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  1. I just chek on maps where you are you from total other side of the globe👍😁
  2. You need other strain in your part of the world i think automatic or faster strain maybe Respect mate ✌
  3. Cool i see a documantary you even can't turn your motor of your car off because its so cold he can't start again do you living in the wood the country life ?
  4. @Chesterland Hello mate nice plant😁 The leaf of all the tree in the back of the picture are alrady falling from the tree now in your country you koming to spring or to the winter? Sorry is a stupid question i have not read the post i was only chek the picture I think the winter coming fast to you if all the leaf are alrady gone in one of your first post i was thinking you say the temp go up after the rainy season In my country the temp are crazy for this season not normal
  5. Wat qbout the flowering do you let her florish naturaly with the sun or use a special technic to let her start flowering faster? Nice work
  6. @bozick Beautiful bud man i hope she gone be tasty
  7. @Jeniffer Hello jeniffer wats the best to use a vape or a jpint ?
  8. Hi Here is my plan Medium promix plagron straight wiht a layer of coco /perlite for the drain at bottom of pot +_ 5cm Ph down whit lemon or lemon kick (plagron) Grow under 400w mh flower 600w hps For the rest i just use the bio feeding i was hesitadet for myhco but no money to buy it and is a all in formul so maby some yucca extract for spray wiht anhencer en for soil if it dry but i not buy it for the moment biochar looks goed to but not this time i normarly not use 2 tent thats to much électriciti but i realy want to do the contest i think to start for this week-end bye ✌
  9. Hola amigos @R.G.S , sí, estoy muy contento, tendré que ver lo que queda después de que las flores se sequen por el momento, el día es bastante cálido 22 ° mi 3°/4° las noches si el clima cambia a la lluvia durante varios días, creo que había tenido varios ataques de budrot que serían buenos para fumar😁
  10. The buds are small but look tasty
  11. @ShaggyGrower To the end of october maybe if she not rot . too much white pistil for the moment . I regret to not give her a bigger root pouch .
  12. @ShaggyGrower The garlic extrction work well i saw the efficiency on trips 👍 Its a goed test to see if it work on botrytis
  13. First sign of budrot i can't show you i direct take it out i spray the garlic extract with a littelbit of biosoap i read is a goed fongicide hope that gone keep the budrot away to harvest the bud are small but a littel cover of resin the leaf turn purple from the cold night ☺
  14. Is it a real difference between a vapor and a joint i never try vaporisiers? that the taste is realy better or these just a practical oblet or a modern toy?
  15. @lisa2525 I think if you go out of centrum Amsterdam is better min people in coffeeshop and better quality last year i go to the green house far from centrum i find it better and there was a lot of place to sit in no if you are not living in holland you can't go in all coffeshop you need to be dutch i go to rotterdam because is closer for me no need of weedpass there and some goed coffeshop there just not same menu like in amsterdam but there is goed weed like amnesia gold , candy kush ,superlemon haze ,strawberry haze, apple kush and other ,polem ,super polem,tibizzla........price from 8€ to 12€ sometime 14€ hash 5€to 12€ But in amsterdam you find more strain and better quality for shure
  16. Beautifull buds amigo 👍
  17. One of my friend use biofeeding
  18. For médicinales i think you need to do it bio A goed soil with biofeeding 👍
  19. She give me satifaction even if i don't smoke her but for the neighbor is maybe not good to keep your hobby secret
  20. @ShaggyGrower Need a greenhouse over her 😁 The straw is not good i think every winter I protect palmtree in a garden where i work with straw because the wife of the house tell me to do it but every year when i take the straw out i see the strzw is very wet & rot and i think when the strauw is full of water that not protect from cold i think is even more bad the solution is to grow autoflowering or to move her in jully every evening to a dark place en every morning back in the sun and is too much work and most of the time iam not there so next year if grow outdoor need to chose a strain that florish fast
  21. The temp are too cold at night and too much rain for the moment No good for outdoor
  22. greenhouse biogrow/ biobloom/enhancer just mix it with your soil or coco
  23. Hi do you chek the jorge cervantes deficient chart ?or chek on growweedeasy Wat do you use for fertilizer? Do you use a pesticides?wat for medium ,do you give somthing too much or not enought to that plant? Its organic or minéral.....
  24. Use the biofeeding you just need to mix it with your coco or soil mix and give water for the pot use big pot if you want big plant or small pot if you want small plant

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