco and i have a run to waste grow system. I am into my second grow my first grow was with White Rhino another great strain but I made a rookie mistake and pulled her after only 6 weeks of flowering but still ended up with 25 ounces off two plants so I'm not complaining but now know to take her out to 9 weeks. And now im growing with the Money Maker strain from Strain hunters and have just finished 4 weeks of veg and now started with 12/12 and im very impressed with this strain shes just gone nuts and have taken over my tent so I have taken some cuttings off them which you couldn't tell so if they finish well I will keep her if they don't I have gotten in some more White Rhino seeds from Green house seeds company because I loved the way the White Rhino finished with alot of solid big heavy buds and the smoke was an awesome way to unwind from a long day at work. So people im new here and would like to talk with anybody who has had any experience with these two strains or could give me some advice on how well the Money Maker finishes. If not im fine to chat with anyone and make new friends with like minded people who have the love for this great plant. Thank you for your time
  22. Very nice to meet you also. no heat you say interesting. you have planted a seed in my head now and I must investigate further but thank you for your time and input. Enjoy the rest of your day or night depending on which part of the world you are in and look forward to chatting with you again sometime. Keep up the good work
  23. Im sorry i never said hello to you first very rude of me your set up caught my eye. your girls look beautiful at this stage of growth and under those lights very nice lighting I must look into them. Do you use those lights from start to finish
  24. And what type of grow system you running
  25. Nice looking set up what brand of lights are they if I may ask

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