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  1. lemon desiel on the 12 of November
  2. got only slim as a pest problem and using white wash for fungust prevention.
  3. I am close to 20% amber trich. and time wise its perfect for me. Clones are already good to transfert.
  4. this is how wide they are
  5. one more just to show off
  6. Last picture before I close my light for 3 days and harvest in the dark after 7 weaks.
  7. yesterday was 32 days into flowering. will harvest fan leaf for hash look at this next picture.
  8. 27 days into flowering and they look like this. I know I burn them a bit when I when to 1600 p.p.m. flushing was started 3 days ago, will give here nutrient for 3 more days then full flushing for about 2 or 3 weeks that she has left.
  9. about half way into flowering
  10. top nugget from that sativa with a 13 leaflet + a bud on that fan leaf.
  11. WOW cant wait to find out her terpenes
  12. I have a few Fan leaves that have buds growing on them , LOL that is a first for me. it was I the back of the plant so I cut the leaf I thot is was a banana or something like that.
  13. they have just started on the 02 Dec. After 18 days into flowering they look like this. First picture in the normal one but the second picture is the one that have change. I did not put them in the darkness for 3 days to start flowering sooner, i needed to see how much stretch they do.
  14. befor defoliation on the 7 of December. These on grown all like an indica but next picture is from that one in lower right corner of box that growing like a sativa
  15. the 26 November that one is still growing sativa
  16. all clones are from the same mother but look at the one in the lower right corner it turn out more like a sativa compare to all the other one
  17. I have turn them to flowering on the 1 of jan. . 6 days to late I never thought they wood over grow like this. So I have to remove a lot of leaf. But now 3 weaks later I already have golf ball nuggets.
  18. I have the same 3 strains that I use in my overcrowded growth. Purple candy kush shoud be ready in 4 weaks( 1 photo). The delicious candy ready in about 3 weaks( 2 photo) My flowerbomb will be ready in 2 weaks (third photo). Last picture you can see that this batch as no streach at all.
  19. I don't think its magnesium, but manganese deficiency. New leafs are more yellow and those spot are not on the side of the leaf.
  20. last picture
  21. 2 more days befor I put them in the dark for until harvest saterday

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