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  1. Most strains these days are F1 hybrids and nowhere near stable. It's no different than trying to cross a Black Lab with a Siberian Huskie, the first generation of puppies might look like Black Labs, might look like Siberian Huskies, might look like a perfect mix and anything in between. What makes the issue even worse is that instead of dealing with two stable breeds as the parents, the parents are actually mutts that probably came from mutts before them. The only way you would get similar phenos is if you get feminized seeds and even then they would only be similar if the seeds were produced
  2. What someone should do that I have never seen before is make a grow journal post about their hydroponic nightmare with pics of all the slime, root rot, algae, stunted growth, hose popping off flood creating, total plant death nightmare!!!
  3. Thanks FIM for typing all of that as I didn't want too. LOL You also talked about reservoir size but didn't say how it and evaporation can also affect ph and that's why bigger is better as well as all the other reasons you mentioned. I've seen wild fluctuations in others setups that used an undersized reservoir and I just thought it was caused by the uptake of nutrients that raised the ph followed by a quick rebound back down as the water evaporated. If your medium has any ingredients that can change the ph as they break down, like coco does, than that can also affect ph. I think you also men
  4. I talked about organic soil mixes in some of my other posts where I said I would post some mix recipes, so here they are. These mixes are specifically designed to have all the necessary ingredients in the mix to provide all the necessary nutrients, not only for the plant but for the actual soil mix itself to get all the fungi, bacteria and everything else needed for the bio-reactive process to occur in conjunction with the plants roots, which work similar to our stomachs by secreting enzymes and chemicals to help break down the "food". I am listing a couple of mixes, one is a variety that I
  5. You could wait until Dec 21st but as I posted in my last reply, to get the optimum growth you would be better off starting them around Nov. 15th down there in the south, which corresponds to May 15th in the north. If you have some kind of supplemental light, and for this it wouldn't have to be anything more than a fluorescent, you could put them out even sooner by putting them outside and either placing the light over them for a couple of hours before dawn or after dusk until Nov. 15th or pulling them inside where the light is and doing the same.
  6. Are we talking indoor or out here? There are a lot of strains that don't have a lot of odor and others that do so it isn't something I find unusual. I have a large collections of different strains grown, dried and cured the exact same way and some you can smell when you walk into the room and others you can't even smell when you open the jar. I used to think it might have something to do with how I was drying or curing them but now I realize that some just smell a lot and others don't and IMO it's odor isn't related to it's potency.
  7. It doesn't look like any nutrient deficiency I've seen and if it were a ph problem it would mean it's not getting enough nutrients. From the pictures and your original description of it appearing "silvery" would lead me to say it's a pest, most likely thrips. Do you have any fungus gnats? You said the first pics were taken from late in the flowering period. When were the others taken and where were they located on the plant? Are you finding leaves like this all over the plant or only in certain areas? If in certain areas, where?
  8. I'd just add that ph fluctuations are normal with hydro and FIM covered how to minimize them. It is also why you need to check it often or else things can go bad real quick.
  9. After thinking about this thread, I decided to edit it and propose a simple experiment that anyone that wants to test the technique can do. If the theory is correct, what you are saying is that the flowers don't need the fan leaves to grow because the light delivered directly to them, will make them grow, so here is my experiment to prove what I think is the correct answer and I am pretty sure once anyone does it, they will convinced themselves what they think is correct. You can start out in two ways, by either taking an existing plant you have and sort of dividing it in half or starting fr
  10. And they said Gorilla Glue #4 couldn't be grown outdoors.
  11. Oh it's going to happen and hopefully we here in the US are the first to do it because you know everyone will follow once we do, since we basically dictate the world drug policy anyway. LOL One of the reasons other countries won't legalize before the US is because we will put economic sanctions on you if you don't follow our drug policies. Personally, I'm not a fan of my country's drug policy, especially the now 44 year war on drugs.
  12. One of the best known and top 25 strains of all time came from bag seed, the original OG Kush as well as the soon to be added, Gorilla Glue #4!
  13. Got more pics of more leaves as well as the underside?
  14. Not me. I have that Benjamin Button disease where I was born at age 80 and just get un-wiser as I get older/younger. LOL j/k