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    lots of general gardening experience, launching into my first real ganja grow attempt, will have many questions, but also happy to lend what small knowledge i have where i can to help others starting out
  1. yay!...y'all need to change that 5 post thing to 10...that was the magic number!
  2. so..it all started with a bag seed... after copping from my bestie, i was out back in the yard mixing soils and filling buckets, pots and totes to plant various seeds and seedlings in in prep for this year's gardening endeavors...pausing to roll up a joint so i could blaze while i worked, on a whim, i tossed the seeds in the bag into a bucket of dirt, which i left out on the back steps (my nursery area) and promptly mostly forgot about... eventually lil green heads popped up, only one survived my neglect and got watered but not much else as i would go by to tend other parts of the yard...hit her with Miracle grow a few times when i used it for my veggies...had no idea if male or female and did not pay much mind til about a month ago, i smell that sweet familiar smell as i am getting the hose and not only is she a she but she has budded up!...she is stunted and crazy looking, a friend said she looks like a strung out supermodel, so i named her Kate Moss taste test reveals significant potency, moved indoors for security purposes, target date for harvest 28-30th of this month since i never expected to even have a grow, and obviously my yield is going to be very small, i did not feel i had anything to lose by cutting clones from her and experimenting with various rooting methods in hopes of getting at least one to go that i might do an indoor grow with for personal buds...dubious whether they will take, having been cut away so deep in flower, but none of them have outright died coming up: the clones, the build so far, some things i have discovered or developed along the way and more trich pics (if the ones i took to day come out well...they did not...grrr...trying again soon)
  3. greetings and good to know...new grower here, i have questions everyday as i research and work on trying to pull these clone babies through...i will likely holla here and there...thanks for the offer and hope the day is good to ya!
  4. i started my journey into all of this a few weeks ago when i discovered a bag seed plant in a 1 gal bucket had flowered up...now, she is stunted and crazy looking because i mostly ignored her all season...it was a whim, just to see if it would do anything at all and i had 100 other things going on... i often let her go dry, just didn't get to her with the hose and that probably accounts for the stunting in large part...but she DID flower up and live through despite my neglect and almost no nutes...i will be harvesting her in about a week...i can speak to the technique with other plants as well (i do roses, lilies, veggies)...letting them go dry can be very helpful...they glug up what you do give them when you do, as a survival mechanism that said, do not let it go to the point that your plants are badly wilting...a lil is ok, it will jump right back when you water/feed, but a lot and you are stressing them out
  5. i am still trying...lol....i promise one day i will have an actual journal entry!
  6. thanks for giving me the heads up!...really appreciate it!
  7. ok so i have tried and tried to do a post and put up some pics...i went and made the 5 posts that are required to do that...system still won't let me do that...suggestions??
  8. i have many series stuff i watch, but most excited about Gotham new episodes starting tonight! currently reading bk 2 of the Prince of Nothing series...epic highfantasy, kinda reminds me of Dune haven't seen many movies lately and most that i have have been with my lil diva, but i thought Fifth Estate was excellent what's on your current hit list...or your old one, for that matter??
  9. i have no idea what it was and it was like...decades ago....but on a weekend trip to the beach one summer, i copped a bag from a friend of a friend and that shit was incredible....intense head high and we laughed and laughed and laughed all weekend...everything was funny!...i call it the 'giggle weed'
  10. a few reasons for me...1st off, i am one of the original love babies out of the San Francisco hippy movement (mom was a hippy, dad was a soldier)...i grew up in the weed culture, was rolling mom's joints by the time i was 7 or 8, smoking on my own by 10ish...smoking weed is part of my DNA... also, i find it keeps me chill and helps my creativity flow, so long as i do not get highed up out of my head...i tend to cop a good buzz and then just top that off with hits here and there through the day...
  11. beautiful, all of them!
  12. hello from the rural wilds of Maryland!... working on my first real grow (4 clones taken from an accidental flowering mother) and doing mad research as i run a series of cloning method experiments and plan out my grow space should any of them take... as my profile states, i will have many questions, but will also help others where i can, so please do not hesitate to let me know if i can be of assistance to you...pms are fine if that is easier and i have provided my yahoo contact info for more direct chat as well if needed (please identify that you are from this forum in intial add request, so i know where you are coming from) i look forward to meeting all of you as i move around the forum boards and chat and wish you all a great day/evening, whereever you are!

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