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    I am a person of many interests :D

    I like to make the world a better place
    I can find positive things even in the worst situations.
    I like to find new solutions to problems.
    I like to think outside the box.

    I love music:
    hip hop, old school rap, hardstyle (both old and new), Rock/metal, Classical music.

    My hobbies are: Growing(not only cannabis), Gaming, Mixing music, Psychology etc.

    So there you have it ;)

    Mario Miller ;)
    PEACE, Chill...Light up...Smoke out...Blaze again...Smoke out again ;) ;)

    PS: I could use a job in the cannabis business. Im full of ideas and i am a really good worker and very committed :D
  1. Hello Dear smokers Im learning in my country-s best "farming", "gardening", "growing" school. And i have to "work" for a month in a industry. So i would like to work in a cannabis industry, growing herb . I would like to work in the cannabis industry, because, thats why i went to this school in the first place. If you guys know, anyone who grows cannabis legally and wants a free worker for a month. then please ask them if they would want me to help them.... PS: i have to "defence" my months work to a lot of people in the school and i really would like to share to news of cannabis to my school My schools introduction sentence is "Closer to nature"
  2. Share the date and the cost...maybe il join
  3. Hi all I just joined this forums, im not well knows by any of you here. But im full of ideas and questions. Do you guys, have like "come together"-s ? when you all come in The Netherlands in the same day, smoke up, talk to each other, catch up etc ? IF yes, then when? if not, then why dont you have it? This forum has so many members and i think that some members would come, if they wanted to Chll
  4. Yo all Anyone who has a Tumblr Account, post it here! Mine is Peace
  5. I started thinking one day about water in tubes, hoses, you faucets, bathrooms, all the water channeling in your house, Greenhouses in the world, in cities, everywhere where you use tubes and hoses what are powerd by anything, where is pressure. My idea is to make underwater rotors(propellers, fans), what are waterproof, durable, and have connections in both ends, so you can put them between any water line(metal pipes, plastic tubes, hoses etc) When you have alot of them in yout watersystem, then you could regain some power from the pressure of the water what is powering them by the waters moving power. If you have alot of them, then you could easily regain some electricity You could make those things by any diameter and connection part, so you could easily put it anywhere... PS: you could put like 2-5 in rotors in it(smaller hose, 5-20 in a lager pipe+ making those things, shouldnt cost just need the same system in it like a hairdryer has, just make it waterproof and put it between a water line? Is it a good idea? Little quick thin i made in paint 1) Top view 2) 3D view 3) Electronic sketch ( you only need a genetator in there+ finaly a power suppy, what takes it all in, easy electronical physics)
  6. Hi growers My question for you all growers, is that i want to know how to make a small cone greenhouse in a swamp.Shortly, The greenhouse is where there are blueberries growing and theres alot of moisture and it all is taking place in a pine forest My idea is to put 5-10 plants+ some outdoor just for fun and testing purpouses in natural swamp soil, But the main idea is, how to build that place in the swamp? The small greenhouse greenhouse(Round radius-3m): my idea is to use natural stuff, firstly dig 20cm around the tree, then make a cone skeleton against the tree with some long branches , After that i will but plastic over it all, so it gets sun and maintains heat, the wall bottoms I will cover with mud and green moss+blueberry plants. (making 2-3hours, 2 people job) i will need: Axe, spade, greenhouse plastic, rope, no nails needed, scissors watering: the swamp itself is really natural and clean+ it has alot of moisture, the greenhouse will have 5-10 5l bottels ontop of the tree, with small holes in itself, and they are going to be filled rainwater and the bottles are connected with hoses and they go into the plants I will need: 5-10 bottles, 8m hose, ducktape Soil: I can take soil from the swamp, it gets every year pine needels+huge amount of blueberries+many different mushrooms+moss is it great soil? i dont like vertisilers alot... :/ questions.... What cannabis plants should i use(id like to test 2-3 different varieties)? and will it grow? summer starts in my location in may-june and lasts until in the middle of august. Then it will get colder slowly. And how long do i have to grow themindoors? or can i just plant them in the soil, when it is a seed? How often should i visit them? and why? Can i give them, charcoal(how much), or other organic fertilizers? When should i trim my plants? Should i give them co2? go smoke some weed in there from time to time? or put some plants in there, wich will create co2 in there? How can i make more plants out of one plant? id like to put some outdoors next to some blueberries and in the soaky sunny swamp That are my ideas atm, can i do it? Can i grow in so many blueberries? or should leave some space between them? PS: i havent grown weed yet, but i am really really passionate about my project Pictures of the nature in the place
  7. How did your grow finish? i live also in Eastern Europe, i could get some tips from you
  8. My fav. Tv shows: How i met your mother Friends Cinedopes Wilfred My fav. books and only books are Metro 2033 and Metro 2034
  9. Estonia in the summer, on the picture is the biggest lake in Estonia, lake "Peipsi" the time the picture is taken....hmmn 03:00 maybe
  10. My phone screen broke, so i cant make new pictures of the pants, i scribbled all of the pants with pens and other things
  11. 428, some kind of asian movie
  12. I think its over priced
  13. Nice corpse paint She must hear Death or Black metal
  14. I play only PC The games i play are: 1) San Andreas Multiplayer 2) Call of duty 4 3) All Points Bulletin Reloaded (APB) 4) Minecraft 5)Age of empires 2 6) League of legends 7) Killing floor
  15. Thank you...

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