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  1. Can you count me in? Im getting back to this hobby and interested to do tests again.
  2. Hello! This journal is soon getting to final. 30.3 i harvested THC Bomb and Gorilla Zkittlez (sry for no harvest photos avaible). I have been flushing rest of the plants for awhile and they are ready for harvest in about week. Francos Lemon Cheese is almost 9weeks now and Peyote Cookies is just over 8weeks. Plants now: Franco's Lemon Cheese: 61 days Peyote Cookies: 58 days Gorilla Zkittlez: harvested THC Bomb: harvested 2.4.2019 Franco's Lemon Cheese Peyote Cookies
  3. Hi hunters! and thanks RedBarn for comment. This week is harvest week for Gorilla Zkittlez, shes now 7weeks. Super fast flowering and yield is going to be decent. There is lot of amber trichomes (mostly the smaller trichomes) so i try to harvest her this weekend. THC Bomb is 8½ weeks and hes coming down in a week. Peyote Cookies is 7weeks as Gorilla but she need 2-3 weeks before harvest. Franco's Lemon Cheese is 7½ weeks and she need max. 3weeks. Im starting to flush around after one week. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 59 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 54
  4. Looking good, its nice to follow how they are growing because i have never fimmed autoflowering plants.
  5. Hello hunters! First harvests getting close, 17.3 i started to flush THC Bomb and Gorilla Zkittlez. Both they are ready in 1-2weeks, Gorilla probably first then THC Bomb. Franco's Lemon could be ready in 3-4weeks, shes now almost 7weeks so total is 10weeks. Peyote Cookies just passed 7weeks and probably need 3weeks, so i starting to flush in 1-2week. Lot of photos today, but there is some macros to show to you guys. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 52 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 47 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 45 -Peyote Cookies days in flo
  6. Seeds arrived today, but without nutrients.
  7. Hello hunters! One week passed and ive done some defoliation to plants. Seems Gorilla might be the first one to be ready, shes now bit over 5weeks in bloom and i think shes ready in 2weeks. I have to take some macros to see how trichomes are ripening and when to start flush. THC Bomb is week ahead but she may need 2-3 weeks before harvest, im not sure if she has swollen like her should be. But from photos i see atleast something is happening, and i know the magic happens in last weeks. Franco's Lemon is getting frosty and main cola is forming to spear shape, shes last plant to harvest. Pe
  8. Thanks Godess, after taking those photos i removed some leaves and continue defoliating slowly, i dont want to remove all leaves at once. peace
  9. Hello hunters! This week i have been flushing plants because they look little bit dark, but luckily nothing serious. Today i washed the reservoir tanks and added nutrient mixture again. Look like THC Bomb havent swell much. Plants doesnt drink much as they usually do, but that may cause from cold weather, 15c lights off and 22-23 with lights on. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 38 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 33 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 31 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 30 5.3.2018 THC Bomb Franco's Le
  10. Hola hunters! Time flies and another week gone again. I have done some lollipopping to Gorilla and Francos Lemon Cheese also rotated plants about 90degrees. I have some diy leds that im going to add to tent, but i have to do some electrical work before and i need to find heat sink. Not much to tell at this moment so im going to upload bunch of photos. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 31 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 26 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 24 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 23 26.2.2019 THC Bomb Fran
  11. Only for members who was registered before 6th february.
  12. Hi hunters and thanks for comments! Again week is gone and i can see buds forming nicely. Im feeding with dosage what bottle says, with other nutrients i usually do 50-75% to avoid burning/clawing the leaves. Gorillas buds keep going and she might give some fat buds. Maybe its too early to say but look like Franco's Lemon Cheese needs 11-12weeks to harvest, she looks haze pheno to me. She probably will grow long spear style main bud, luckily she stopped stretching. Made some lift to THC bomb and Peyote Cookies to get more even canopy, now gorilla needs some lift. Very hard to take photos
  13. Hi hunters! Nothing special to tell you guys this week. All plants flowering and looking healthy so far. Gorilla is developing buds very fast, not sure if ive ever seen this fast development. Also Francos Lemon Cheese is doing great, plants loving the hydros. Its getting hard to photograph plants without removing them from tent, so please forgive me the quality of some photos. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 17 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 12 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 10 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 9 12.2.2019 THC Bo
  14. Hola Jose! I would like to join with sweet valley kush. How about monthly prize, are everyone in or should we enter somehow?
  15. Hi hunters! Time is flying and another week done. All plants are flowering now and im feeding with bloom nutrients. So far Remo nutriets are doing great job. I decided to keep Peyote Cookies in 1liter pot with coco because i think the room is going to be full by the way. And id like to see if i can get over 10g from it. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 10 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 5 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 3 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 2 5.2.2019 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese
  16. Hi hunters! Another week gone and some things happened in tent. 25.1.2019 was first day on 12/12 lightcycle, THC Bomb showed pistils before that but i started to count bloom days bit later and now shes on day3. Also from Francos Lemon Cheese i found tiny pistil and start counting in day or two. So far no pistil in Gorilla but im sure in couple days she will show sex. Still dont know what to do with Peyote, probably go with coco and transplant to little bigger pot. Next time i need to fill dwc's im goin to fill with blooming nutrients. 29.1.2019 Gorilla Skittlez
  17. Thanks OG. Usually i use additional nutes less as possible. Maybe next time ill try the full line, but i dont know if it will raise my yield so much that its worth of it.
  18. Hello! Another week gone again. Last week i moved Francos Lemon Cheese to 30l dwc. I think i have been feeding girls with too mild nutrient mixture, so i gave little bit more to them. Still not feeding much as read in bottle, just getting familiar with new nutrients. THC Bomb is getting only more bushy and found today first pistils (5weeks from poppin it). Im planning to flip plants to 12/12 this week, just want to make sure everything is fine with plants before flipping. Not sure what i do with Peyote Cookies, probably only repot to bigger pot with soil/coco mix and see what she g
  19. Growth looking very nice but i assume issues in bloom. If you still have veg lightcycle, you should turn to 12/12 cause they gonna double their size atleast.
  20. Hello hunters! Its week since i started this journal, so little update what's happening here. I popped the Peyote Cookies seed and she is fully opened now. Gorilla and Francos Cheese has grown nice roots and they realy are taking off now. So far also the nutrients seems to work great. THC Bomb getting bushier but not taller, also may need more nutrients. Next plan is to move Francos Lemon Cheese to 30l dwc and flip in around a week. 16.1.2019 Gorilla Zkittlez Franco's Lemon Cheese THC Bomb Peyote Coo
  21. Hows the zombies? allready harvested?
  22. Looking good, good luck for rest of time. Exodus is very nice strain, grows easy and gives good amount of nice buds.
  23. Hello hunters! New journal since 2 years. Strain / Medium: -Franco's Lemon Cheese / DWC Hydro -Gorilla Zkittlez / DWC Hydro -THC Bomb / Coco -Peyote Cookies / Coming later, dunno yet. Nutrients: -Remo Nutrients Gro, Micro, Bloom & MagNifiCal Trying these nutrients first time, so not sure what im doing. But im expecting nice results after couple crops. Other setup: -120x120cm tent -600w HPS -Exhaust fan+filter and oscillating fan -2x 4outlet airpumps Not much to say at this point, but that was