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    Cannabis is my love, She makes me happy, it gives me satisfaction. ganja Lover

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  1. I took good pictures tonight, but honestly I'm afraid to upload material online. unfortunately in Italy there is a real war on cannabis, (hemp and marijuana). I have 3 white lemon with about 100 days and almost ready, and a small Flowerbomb kush that unfortunately had some problems but really full of resin ... honestly I'm really afraid to upload photos and this I'm very sorry because it means that even if I continue to test your seeds I will never be able to participate in one of your competitions ... I continue to fight at #fullgas always hoping that people will begin to understand the po
  2. congratulations to @OG.Naj for photography and for victory, congratulations indeed .... I can ask you how many days they had w if they were born from seed or were cuttings, sorry English but I use a translator, congratulations again and Always #fullgas
  3. Ragazzi volevo farvi i miei più sentiti complimenti per questi incroci che avete messo in vendita , sono rimasto a bocca aperta , e penso che siano semi che debbano andare in mani esperte , costano molto , ma penso che abbiamo un Grande valore . Non sono adatti a un coltivatore inesperto con un piccola grow room . Se non avevo fatto un ordine a inizio anno sfruttando l'offerta del 2x1 avrei fatto sicuramente un pensiero alla Super Lemon Haze x Gelato ... Dai genitori si direbbe qualcosa di incredibile .. per il mondo sogno e cresco 3 White Lemon e 1 Flowerbomb Kush . Complimenti a tutti e semp
  4. hello José and thanks for the welcome, I love that photo, you see my face completely as a child excited and incredulous for what he was seeing ... I wanted to tell him so many things but the time was very little ... I do not forget his words, and I do not forget him .. 🙏
  5. Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Antonio e sono un italiano e vivo in Italia. Credo di avere la stessa passione che condivido, ho incontrato Franco durante il trader indica sativa. e con lui c'era anche Franco Casalone. Ho avuto la fortuna di poter parlare con Franco per 10 minuti e lui mi ha davvero cambiato la vita. vivendo in Italia oltre ad essere attento a quello che faccio, devo stare attento anche a quello che faccio e sinceramente non penso di pubblicare molto (purtroppo). Cercherò di essere più attivo su questo sito, dal momento che sto scrivendo dal 2016 ma non ho mai pubblicato nulla. per il
  6. Ciao a tutti , visto che vedo un po' di italiani , piacere sono Antonio e vivo in Italia , sono appassionato della cannabis e di tutti i suoi derivati , benefici e utilizzi . Cercherò di essere più presente sul forum per cercare di partecipare hai vostri contest 💪🙏 Sempre #fullgas
  7. Hi guys! How are you ? I would really like to participate in this contest, but unfortunately I have seen from the regulation that I do not have the requisites, and above all living in Italy I am very worried about publishing online photos ... Great prizes, and great strains that I am sure will make those who make them grow happy ... in the meantime I prepare for Franco Lemon Cheese and Flowerbomb Kush ... have fun guys I will follow your journals and I will try to be more active on the site, always High, Forever #fullgas
  8. 🙏💚👑🇮🇹 non ti dimentico , è mai lo farò 💪 grazie di tutto  🙏

  9. can it not occurred to anyone the idea to open a coffee shop with the signing of strain Hunter? that I know does not exist and even if I think unnecessarily I sent a message to Franco and telling Arjan of my crazy idea, I'm almost certain that I will not take it seriously, but if you do not try you do not know, I'm Italian and I 29 years, I follow strain Hunter and greenhouse seed company and I have great esteem for them, unfortunately I lost my job recently, and with the little money I have left I want to invest it in the best way. I would like to work with you and believe in your principles.
  10. Hello everyone my name is Antonio and I am 29 years, my passion is to grow grass as well as smoking it , but unfortunately I live in Italy and I have plenty of opportunities to give vent to my passion , I 've had opportunities to grow but out of the Italian I would like to become a tester and I ask for your help to become one, thanks to all . sorry for the english not good