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  1. Well my stoner friends, I have to b honest, this is absolutely the best place to find the answers. I've been growing outdoors for the last 10-11 years and I decided to take myskills indoors for the first time. I made it all the way into my second week of flowering and I'm not liking what I see. I don't have any pictures on my phone right now cause I reset it and lost the older ones. When it's time to wake her up I'll take more and put here so u all can ser it and let me know what I might b doing wrong. If this grow goes right u can bet a bag of your best bud I'll germinate 6 more this week.
  2. Hello my fellow stoner brother. I'm new to the indoor grow and I have tons of questions that are still unanswered. I've researched on everything I could find and I'm still unsure of some things. Like are the lights I'm using, are they good enough for the flowering stage and what should I trim off during this time? I have more questions to ask but I figured light have your hands full with these for now. And thanks in advance for any help u can give me. Toke on bro
  3. It's been hectic since day one of my indoor grow. This is my first indoor grow I ever did and I know that I already made some mistakes and I'm actually surprised that she is still alive.I just got into week 2 of flowering and I'm worried about my lighting and ventilation. I have two fluorescent bulbs that are the little twist ones and one 18 in fluorescent with a 65 watt heat lamp. The heat lamp stays 2 feet or better while the fluorescent bulbs are 1-2 inches. I have great circulation with two little oscillating fans but not much ventilation. Only when I open the door. Mostly during the 12 hours of light I try keeps my the closet open to at least give her what fresh air I can. I would like to check on her during sleep mode but I don't have any way to see itcayse if the dark. I was wondering if I can use a backlight and if so which one? The tube like or those little twist bulbs? Thanks for he advice.

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