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  1. Salute fellow growers ?? Experiencing extremely hot weather then extreme rain so having an issue with stabising the humidity. Started the ladies training program me - aiming for a frame of two tops on the one and four on the other tree. This marks 1/3rd of the way through their vegetation schedule. I'm impressed as for being in veg they have an intense strong scent. BW
  2. We have females ?? Time to train start training them young managed to pick the tempreture up going to bump the humidity up double so they can breathe better any one want to drop knowledge you welcome BW
  3. This is the most sacred form of Mother Nature im glad they happy in the environment I set. Rapid results from caring for them Bless the growers with good spirit
  4. The plants are happy and healthy. 2months prepared organic rich soil with hydroton mix for root zone oxygen and beneficial bacteria. set up a controlled environment (humidity/tempreture/air flow) Going to increase the feed humidity and tempreture a notch. BW
  5. My brother thanks for the response. The machine used a 2500litre small pond pump to power the Rdwc - it ran 2x100l barrels and 1x 100l res / 25cm circumstance netting pots / 2inch pvc / 2m squared nets to control the tops / go to page one to scope the full grow. Wishing you well on your operations scope organic masters to keep up and contribute BW