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  1. Hi mate , i'm back ! Good to see you again...  :drinks:


  2. I guess you need to be a citizen of Jamaica but... On 25 February 2015, the Jamaican House of Representatives passed a law decriminalizing possession of up to 2 ounces of cannabis. The new law includes provisions legalizing the cultivation for personal use of up to 5 plants, as well as setting up regulations for the cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medical, religious purposes and natural growth .... So there is hope....
  3. It takes guts to write what you just did brother and im proud to call you a friend. You can move where ever your heart takes you but know this, this forum will always be a home for you. Actually from a ego point of view we will now have a chance to get insight from Jamaica thru you How will you support yourself, how can you just move like that and leave all behind and make it work? I'm asking because i always get impressed when people do things like this because im not sure if i ever could.
  4. Hi KMG. That is because you named your title "Strain: AMS" If you search for that you will find it. The search is sometimes a little to exact to be honest. As it is a work in progress
  5. Morning Elissa. I guess this is a female name yes? Welcome to the forum and i guess this is a great place for you seeing how fascinated you are with Cannabis and all things surrounding it. Browse, read and look in our vast library of knowledge. Members from around the globe has been sharing their love for years with photos and interesting stories. Perhaps you also have something to share? Stay for as long you like and when you are feeling bored or lonely please join our open chat. Say hi to your pets from us, what kind of pets btw?
  6. That is my friend great news. Living pretty close to Germany this could in the long run effect my country as well(sweden) To bad we cant read it in English Hint-Hint
  7. I guess Ghsc would find a great source of nice new crosses but they do look for landraces and i do not see that many of those in Oregon.
  8. Good luck buddy. Is those straws made to get more air in to the water or?
  9. One of the reasons is because we at one time changed the forum look and those members that were not online within a number of weeks lost all their material. I think we sent an email to all member at the time but only a few made ready for the change. So we lost many great reports and some of them was on the AMS. This was a few years back but we have still have no new AMS grow reports. Strange really because it is a great seller and she do well in rainy colder countries.
  10. She look pretty awesome. What a nice intro as a new member spreading you love around. Welcome and feel at ease. If you need any forum help then just ask Jose or me and we see what we can do. Peace brother
  11. The Pistils do look dark brown and plenty, have you checked the tricomes to see what they tell you? Perhaps a new photo with the light off would show better how she really looks.
  12. Tokage


    Hi and welcome to Strainhunters. I hope you will grow the smoking kind, "hemp" sounds a wee bit boring hehe If you stay on to search the forum you will find plenty of tips and new ideas for your grow. If you do need help then just make a thread and ask in the right section. As for forum help such as with functions and so on please just ask one of the active moderators/admins and we answer you as fast we can. Much love and we hope to see you in the open chat. Peace
  13. Haha man what a great song! Made my first laugh of the day
  14. I know what you mean buddy but i sort of like having the latest last. Feels like reading a book if you know what i mean? But this forum is a democracy and if enough members want a change it can happen...
  15. Hello back my friend and welcome to Strainhunters forum. Let us know if you need any forum help and we get right on it. Feel free to join the open chat when you get the time. Until then, have a smoke and see what you can find browsing your new online home.