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  1. And some fresh auto strains Purple and auto jacks, last picture is auto. Jack but some. Kind of genetic mutation
  2. I guess i'll have to buy a magnifying glass, cuz i cant find any at home i dont even have any laser pointers to create myself a macro photo via mobile phone
  3. Hey guys, another update of Auto jacks and a recent picture of my Auto Purple (pyramid seeds), this plant is really small, i have it in 11L (3 US gallon) pot and it didnt grow as big as my auto jacks, but lets hope it will taste good What do you guys think ? I am also thinking about indoor setup with my friend (50/50) i provide the space and he provides the setup
  4. Thanks alot! Im assuming its like 2 or 3 weeks until harvest! What do you think
  5. Hey, guys, Lil update. Btw, look how tall it is, i am 195cm and look how tall it is :-)
  6. Hey all watching my thread! Some info about my auto jacks and himG Something gnawed or it might be Wind, who knows, the whole side stem Auto jacks looking really nice and they are starting to smell already!
  7. Im not home atm, im working like 400km out of my house, but tomorrow im going home and will check my HimG, Queens and Lemons, damn im looking forward to it
  8. Lil. Updates of Jack herrer and auto purple and auto white widow from pyramid seeds :-)
  9. Thanks man! Maybe try adding some N, plants are usually pretty nice and Green if you add nutes with lots of N. I personally use like 16-7-12 Npk ratio. By the way, its normal gardening fert called Kristalon, here in Czech rep but i believe it is made in Netherlands so you can definitelly order it from there :-) keeps my plants nice and healthy. Also, Few pics of my unmentioned Auto Jacks, that are flowering atm
  10. Hey man, thanks for the reply! The Red plant is to keep water voles away, if they eat the roots, They will die, but this plant was so big it threw a shadow on my MJ, so i ripped it off the ground :-) The thing in ground is just wood when i was covering my Girls against Rain, water etc when they were smaller :-)