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Everything posted by g22

  1. g22


    I just transplant in to the final pot i use à patato bag i hope thats not dry to fast . I give my fabric pot to à friend last year . i add some extra biogrow too . normaly she start the flowering end of this month and make flower even with a cold rainy summer . i pinch the top a few Day a go somthing was eating all the leafs. 😅
  2. g22


    just water them ones when planting and the Rain do the rest 😝
  3. g22


    Hello thx, Sorry iam more interested in pike & cat fishing for the moment 😅 I like to go in the natur out of this crazy world where people where mask and vaccin🙄 The first 5 seeds are kill i go working 1 week far from home and when i come-back i see that the light was off so i was scare to get hermie so i decide to restart the 5 last seeds of the package they have 4 wweeksnow and only sun grow from start this time. the first 10 Days under my Windows and than only outdoor even with all this Rain and only ghsc biogrow at 3g/l & enhancer I still left of the le
  4. I'm glad I was a teenager in the 90s I Visited good growshop and lot of good coffee shop all was totally better
  5. now it is true that tourism and the population have seen a very strong expansive evolution in recent years like an inverted pyramids and all can not continue to pace infinitely
  6. Ok but you can't travel too Or you gone to need to do wat they want And a lot of country in the world gone to be discriminate and no accès to they shit vaccine. Thanks to the billederbeeuuuurqe And the pipeline family
  7. I read they gone to move the redlight district too outside of centrum
  8. they seem to be good for plants that I have given the minimum of attention just a little light and heat no ventilation so I will put my set up and transplanted and I will try go back seriously
  9. Thankx @Mama Jane Now 8 plant have grow but i don't have motivation to grow i don't if let them grow or not
  10. So a few one finaly grow a littel i need to make weed for 2021 🤣 MY HERB IS MY VACCINe AGAINST THE PEOPLE HOE BRAKE MY HEAD AND MY BALLS AT WORK 🤣🤣🤣 And i Don't give them a lot of time for the moment
  11. I wonder how cannabis grows naturally without human help? how this plant regenerates alone in the wild and especially in the mountains with the changing seasons?
  12. I have the impression that every seed that i touches does not grow if it does not evolve I stop the seeds for the moment i put 5 cali orange kush zaterday . i stop if nothing grow good even the skywalker x blablabla not grow i touch them and 2 stop to grow Maybe its a sign of times😝😅
  13. Why you don't put grow story of the staff or légal growers and story of growers from différents country like in your vidéo of the strainhunters or people of the street from all the world smoking weed and others
  14. I soak 12h in a glass of water 5 more pinapple cheesedog this time i put them in the soil i prepare for the 1l pot . if i miss this 5 seeds i put another genetic from greenhouse i keep in the fridge i hope not To kill the seeds this time
  15. I had a problem i see that the seeds are germinating my they have rotted I am going to germinate some more and use another medium