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  1. g22


    @Djinythank's yes i like her i want to grow her next year again 😉
  2. g22


    She have start to make flowers🎉 2.05m high from top of the pot 2.40 m from under the pot and root grow tru the pot in the soil . Lot of branch 5 strong branch with a good open structure good space betwen the internode Smell is not strong until now.
  3. g22


    @gasmeterThanks man I do nothing more only fertiliser if needed i chose this variety to have somthing Natural i don't have time to control the natural light of the sun 🙏
  4. g22


    Here end september the weather start to get colder maybe Rain or not for the moment here is not à normal summer it always Rain lot of heavy Rain is why i chose this variety but i have a pheno that not Early start to bloom 🤗 @Hydra Your season was good?
  5. g22


    Good id ,i was thinking to but the root look to have find the soil at the back side of the bag so i don't do nothing more i just ad some batguano to test if is good and the bag start to brake at back side where he is always moist
  6. g22


    Hello She grow very good but still no flower on the horizon. the roots are passed through the pot in the soil. I still very happy with the result of the bio grow, biobloom, enhancer . I used Aptus dislike to here I have some traces of trips my it rains so much that I don't think the product works for a long time. so bad weather almost always rain and daytime temperatures of 13 ° to 20 ° and every 2 weeks one or 2 day at 28 ° I hope she start soon to make pistils and good resinous flower 🤔
  7. g22


    I suppercrop all the the top to get more branch & top
  8. g22


    this plant flowers quickly it normally reaches maturity before the end of September. I just gave a good dose of biobloom . I still can't see the preflower I think the stretch has started.
  9. g22


    She start to looking good i give her som biogrow 2 big spoon when i transpkant and she looking good . The fish is from this morning 🎣
  10. g22


    I just transplant in to the final pot i use à patato bag i hope thats not dry to fast . I give my fabric pot to à friend last year . i add some extra biogrow too . normaly she start the flowering end of this month and make flower even with a cold rainy summer . i pinch the top a few Day a go somthing was eating all the leafs. 😅
  11. g22


    just water them ones when planting and the Rain do the rest 😝
  12. g22


    Hello thx, Sorry iam more interested in fishing for the moment 😅 The first 5 seeds are kill i go working 1 week far from home and when i come-back i see that the light was off so i was scare to get hermie so i decide to restart the 5 last seeds of the package they have 4 wweeksnow and only sun grow from start this time. the first 10 Days under my Windows and than only outdoor even with all this Rain and only ghsc biogrow at 3g/l & enhancer I still left of the lemon haze x strawBerry banana i only smoke the week-end when i go in natur and somtime to go with