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  1. I should probably recall this thread as: " my exotic pets " lol. Here is another one of my many friends... It's called a "Toko" named after the noise is making after each insects he is eating... It shout "Toko" several time and each time slower and longer then the last one. They are man's best friends around garden and house holds as they eat everything from Moths, bugs and bloody Mosis!! these ones are around 30cm long and part of the Gecko family. Love them to bit! Squale.
  2. That would be a good idea indeed buddy, no worms added at the moment unfortunately but this set up is temporary as I am designating a spot next to my future chicken coop area where small containing walls made out of bamboo will be placed, the compost will be directly placed on the ground. I will post a picture when I am done with it. Now those containers will only be use to quick store the kitchen waste so that I don't have to walk all the way for a handful of waste... Squale.
  3. Another quick one peeps... We all have to thank a Gentle man called Mr. Harry Anslinger and his beautiful decade of none sense propaganda out of greed for keeping his budget going at the time and who unfortunately sets the rules for the whole entire World... For those who don't know him, just type his name in Wikipedia, I can't be asked to write down all the history. Wether your like it or not, the United States have set the rules long time back... And funny enough now the table turn, many States legalize it and now " you guys are becoming The Pot expert " while the rest of the world is still struggling with stupid rules and illegality... Not pointing finger or being bitter, just noticing. All of this was done some 60 years ago and have nothing to do with us... So I am not blaming anyone here �� Happy U.S. Has come a long way to have this implemented... But I would really want to see some changes for the rest of us! Seriously. After all you know the saying: " Don't you think making nature illegal is natural? " That said I hope my son which is 11 now will see the end of this garbage policy, but I am probably dreaming... At least dream keeps me alive, once you don't have any, you are probably dead  Squale.
  4. Top of the morning peeps, It's just out of the bed time and I felt like I need to say something this morning... Lol probably should have waited my 5th coffee before writing but here it comes. Over and over again, we can hear or read from new grower... I want to fastest budding plant, which strain shall I pick!? I want to know how fast can I push my plants to harvest earlier, how can I get the most yield out of my plants etc... Etc... Etc... Well there is no secret, you can't force Nature behond it's capabilities... They few tricks here and there but at the end there is always a limit to which you can not have more then what it can gives. Unless you live in Tchernobil region lol where you may have mutant plants that reach 15 m in height maybe and have as much tops you can dream off... To me the equation is simple, it's down to few principle... The more you grow you plan in veg, the more you train her to have as much tops possible the more yield you will get in relation of course with the correct amount of lights you gonna provide to your plants, container size, proper feeding (the basic of growing )But that is to the sacrifice of time consuming of course as it will take a lot of time to do so, now we don't have that luxury unfortunately due to the illegal aspect of growing our favorite medecine or babies. We can basically keep a plant in veg for almost ever making it bigger, stronger and maybe reach the point where you have 50 colas... Maybe 100 colas probably more who knows, we can already see this with Monster outdoor plants in California and other of your States that decriminalised Marijuana already but for most of us... It is not the case as it has to be a stealth garden, that is an indoor or outdoor garden. If we were living in that "beautiful world we all dream about, where weed would be insignificant ( what I mean is that no one would care anymore if you grew, consumed etc ) yes that perfect world... Which I very much doubt will ever see in our era, would would be able to grow hudge plants and have harvest like never before. Imagine growing a plant indoor that would have all the space needed, we could veg it and train it and have proper monster plants that would be on veg for like 2 years and then bud them... Then you would achieve super yield... Would you want to grow a plant in veg for 2 years? Wawawewow Is a verrrry niiiice but Ich don't chthink so... ! So there is no secret an apple tree can only bare as much fruit as he have flowers... You want yield, get you plants in number... You want bigger yield? Train them or Grow them outside... This is human race general feelings, we want everything for nothing and now!! We just forget to live, be happy and contended with what we have or we can get. So guys, just chill, sit back and relax... What ever you can get from you super set up or you shitty 2 cent set up, be happy and enjoy life! At the end it is not rocket science... It's just a weed and weather you are so cautious when growing or leave it to go wild it will grow anyway, it never waited for us to spread all around the world anyway... I might have comments with more detailed info on how to do this to achieve that etc... I was not trying to be specific and all scientific here, I don't own the truth, I am just saying... Just plain thinking and putting some common sense. Hope you enjoy the reading. Squale.
  5. Cannabisapean, thanks again for your input, totally agree with you this stuff such as guano is strong and I have decided to avoid not much because it's a hot stuff to work with but more for the diseas aspect of it, unfortunately in my region here it is very much advise to stay far far away from it as it is not treated, almost straight from the bats's ass... And contain a lot of different diseases including rabies and stuff... I was suggested to treat it before use and handle it with caution, we have this year a high mortality of babies and adult bats due to the heat waves and authorities have warned the general public not to try helping the babies they might still find alive in parks. They say "Do not touch any of them!" So my second choice will be chicken manure. Indeed making compost will take time and for this year culture I won't be able to use my own... I have used 2 big containers where my kitchen waste and garden waste are stored but this is only temporarily... I am purchasing Bamboo to build little walls and have designated an area in the garden for my compost. For this year growing session I will need to purchase proper soil from Bangkok as we don't have that at least in my town, it's on 14hrs trip by bus lol or an hour by plane... But taking the plane for few bag of soil it's a bit much, yes this is why I keep on saying, we might be in a beautiful part of the world but we don't have access to what you guys have access like 10-30 mins drive lol even for a proper bag of soil. That said I will probably ask the guy I know that runs a plant nursery to get me bags as he is doing frequently trips to Thailand bringing flowers and garden equipments. i will be curious to see the difference I'll have between this year on industrial compost and my very own next year homemade compost. I will also have a guy coming in the garden with a garden shredder to do mulch with the tree cuttings when mango season is over and I have decided to add to that some sugar cane mulch as well... So let's see. Here is my temporary set up for my compost till I have the designated location next to my future chicken coop area. Squale.
  6. No smoker will do with these soldiers I can tell you! but it's ok, I'll talk them through ? Let me be the ants whisperer lol Squale
  7. Two other things came to my head is: Horse manure and bat guano... In which quantity, it will depend on the container size or the volume of soil I want to make... Squale.
  8. Here is another growing companion I have and believe to have more then one in the garden! woke up this morning around 6.30 to find this little dude having a breakfast lol. Warning viewer discretion is advise! https://youtu.be/y7W7qLL_jso enjoy! Squale.
  9. Thank you very much Professor Cannabissapean, bloody hell thats an extensive explaination! Thank you for taking the time writing it! Well appreciate. That said, I was not assuming that all was that simple as my own interpretation of cross breeding for sure, and I am not intending to create The plant, I was just curious to see what could I probably expect in a simple way from cross breeding one and another. To our luck there is people out there busy on a daily basis creating strains that are useful to Medical patient in order to achieve the creation of one strain that can help certain patient and so on... So far I am lucky ( touch wood) I do not have a medical condition notion my self that require me to use certain type of strain... I am a recreational user only and if in the process it do good to my body (which it does) it's all good to me. In my many years of travelling overseas, I never encounter shitty weed or hash, only back in Europe I had this problem mainly because home grown in not so good conditions probably, harvested to early probably for cash crop, not flush correctly surely so I don't really complain, I am not really that anal saying this and that on types of weed, they all do good to me. Of course there is weed stronger then others or tastier then other, not discussing that, don't get me wrong. Anyway, one thing we tend to forget it's just a weed and nothing more ( which happen to have a psychoactive effect on us, thank F... For that!!) in that perspective I want to approach this the easiest way possible with the less amount of headache possible. Life is simple, we should look at it that way and stop making all sorts of shenanigans, rules are simple: good lights, good soil and plain fresh water and let the nature go it's course... That's my idea of a good garden. If it works fine for those using all sorts of chemical and stuff, well that's their choice and good for them, who am I to criticise? To each one its own choice. Regards. Squale.
  10. Alright so today I found what this what I though nice compost soil was made off. This compost is made out of rice husk on which they throw lime in order to accelerate the process so I don't think that is very rich at all... So I will most probably add grounded banana peels ( which they use here as an additif for good healthy plants), grounded egg shell, coco coir for aeration and water retention. I will do my research on my side but if any of you guys have any ideas of what else can I add to it, think natural guys, I do not have access to stuff like you do so I have to go organic all the way. And in any case at least on my point of view it's organic the way I want to go... Can't be asked to deal with chemical stuff. thanks in advance. Squale.
  11. This for you Old Head, till I can show you some pictures of the actual plants growing in the wild. https://youtu.be/MF_c3zjPkKo Squale.
  12. I just wanna make a little precision on what I stated yesterday in regards of the very unlikely chances to have a neighbourg who might grow and eventually pollinating my feminised seeds... What I meant is the weed is so cheap and available here that no locals or even foreigner would bother to grow in their backyard garden... It only take a crazy white boy like me to venture putting time growing only few plants for my own satisfaction... So yes it's very unlikely to have a neighbourg growing for sure... The farmer will do it on a bigger scale and guerrila style without pulling the males out, sun dry them... Which will result in harsh smoke, stocky and full of seeds, don't get me wrong, it is still smokable of course but the quality is soo poor. Let me do a comparison here for the novice... I am originated from a country who produce more then 2000 homemade beers, in beers you have different qualities obviously, different strength, so let's compare a nice Duvel beers against a stupid Carapils you can buy in a supermarket, it's day an night! you can still get wrecked on Carapils but it will take you 2 crates of 24 cans to get there as opposed to 8 bottles of Duvel... I am 100% convince the local strain is fantastic if grown properly, seedless and cured the way we all know... So in my project I should be fine growing outdoors. Now as for what Old Head try to explain me, being careful with the result of my experimental breeding, not to spread the result seeds in the region as they are not naturally growing here and might disrupt the well balanced nature. My only aim is to see what can result from breeding. I had question GreenHouse seeds company on this and the answer was a bit elusive because I guess there is no Golden rules in this process... My question was what strain will be more dominant in breeding for example a Male Indica with a Female Sativa or breeding a Male Sativa with a Female Indica. The answer was: " like humans there is no sure thing" but to my knowledge and experience being born in Africa and knowing a lot of mix couples, being in a mix couple myself with the wife being Philippina... Most of the time the Cocasian genes are present but dominated by either African blood of the partner or in my case the Asian blood from my wife, my son is clearly a mix between Cocasian and Asian but have more of the Asian side to him. This is why my questioning in which of the Strain might be more dominant in a cross breeding. Anyway all of this will be for a later stage. Not ready to breed for now. Cheers. Squale.
  13. Here is a little video of my beloved growing companion... Not!! Lol https://youtu.be/sNhctd1J45k they don't need to be teased to attack, seriously mental ants! And I am lucky they are only small here! Squale.
  14. No Sir, I unfortunately do not have any pics of the local strains... I need to go around in the country side and check for myself... The only thing I can share is a picture of dried buds full of seeds I got last November before I headed to Thailand and back to Europe but that won't tell you much. As soon as I have some I will post them for sure! Squale.
  15. I am trying to put my head around your warning? If you are afraid that my good feminised seed might get pollinated from local strain, I do not think that nearby we have a grow op going on... After all these guys here won't really bother growing it unless they are in the proper rural area... But I think this may apply more or less everywhere in the world as outdoor growing. But again you never know... Another cool dude may grow next door in his garden, very little I can do about that unfortunately. Or maybe you mention to be careful with the product that will result in breeding those strains together, to make sure they don't go sprouting in the wild and contaminate the endenginous plants? As for the batch I just found, I am going to be very careful as not to have males when I don't want them around and basically when I will decide to do some breeding experience, I will confind it in the indoors just to be able to contain it as opposed to go crazy with experimenting in the open. in any case my aim is to have a good plant of each strain I have, the weak or male from the bulk I just found will of course be discarded... Breeding time is for later! Now will be good flower production in the most natural way possible... Squale.

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