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  1. hi looking good friend what strain are they looks like they in coco feed everyday if you dont know that already peace
  2. Hi Hunters Hoping someone can translate for us would love to know exactly what is sung here PEACE BROS RIP franco #fullgas
  3. Very nice jose, shame about the mites but excellent control job. Loving the purpling showing throught the trichomes. peace
  4. hi, very nice plant, looks healthy keep up the work, please update us as she flowers bro peace
  5. Great, you have a dimmable ballast may aswell get a 250w or 400w mh bulb this way with hanging high and lowering slowly you should have no problems with heat or light being to much for them. peace
  6. Hi, if all you have is 600 hps and no dimmable ballast a little tip is to difuse the light by hanging something under the bulb to stop direct light for a while not to close mind. Hope this helps. peace
  7. Hi leon, plant is nice size for this stage. Should yeild well It would be a good idea to keep an eye on ph levels when refilling or changing the water solution as this could be the reason for the damaged leaves, a change of no more than 0.5ph is recomended. Any chance of a photo of the roots. Enjoy the flowering. peace
  8. i have kush growing, about 50mm hope to look that one
  9. explains problem this is post 4 thx will make few posts
  10. thx after some more research i understand what you mean, it would maybe an idea to grow in same time the forum is very imformative and chat is good option
  11. i like the pictures i can not work out what your looking at
  12. trying to plan budget grow any help welcome i have 2 seed 1 called auto, 1 called kush thx