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  1. lol for sure there what keeps me going.
  2. oh ya im good. just getting off night shift. so ya what if do is get like a 20 gal plàstic trash can with a lid and you mix the soil with fish meal. boan mill check out down to earth ferts. and they have every thing you need to mix your soil. it has to cook as they say. for about 40 days then good to go. what i did is top feed when they started toflower and used compost teas throught out the prosess. they call it aact. super safe. super happy i found this way im still a new bee at it but super easy. theres lots of stuff online.
  3. hey man you should check out growing organic growing no bottle nutes. iv been doing it for the first time this year. super easy and bomb smoke. check out super cool soil you can make it you self. way cheaper feed the soil not the plants. im growing some under a hps right now and there soing great. you can also check out my out door grow. epic grow 2016 its mostly organic and is turning out so well. any ways its all a learning game. check it out im sure youl like it. if you have a face book theres a group called probiotic farmmers alliance thats all ablut growing quality medical marijuana. have a great day and i hope your grow snaps out of it and get some good smoke.
  4. hey thanks. ya looks like that gold leaf is going to run in to november. i might have to add another heater. looks like ill be harvesting the sour diesel this week. cant wait.
  5. Howdy all. So quick update every thing is coming along nicely. I've just been using strait water . Gonna harvest the sour d in about a week or so gonna let it get about 20 to30% amber tried the sample bud it was and awesome get up and do something high . And probably another 3 weeks on the ssh and 4 weeks on gold leaf and around 2 weeks on the super skunk and around 3 weeks for the white widow. Any way here are some pics and close ups also got some awesome ginger snaps from Colorado still waiting for them to kick in.
  6. hey awsome grow. so i was looking at all you soil ammendments and what not. i was wondering if you were using any salt based ferts? and if not i was woundering if you have any any type of flushing program you are going to do. i also have a similar set up and was wondering what other people do. thanks
  7. so i got my girlfriend an awsome camera for her birthday. so here are some pics i took today. the gold leaf top cola looking like its going to be masive this one is sour diesel sd under a 100x scope looks about 80 percent milky white so getting close. cut a sample cola. letting dry still. it needs to bulk up abit. but should be strait fire. im hoping. smells so good kinda has a fruityer smell than a week a go when it had a fuel type smell but a diffrent smell thats for sure not sure how well the genitics are on this one. from what iv read flower time is 10 to 11 weeks and this is going to be my first harvest. shurly has a sative dom leavs and more a indica short bushy pheno. but i guess thats why they mix in a little indica. for a shorter flower period. any ways hope you guys like the quality pics. piece be the jurney
  8. i had a friend go down there for a few month and said it was ok nothing special. but he got some bubble hash bags sent down to him. and said you can buy huges sacks of trim really cheap and make some bomb hash better than any thing he could find in nug form. maby get the gallon set of bubble bags and make some bomb hash while tour are there. food for thought. but that was just him. you might be able to find some strait fire. kinda like fishing never know what youl find on vacation. but not sure on prices. have a great trip
  9. well howdy all. well i can feel the fall weather comming on strong. every thing is moving along smoothly. iv just been watering with plain water. plants seem to be doing pretty good. the white widow is doing fair. im really happy with the gold leaf and super silver haze. all though they will be the last to harvest. the sour diesel is a short stocky plant with lots of bud sites lots of cristals and smells delish. looks like this one might be the first to harvest. but still 2 ro 3 weeks out. super skunck is also a shorty. smelling verry skuncky and also some nice crystals any way here are some pics. PS its there are some glitches all my pics are right side up and when they are done loading they are side wasy. any way happy growing sshgLsshGLSSSSSDSDSDWWWW
  10. boy there sure filling out nicely and lookin real healthy. hydro is so finiky you have to have the time to take care of your girls. looks like your doing a great job
  11. so quick update. grasshoppers have alomst come to a hault which im verry happy about. but now i have to find them because i have to feed my spiders. the night time temps have been dropping to around 25-30 f but iv been able to keep it up to about the mid 40s. there havent been any color changes yet so not getting to cold out. other than that every thing is looking pretty good. also just transplanted my cloans to a 1000mh in a batch of super soil also have them a nice cup of compost tea to insure a good microbal life. well ill see how they take. i might flip them in a week or 2. cause the out door crop is doing better than i was expecting. plus i want to try out this new cannatoinc i got. sorry for no pics will post some next update
  12. theres a freeze warning tonight there calling for 28 f tonight. but then looks like this cold front should be moving on then back to mid 40s at night agin. one good thing is it should bring out some nice colors. last year i got blues reds and purples
  13. made it through the first frost. this morning it was a 45f in the greenhouse. i had to leave for work at 4 am. its still going to drop a few more degrees before the sun rise. gotta love living 5000 feet above sea level in the high desert. oh and there should be some snow on the mountian tops. 10,000 +feet. so it should take a while to get to my level.
  14. hey nice looking plants you got there. when i did my passive drain to waist hydro in super root pots few month back. i had the same issue. i dount think it affected the girls to much. but to solve my problem i would let them dry out more then i was. this seemed to help. it also let the roots get air pruned. which i read is good for the plant. it allows more roots to to shoot out. i was afraid if the roots hung out in the open they would get infected or bug infested. whats your medium you got in there?
  15. how do you like your super root pots? do you get any powdery mildew on the bottoms?

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