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  1. No longer going coz of a spoilt 31yr old throwing threats.
  2. Quick run through 1.4sqm tent 300w & 400w spektrum King led Buddhas tree organicus base nutrients, Solar green power, flower burst, pk9-18, advanced meta boost Ecothrive charge and biosys microbe tea Holy punch and Francos lemon cheese by greenhouse seeds El chapo by sour genetics and the plug seedbank Shishkaberry x old widow by old school genetics Grown in Ecothrive coco 60/40 clay pebbles 18L pots hand watered Gave 8 weeks veg due to killing off a pest problem but all gone now and are day 7 12/12
  3. The cutting of jaffalato I was given came with a fungus gnat and thrip infection of which I mixed diatomaceous earth in the coco which really messed up the ph I flushed as much as I could to lessen the diatomaceous earth and raise the ph back I upped the feed to get back to health and after 2 feeds I’ve managed to get back to health and drop feed a bit the thrip have been a real challenge but I’ve got them now hope to be putting her into flower over the next few days and take some cuts! I’m going to tie her out to fill the tent and maximise cutting sites
  4. Coming to an end for my slurricanes took one down last night of which I have a pic of a bud bid to get whole plant always forget plus it was being supported by other plants! Leaves were browning fast and I think it was down to more poor watering techniques not letting it to have a proper wet dry cycle and maybe water was too warm but smell is nice. The other slurricane will be coming down next week along with 1 Remo chemo and maybe both the Jaffa cakes which haven’t done too well my fault again!
  5. Nice to see you’ve gone with a white light led in my opinion bigger yields and growth isn’t as dense! What brand led have you gone with?
  6. No real update just some pics! Start of week 6 the Slurricane is definitely a heavy feeder leaves are yellowing rapidly and too late to give them anything! Done well though 13 weeks with just water!
  7. Had a visit fro a friend earlier he’s going on a road trip for a few weeks so he’s asked me to look after a cutting for him and I’m more than happy! Jaffalato Jaffa caked cookies x gelato it did come with a minor thrip infection, I’ve potted it into 50/50 coco/perlite with some ecothrive charge, kelp meal, and humic acid mixed in with a bit of diatomaceous earth and topdressed too so should stop them! I’m going to be running it on an Autopot using UK company buddhas tree they’ve bought a new 99% organic single part base nutrient veg-flower suitable for vegans called organicus 99% with additives meta-boost flower burst and PK-9/18. Oh and a little picture of some slurricane buds flash on flash off passed onto him from a friend I gave a couple of seeds too and yes it hits you instantly and is super strong so I only need to use half as much so winner!sorry for sidewaysshot forgot to hold phone the right way
  8. By all means my instagram is sirgrowalot! The slurricane is certainly a mouth watering strain smell and looks the buds aren’t that big but they are sure rock solid like a stone no pgr’s Just rich soil and water. If you did try and eat it you’d probably break your teeth 😂
  9. Day25 flower and all going ok they do not seem to fill out much I’m hoping they have a mad spurt in the next couple of weeks! The slurricane buds are very small but they are like stones so solid I’ve never seen anything like it 1 the hairs are browning off got me concerned they’ve been pollinated searched around can’t see any male flowers anywhere and no signs of seeds. I asked my mate I gifted some seeds to see if his did the same and he said it did so must be a cookie trait! 1 is very resinous but doesn’t smell much to the nose but when you rub the stem it is very strong like sweet grape the other pheno isn’t as resinous but smells strong of rancid red grapes and if you knock the plant it makes the house smell! Jaffa cake has lots of bud sites but small but is starting to show signs of a growth spurt they both smell like cookie dough! Remo Chemo is doing nicely both smell sweet gasoline type smell taller one is going to be bigger fielder with bigger buds but not as resinous the smaller one is getting a nice resin coating. Jaffa cakeRemo Chemo Slurricane Remo Chemo Remo Chemo Remo Chemo Jaffa cake Jaffa cake Slurricane Slurricane
  10. @9DRAGONS Slurricane is by in house genetics purple punch x dosidos on the high end of price for packs but certainly worth the money! Out of 3 seeds being popped 2 by me and1 by a friend there has being 2 definite keepers the other one isn’t bad just doesn’t smell as much. It has a red grape smell and packs a heavy punch! An extractors dream, heavy trichrome production. This is my first run of it my friend is on his 3rd from cuttings off mum and his is only getting better getting to try some in a couple of weeks can’t wait!
  11. Day 13 flower and they are all going nicely! They are a very dark green so I’m going to give them a weekly water schedule which I have 3 items I’ll try on different ladies on 2 I’ll feed a schedule of ecothrive biosys/mollases/water 2 I’ll feed ecothrive biosys/mollases guanokalong taste improver (alternated)/water and last 2 ecothrive biosys/mollases terpenez (alternated)/water for the last 6-8weeks! Debating whether to give them a mild topdress of potash but I don’t want to burn them should I or shouldn’t I? would be nice to give them a kick but also would be nice to keep it simple!Slurricane got a strong smell of grape and lavender coming from herJaffa cake really oozing out the resin at day 13Remo Chemo flower sites are beginning to meet up shesgonna be a fatty
  12. Had to post this picture 7hrs after their first flower tea and they loved it I swear I could hear them clapping 😂😂
  13. Just a few more pictures at day 5 and they look doubled the size they did day 4 first tea will be ready this afternoon will give them some lights on tonight.
  14. Hello they are 15days since I changed to 12/12 they have slowly started to show flower formation my photography isn’t great so haven’t been able to capture a good shot plus I get about 30 mins with them around family life! I got a shot of the Jaffa cake and slurricane day 4 of flower the Jaffa cake seems to show more of the Calyx’s and slurricane shows more hairs but the fun has begun! I’m about to give them their first tea of EWC, guano, kelp alfalfa meal, humic acid, Insect Frass rock dust fish mix and mollases tomorrow. This is the Jaffa cake which from 4 weeks into veg they had a strong smell of cookie dough and have formed crystals on leaves before the buds so looks a promising pheno!this is the slurricane good budding sites all way down the branches I don’t think I’ll get a massive cola but there will be a lot of decent sized dense nuggets all the way down not much odour that I can work out as yet but my smell is selective smell what I want when I want so I can’t rely on it! Hope all is well with you!

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