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  1. You said it Franco! That's the type of reasearch I'm eagerly waiting to see results of. I have many friends that don't like the popular strains of today, like the hazes, and would rather prefer traditional Moroccan hash or just some rough bush weed. I think that has something to do with our tradition lately of usually looking for high thc only instead of looking at the whole spectra of cannabinoids. Actullay that's why I'm looking forward for your new landrace seed company. I believe some cool cannabinoid profiles could step out of it. Is there anything of value written on the synergy of canna
  2. I've been convinced about the technology since a while back but just as the guy said in the article, only the price holds me back. Even if you'd cut down your electricity bill in the end the price you paid for the gear adds up to a regular bill! Pretty much + - 0 in the end, except for the yield perhaps...
  3. Franco, I am impressed by your energy! You've trully crushed the myth of the lazy stoner =) Up at 7 AM after such a party! Personally I'm having my own "cup" with my own strain created from a cross between a GH white widow female and a LR purple jems male! I call it "purple widow" even though I think thats already taken. But anyway... The buds came out with a nice purple hue and the high is just crazy (for me at least), maybe because I always try to grow my crop with a concious mind. Say "bismillah" when you plant the seed (Zaza will explain if u dont get it)! maybe I'll post some pics but my
  4. I'm sure there is someone at this forum who can reach out to the arrangers of the HT cup about adding a new category to it. It would become a lot more interesting I believe, something new to get excited about. Actually it surprises me if they already haven't discussed this. Autos have been around for quite some time now.
  5. If we wish to overgrow I'd say autos are the best card to play. Anyone can manage an automatic plant, and they can flourish in nearly any climate. I'm far north (64 degrees) and my mi5 that I planted out in the woods is doing alright so far. Expect to harvest early september =) ... maybe some pics will come up in the future... You're right about that knucklehead! Cloning is easier but then you need a separate veg room which is hard for some of us. Through a controlled pollination I manage to get enough seeds for future crops and some good sinsemilla at the same time. But you have to be careful
  6. What you'd like to have with autos is a breeding room instead of a veg room where you continuously produce seeds from selcted males and females. Although ruderalis isn't known for their good yields and potency remember that once upon time the same was said about sativas. I believe a lot is possible through selective breeding. The later generations of autos have been improved a lot. Right now I'm growing MI5 and i must say it surprised me. Sure, its not as stable as you'd wish but you still find some really nice frosty and fruity phenos. The yield is amazing aswell. There's a nice grow journal
  7. Interesting idea. I guess that would become a documentary more about cannabis as a wild plant in nature, something I'm very interested about, instead of fields grown by humans.
  8. How did I miss this? Thanks for the link, I'll dig into when I get time...
  9. Looking good I guess you don't top the plants? These will get tall, very tall...! Any smell from it so far?
  10. I associate Kentucky with tobacco and country music somehow! For how long have people been growing pot there? I remember Kentucky being mentioned in the "hemp for victory"-movie as a major producer. That was industrial hemp though, however if the plant survived in the wild there might be some interesting indigenious landraces around
  11. I think its good as a rule to add 1-2 months to whatever date they first give. Same thing happened with the India expd. There are always unforeseen events down the road. And with a controversial documentary such as this one, you could expect a lot of such events! If this extra time means better quality of the end product I'm only happy, so let the hairs become a little bit redder...
  12. Given the current situation in the middle east I think it could be risky doing a strain hunting expedition to Lebanon. However at the same time I think the political turbulence could lessen the pressure on hashish farmers, as security forces are busy elsewhere and have higher priorities than to combat cannabis growers. With this in mind, doing an expedition in a discrete manner with good local guides might just be feasible... The Bekaa seems to have some prime genetics to offer! Heavy buds there in the video! Keep in mind that these are no 5 star growers, humble fertilization and yet look at