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  1. Original sour diesel 3 weeks veg can't work it out whats wrong ph perfect nutes ph reading 6.9 ec 1.3
  2. Day: 61 EC: 1.7 Humidity: 40-50% Room temp: 24-26 Little bit of Porno
  3. Same happened to me super lemon haze auto but no signs for any flowers after 59 days
  4. Day: 54 EC: 1.7 Humidity: 40-50 Room temp: 24-26
  5. Day: 44 EC: 1.8 Humidity: 40-50 Room temp: 24-25
  6. There is a my beautiful girls Day: 41 EC: 1.6 Humidity 50-60 Room temp: 25-26 PH: God knows I have to say big Thanks for support and help to @Nordic Grower and @jankahar
  7. Day: 38 EC: 1.5 Humidity : 50-60 Temp room 25-26 PH: God knows
  8. Day: 35 EC 1.4 Temps 25-26 Humidity 40-50 PH- God knows Done full water change from veg nutes to bloom nutes add extra cal/mag
  9. Try to find me Anto Ska  picture in the gym


  10. Day: 32 EC 1.3 Temp 25-26 Humidity 50-60 PH God knows Added bloom today on top of the sensi grow nutes from now just bloom nutes topping up for couple days than will do complete water change and just bloom nutes.
  11. Day: 30 EC 1.3 Temp 25-26 Humidity 50-60
  12. Hello Super Lemon Haze this is my favorite strain. All I can say from my experience with this strain be careful with nutrients It is better to give moderate levels of EC.
  13. Day: 24 Humidity 50-60% temps stable 26-27 EC 1.2 PH - don't know any more using advanced nutrients hope they will take care I would say plants showing some calcium deficiency since increased EC new leafs looking good peace Opinions and advice very welcome.

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