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  1. tap water 0.0ec that's what levente said to do 1.2 ec that's what I will try next, their gona take a few days to dry out tho because been feeding everyday.. let em recover a bit then il hit them with higher ec.. thanks for your input guys, really do appreciate it been losing sleep over this..
  2. reason im so paranoid guys is because this is happening to me on every grow.. and when I get to flower theres no smell to the buds at all so I cant just ignore it.. and theres no tip burn at all..
  3. these are on 6ml a and b canna and 5 ml calmag, I really cant see it being n tox.. I just dunno what to do.. im letting them dry out now to rule out over watering, if you look at the pics without flash they look really dry, some leaves feel really firm, im thinking underfeeding and phosphorus deficiency but awilling to here anyones opinion..
  4. right guys here pic with flash then ill put some without flash
  5. they have got bit of a mag deficiency so I sprayed them with Epsom salts tonight, so when they come back on in morning ill put some pics up for you, I thought over watering but overwatering usually the whole leaf droops don't it? the leaves are still flat but the very tips point down.. im at a loss iv tried absolutely everything, from feeding everyday lowering highering ec nothing just seems to be working, they are still growing slightly but not how they should be..
  6. alright mate thanks for the reply, they were on 0.6ec feeding everyday, runoff was coming out at 0.6-0.8ec I was getting holes in leaves, no bugs, and rust spots, I was told calcium deficiency so I sprayed them with calmag which was a bit to much for them I think, leaves twisted a little. I foned the local grow shop told them tips were pointing down, they said I was over feeding, so I gave canna flush, then a straight water, ec came out 0.5 so I started feeding 5ml calmag and canna a and b 6 ml ec came out to 0.5 fed that twice, ec went down to 0.3 so I thought good they are feeding, but the tips were still curling pointing down like.. im really starting to think it could be something else other than nitrogen tox.. 10 plants big Buddha cheese 10l pots with canna coco and perlite, and 2 inch layer of clay pebbles at the bottom temps 22-27 humidity 40-60 mostly 50-55%
  7. hi guys really appreciate help and if arjan or franco could give any help would really appreciate it, if they are arouondbut any help would really be appreciated from any coco grower who knows what they talking about.. 600w hps canna coco a and b rhizotonic canna coco ph 5.8 feeding everyday I was advised on other forums to feed everyday in coco keeping medium wet at all times.. but I am getting nothing but problems, tips are curlingand I was told by grow shops I was over feeding, so I gave them canna flush, which brought runoff ec to 0.5 so I started feeding with a 0.5ec solution, which consists of 5ml calmag, 6ml a and b ec 0.5 iv fed that twice now the runoff is 0.3 but my tips are still pointing down, do you think it could be overwatering, as im really unsure if it nitrogen toxicity, anyone help, im more than happy to put pics up this is my last resort, I really don't want to have to cut them up, I need professional advice thanks

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