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  1. Hi people A couple of mates and I are planning a trip to what we call Hamsterman in the Spring. We always up for meeting new peops n that so if you are up for a trip from England or a meet up and a good old smoke and a good few nights out clubbing etc then get ibn touch. The more the merrier as we say;) DJ Sticky
  2. Has anyone seen zeitgeist the movie??? If not I strongly suggest you watch it after a good old indica smoke. Its available on Netflix. If you not got Netflix you can get a free trial. There are 2 other films by zeitgeist too but you should watch the movie first. Its a conspiracy plot but will really get you thinking. If you want to lighten the mood and piss yourself laughing then bad Grandpa by jackass \ Johnny Knocksville is hilarious. Pineapple express is a good chonging comedy too. You gottawatch that Zeitgeist tho!!!!!!!! Enjoy
  3. Hi fellow gardeners I'm a general builder trained in fitting kitchens and bathrooms inc all carpentry, plumbing and electrics so I'm pretty good at constructing stealth systems. If you would like some advice on anything I'm here to offer advice. If you need a stealth system I can advise you on how to put one in your loft and disguise it as something else etc. Obviously don't want to post it for all to see but get in touch and I can tell you more. Or if you have any ideas and want some advice on plumbing or electrics etc...... DJ sticky
  4. Do you not have probz with heat using hps in such small space?
  5. PS..... I've only just noticed the labels peel back on the bottles of biobizz nutes! Just I've seen a lot of folk including myself ask thee dosage!
  6. I'm using biobizz grow, bloom and topmax. I bought them after a lot of research but I'm just a lil skeptical as in the wild you wouldn't have a bloke feeding concentrated nutes ???? Or would the genetics of these seeds mean nutes would be better???? Im just experimenting as the only probs I've had are from nutes in the first place!! Be good to see the results.
  7. Hi mate Funny you call yourself closet grower as my stealth set up is in a closet! Ha. Yes I do have a fan and lights... I drilled some vent holes and have a small USB fan and combo of led light panel and 200 w dual spectrum. I give them at least 12 hours of the cfl then the same or less with the led panel which is not very bright and emits a purple glow. I've done 2 grows before. My first grow was superbud auto and gave me well over an ounce despite having nutrient burn. I tried growing greenomatic after that and failed on this one. Severe nutrient burn. This strain didn't seem to like nutrients at all??? Was only using organic tomato feed too. This time around I am experimenting with 4 different methods on same strain ( super bud auto ) I got 1 in biobizz all ( started in cococoir jiffy ) and am not going to ad any further nutrients, 1 in just coco coir which I will give 1ml per ltr of the nutes and 2 others in either substrate which I'll dose different nutes. Just to see which will work best. My feeling is that less nutes may be best???? Will see. I might do a journal yea. Keep u posted mate. DJ sticky
  8. OK. Cheers man. Thanks. Ah OK, everyone seems to have their own way so don't be arguing now! I appreciate anyone's help! Soz to be picking your brains and changing subject....what's your opinion on those led panels, I have one which has 252 LEDs 15w which are red and blue. I know they are no way good enough for mature plants but was just going to start them off with this. I have a 200w dual spectrum cfl which has done my first grow well, well enough to give me some pretty dam strong weed. I am growing superbud auto BTW. When I work out this a bit better I'll post some pics of my last grow. Like I say I'm new to it but this was a surprisingly OK result despite having nutrient burn. The burn was quite bad ( I was pissed and stupidly tried watering down my own slash as had no other nutrients to hand!!!! Don't do this people!!!) Cheers for advice. I just potted a germinated seed in coco coir. My biobizz all mix is arriving tomorrow so I'm going g to try that too. I'll post pics of both. Thanks. DJ sticky
  9. Cheers dudes Man....soz, think I misled. I'm growing in soil not hydro. I'm using cococoir jiffys after seeds have had a good soak. I'm putting thee jiffys in a pot of biobizz all mix soil. I will try hydro one day but at the moment I'm in a shared house and my set up is extremely stealth!!!! I'm a guided so have some pretty smart ideas for stealth systems! Bam.....thanks dude. I do have a pH meter coming in post soon. appreciate the advice. Will add you. Happy growing boys
  10. Thanks chaps I'm just waiting on my stuff to arrive in post. Maybe I let you know how its going when I get growing.
  11. Cheers man. Thanks for the advice. When you say check the ec. What should it be?
  12. Does anyone know the correct dosage of bio grow, biobloom, and topmax from biobizz????? They have a chart on website but you can't see it very well on a tablet!
  13. Hi all fellow gardeners And greetings from Sussex, England. I just signed up to this forum today. I'm fairly new to growing my own lubbly jubbly buds having done 2 previous grows, which were actually quite a success despite having a few beginners errors like nutrient burn. I got some superbud autos from greenhouse. I want to improve my buds on my next grow and have been reading lots of differing opinions. I have an idea that I want to try and would be great to hear from any of you of your opinion on this....... My idea is to germinate my seeds as usual in water then wet tissue. When the little white root pops out I would then put this in a 100 x 30 mm cococoir jiffy pellet which I would then put in a 3 Ltr pot containing biobizz all mix. My thinking being that the seedling won't get too many nutes until the roots start growing into the surrounding nutrient rich soil. I also have one of the biobizz indoor try packs of nutrients arriving soon. What do youguys Think ????????? Would this work????? Would you use the mutes as well or is the biobizz the bizzness ?!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks

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