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  1. https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg12917501-600-science-aspirin-helps-the-garden-grow/
  2. Okay so... are you using 50/50 cocoa/perlite mix? Are you hand watering from above? Now - What size are your pots? And how many Litres are you feeding them each day? DO you have an out-take fan? With the nutrients you are using - Is pretty much 'paint by numbers' - just give the correct dosage and do not over feed... If feeding from top by hand - make sure the top soil is dry before further feeding.... Dont let your plants feel settled or they will just think - 'Yah I need to do nothing and this fool keeps giving me biscuits' - Make that bitch work for you... Dont feed her for couple
  3. Thanks - Will keep posted on the AutoPot
  4. Does anyone else find that it makes them a better player?
  5. the afgooey is awesome plant... Although you need to take great care of it to get the best... is a personal favorite
  6. keep farming and master your skills - once you know how - is easy
  7. Hope you are all very well... Glad to find the strain hunters after a couple of good grows - last was damnesia and was a treat My next mission is switching from 'Air-Pots' to 'Auto-Pots' Looking forward to any advice I can give to you and and of course any info you can help me with Dont be a stranger if in Edinburgh