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  1. got only slim as a pest problem and using white wash for fungust prevention.
  2. I am close to 20% amber trich. and time wise its perfect for me. Clones are already good to transfert.
  3. Last picture before I close my light for 3 days and harvest in the dark after 7 weaks.
  4. yesterday was 32 days into flowering. will harvest fan leaf for hash look at this next picture.
  5. 27 days into flowering and they look like this. I know I burn them a bit when I when to 1600 p.p.m. flushing was started 3 days ago, will give here nutrient for 3 more days then full flushing for about 2 or 3 weeks that she has left.
  6. about half way into flowering
  7. top nugget from that sativa with a 13 leaflet + a bud on that fan leaf.
  8. WOW cant wait to find out her terpenes
  9. I have a few Fan leaves that have buds growing on them , LOL that is a first for me. it was I the back of the plant so I cut the leaf I thot is was a banana or something like that.