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  1. @gasmeter Nice pics and goed start Happy contest gasman
  2. Day 1 Temp 29° Light 650w total N°4 is 67cm The 2 light togheter make a wounderful color I spoted a lot of thrips need too spray
  3. @Kalumè c'è ancora spazio se sei malato 🤣 si spera che il trattamento sarà buono
  4. @OG.Naj For the watt iam gone try in 600w- 700w too keep the temp low maybe les if the temp are too high outside
  5. In the first contest jan.gh say is no problème To put the biobloom Too 5g/l
  6. For the doctor I giv 4g/ l of biobloom + biogrow 1g/ l its approximatif i don't mesur how much soil i put per container These numbers that I try these nothing precise
  7. day 36 start 12/12 I prune the first 3-4 nodes of the doctor and clean the feet of the haze the blumate are not yet connect his will be after. I still have to finish the lighting. the lighting will be a mixture of cmh and hps both cooled by extractor. in the evening I would do a measurement photo before the flowering stretch
  8. @gasmeter@OG.Naj@LedCherryBerry @R.G.S thank you for the compliments my doctor does not grow compact these surely the fault of my soil mix I am very curious to see the development of the flowers. I transplanted yesterday late in the final pots just a few modification in the box and i put on 12/12 today and make some pics I noticed that in some veg pots the bottom was too dry which prevented the total roots development of the bottoms of the pots now i have goed watered the final pot with enhacer 6l per pots at 0.8l +2l of c.t. with 0.8l of enhancer i hope thé bottom is goed wet To be sûre iam gone water by hand in extra
  9. @Chefblake420 All your roots look very White chef. Wat about the wheater in your aera for the moment ?
  10. No. 4 is 62cm his biggest sister is 65cm is too big for my taste I don't know if is one of my settings that are bad or its the natural grow. with such grow I will try to transplant this weekends and switch on 12/12 for 4 / 22🤣 . the leaves are not very beautiful my humidifier has died 2 days ago tomorrow I'm arranged his
  11. Yes sorry mate traduct and talk with googel is not verry easy to anderstand and express your self like with original languich
  12. when i started writing a diary here the first time it was for me to know how to come back to see the pictures and info for my next grow to be able to compare and to know to discuss with other person these not just to win at all took and not to break my head or to bash others as in the other contest with ledberry but i also know the competitive spirit it does not bother me if these count bad for the result these my grow of 2019 its these important for me. with my respect I do not want to shock you if I misunderstood the question And iam sorry To make so many picture iam very exited too and alone for the moment so i change my mind with the plant
  13. @R.G.S ?. If i goed anderstand the thin sheet is from the haze not the doctor thats the littel plant you see at the begining of the journal p1 Is not for the contest is for my self and i share the picture if you like or not is not my problem
  14. @gasmeter Yes that feeding works very goed you can make your soil like you want i use r/o water i dont even need to giv cal/mag . My new light work very goed too iam so happy of the result that i want to pops some beans after the flowering is finish but i think iam gone get enought weed for a long time after that grow so with the stupid law is maybe better To wait maybe pop some salade 🤣 iam gone search after pickle plant To put in my garden i like polish pickle its in water and salt.......

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