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  1. Hi guys just wondering if anyone can help please!!! My current grow is coming on fine apart from 2 autos that have got really bad clawing. Ive tried to read up but am getting mixed messages. Nitro tox or wind or over watering? ?? They are in coco ph 6.0 watered with run off every 2 days been doing great up untill about a week ago. They are flowering so are on correct nutes hence confusion over nitro tox?? Please help
  2. Hi guys just wanted to ask if any of you use canna boost and are there cheaper alternatives as this product is 50 pound per litre!!!
  3. This is how they have turned out guys. Two week into flower at minute and looking good.
  4. I'm new to this too pal still learning all I can myself but I can tell you that you need to keep it simple the less you mess with them the better they seem. happy growing
  5. yeah pal no worries al put some more pics up in afew days there already bushing out with about 25/30 tops on each plant!! it's my first grow so gunna be good to see what they end up like pal.
  6. Canna terra pro and pro plus with extra perlite and am a bloke pal just got a thing for cutting nails haha!
  7. Done my l.s.t and topping now going to let them grow out for two weeks and bang them on flower.
  8. My northern high lights from advanced female seeds. Looking good so far
  9. This might sound crazy but I'm new to this!! Im growing northern high lights by advanced female seeds which is obv indican and have done well so far. I topped recently and all the side shoots have gone into overdrive as you would expect! The thing thats bothering me is because the internode distance is tight the new shoots that are forming are smack on top of one another and are starting to cover each other. Should i just leave them as when they grow taller they should grow further apart and these will become future bud sites/tops? Its just that at minute because they are only afew days out of seedling and into veg every thing looks cramped together? Can anyone give advice or reasurance things will be ok? Thanks guys!
  10. Can anyone give me a link or page i can go to , to buy tickets for this years cannabis cup?
  11. Yeah using terra soil too so they do match. Their doing great at moment green asyou like and just coming out of seedling in to veg. I've just topped so will see how they get on. Thanks
  12. Hi guys another question! But you don't get anywhere without asking. I have purchased terra vega for my veg period but npk is 3/1/4 I thaught nitrogen had to be higher in scale? Will this still dothe job II'm sure canna know what there on with
  13. Nice one ghost just wot i needed cheers pal
  14. Hi people! Could any of you tell me wether i need or should use extra nutrients with canna terra soil? Iam currently only watering with rhizotonic as only just sprouting but was thinking about using terra vega through veg and flores through flowering as i wasn't sure if soil would hold enough nutrients to use just water? Any advice would be appreciated thanks.
  15. Hi mate good to know there is growers like you around to pass on knowledge to noobies like me!!

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