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  1. These plants are in a Licenses Producer facility. We are under laboratory standards and cannot use many products at all. Anything thats not Health Canada approved cannot be used, so that makes it really hard to deal with problems.
  2. Yes, I agree. Unfortunately its a big pain to introduce any new nutrients or items in general in this setting. I have been pushing for beneficial microorganisms for months. In particular I love House & Garden Root Stimulator. I'm going to insist on adding it asap.
  3. So I have this new project I got promoted too. Ive got a fairly big room full of sickly moms. Stems and veins are pink/red. Some leaves curled down, some curled up. I didn't have control of the room but when I did a consult I did a run off through a cpl random plants and there EC was off the charts, like 4.0. I told them to flush hard and get it under control. They basically did minimal for weeks. There currently on a flood table getting bottom fed. Using shitty ass Plant Prod basic food on an Argus automated system. I don't like it. Long storey short I'm in control now. They also hacked off brown roots, repotted, pruned, trained, cloned, and have had bugs and powdery mildew. Its a proper high end build and I'm switching to a drip system asap and trying to introduce some vitamin b complexes and nurse them back. Get them healthy enough to produce decent healthy clones and regenerate the mother stock. Any other tricks I should consider?
  4. Id have no problem running both, but wouldnt want be the guinea pig trying it first. Adding big bud or overdrive wouldnt be so bad. Just hard to go from one extreme to the other. using the same powder for the whole crop, during every different cycle? It would still be just as cheap as just a 23L set of sensi bloom. Im just not sure how things would react to each other. Ive never even checked the ingredients of the powder feed yet. Have you experimented with both together?
  5. I've been away from the forums for along time. Been a die hard GSC strain fan and grower for a very long time. I'm at a crossroads in my career... Been using Advanced for a decade almost and am just sick of the price increases and expense it has, sorta makes you puke in your mouth looking at my yearly expense on buying 23L's of a majority of there line 3-4x a year. I'm from Canada and the GSC feed is finally available but not popular at all. i think taking a leap of faith scares most people. My concern is the performance of the nutrients. It would obviously be a lot easier to use, and way more cost efficient.. but will it produce the same results? Anyone have first hand experience with using it on a fairly large scale, like 800-1000L per watering?
  6. I'm using molasses and seaweed extract, just started overdrive from advanced. Seems to be forming crystals just on the buds, nothing on the leaves. Nothing close to what should be there!
  7. So I wont be using it again. How do I fix this crystal production issue? I only used 1ml per litre, and only once. It's 36 lights gentleman, cant just destroy it.
  8. Was told about this product MegaBud. Totally gives you huge colas, stunts stretching, etc... which is true... for a price. I've got way bigger buds on strains I've produced for years but in the end of week 4 I have zero crystal production? Three people that referred this product failed to mention that part to me. Anyway I can save this from an embarrassing outcome?
  9. I generally grow Super Silver Haze, it performs the best getting topped and still has a decent THC. I run it for 9 weeks + 4 week Veg. I'm a little bored with the weak flavor. I started some Green Poison also, it seems to perform similar to the Haze but with a lot more dank and flavor. Lots of pics and videos but over the limit.
  10. So these are weak compared to what I have.... these are just below the 4 mb limit.... weak
  11. i start a new post choose file, browse whatever, pick my pic to upload. that fucking little spinner just spins for hours if i let it. im on my laptop should be so simple, like every other site everywhere ive got some amazing pics and vids
  12. Why does it seem so hard to post pics and vids, nothing ever uploads....?
  13. How long did you veg for? That makes a big difference,,,, big plants have more food requirements..... More than a 4 week veg I've expereiced my plants need alot more than it says on the label! My E.C gets as high as 3.0 after all the additives and stuff... And still has a run off of 2.0 or less...
  14. Thats definatly some drooping but my plants are very thick and mature. From clone they went into 4" cubes for a couple weeks, waiting for construction and space to open up, then got vegged in there pots for about 5.5 weeks before getting 36 hours of darkness and tripped. I checked the run off before each watering and it averaged an EC of 1.0, which in my opinion is low. I hit them with an EC of 2.1 and they standing tall and perky now. I'm not flushing them as often as past smaller plant crops and it seems to be under control now, thanks.....
  15. Sorta new to the long veg, big plant world. My 5 week veg'ed SSH droop after each watering. I water with fertilizer then with ph'ed water. After the fertilizer they perk right up, and droop hard after the straight water. I'm thinking there so big and require more food than smaller plants. Maybe every 4 waterings I'll use straight water. Whats peoples opinion on large plants?

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