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  1. Big thanks for the gift I gone grow the great white shark there is no seeds in the paket of doctor is empty But i win a lot of seed in the last contest so if is good for you that i grow the great white is good for me so is no waste of seeds I like the great white shark and my dog name is charky 😁
  2. @gasmeter Sorry i hope you a goed recovry i was just joking i think others like shaggy are busy for the moment i see is instagram i see that he make a lot of work Hope you get a goed doctor ✌
  3. @ShaggyGrower Are you building a greenhouse for the contest🤣
  4. @gasmeter And you gasman😁 Do you participed to the contest ?
  5. @ShaggyGrower When do you plan to start ?
  6. hello i am looking for info on medical cannabis. My mom's friend's brother is suffering serious Parkinson's disease and would like to smoked medical cannabis which strain are the right kinds or wich CBD TO THC ratio are really effective for relieved and to relaxe? Great white sharks cbd , super silver haze cbd , the churche cbd? White rhino, ....
  7. The green color of your seedling look very goed wait let theme grow in peace😁you not gone change there time or give them co2 but you have alrady bigger plant to satisfy you my seedling have not a nice green color like yours but iam shure that gone change the coming week i like that biofeeding to now my last grow as bin curing for several mound in glass jar and paper bag i just have 3 glass jar and iam very happy of the quality of my weed most of the weed of coffeeshop i don't like it to smoke pure but sometime well at newyear i find some fresh lemon haze at the beach taste very sweet and fresh the effect is very more powerfull tha mine 😂 it was a goed memory
  8. @R.G.S Hey amigo can you use a translater to wright? i can't copy message here to translate.
  9. I soak 2 great white shark for my outdoor grow this time i use the enhancer in the water and give +- half doses of biogrow as topdressing for the cutting for the seedling i wait 1week maybe more before ad the biogrow i forget to ad mycorhize when i transplant TEMP 23°-18° RH 60%-72%
  10. @R.G.S No problemo amigo 5 seedling is just wat i need for outdoor i just take a cut of one of the doctor I don't want to stress my plant i give wat i can 🤣
  11. Week1 i don't do my job right for the seedling . 2 seedling rot so is 5 survivor on 10 seeds its a natural selection 😁 Iam gone have to take a cut of the more vigorous doctor for my outdoor grow
  12. 7 of the 10 doctor sprouted I will plant them in pot of 1l tomorrow the seed of the great white shark is open the root not grow or very slow but is healty white if it does not germinate there will be 6 indoor doc and 1 outdoor doc with a big fabric pot with the amount of potting soil that I'm going to use I'll probably use organic liquid fertilizer w Tomorow iam gone spray the cut with some nem oil /soap to prevent pest and give theme the half doses of biogrow And mycorhizal fungi for the seedling Temp 25° Rh +-60% The carpet i put under the root plug is very usefull i water theme just ones to start
  13. @R.G.S No i put a littel carpet for roots under the tray and i wet the carpet is like the blumat system for propagator
  14. The first doctor come out i chek i see 6 seed open on the 11. my old technic To germinat work better I did not want to do too much😁 If they not all com out i put some extra seeds this week-end and cut the cuts in 2 to slow there grow
  15. Hola amigo @R.G.S Is that the adaptator to put the cdm on a hps ?
  16. @Burger Naudé The buds look very frosty i hope you get a goed harvest
  17. Hello this morning all the seeds were sinking to the bottom of the container and planting in root it plug wet with henancer.
  18. @gasmeter I really did not think that the seeds was hiding thanks to @ShaggyGrower
  19. Let's start the game 😁 08/03/2019 16h05 Soake 10 ghsc doctor 01 great white shark 04 cut from sativa give by a friend My plan is to get some goed bio weed to can enjoy to next year 😁 The great white shark is for my outdoor grow i hope i choose a goed seed 😁
  20. @ShaggyGrower thanks for the info. seeds are not ilegal ? Iam a littel confused😅 So iam gone grow the doctor to I not start to germinate i wait after some few thing this time iam gone use a few product in addition to the biofeeding to now i only use it alone
  21. I chek the zwasi expedition wounderfull video & country respect 👌

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