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  1. i just put 30 seed in paper towel last night, Fingers crossed for tomorrow to place them in the pots. hoping for 25 good ones. I'm excited to do autos Again, they are way more manageable,shorter. I am excited to use my threnchoen and ph tester again.
  2. 14th day of flushing . last pic.. all you need is a bluelab ph and ppm pen.. learned something new this time around mag and sulfur mag.
  3. left is the blue mammoth and the right side is kannabia crit 70.
  4. here is the back 5 i took down, here is a money shot.
  5. day 65, just starting to swell..Cheers
  6. last feeding of powder feed. water for the next 20 days for all of them..
  7. i flushed the back 7 mammoths with 6.0 and the rest got 1.2 ec 6.0, out of the mammoths i got 2 photopriod on the right there so tall. i thought they were going to be males..but there regular fems.. never had a photo in a auto breeder pack before.
  8. i belive its day 50 today for the back 9 and 43 for the rest.. just gave the back 9 1.2 ec.. and the others 1.0 ec 6.0..
  9. i forgot to add , the back 9 are at 0.8 ec and the smaller ones are a week behind and they are at 0.6 ec. 5.7 ph .Cheers
  10. a better pic, there really getting taller now. i been just giving them ghpf every watering . 38 days from seed
  11. the blue mammoths are exactly 25 days today. i only have 9 of them they are the 9 in the back corner, the rest are 7 days behind the mammoths they are kannabia autoflower pack and 4 gigabud autos and 4 yoda autos..
  12. They are looking Up to the Artificial Sun.
  13. the plants on the left are the autos.they were germinated on aug 10th, 4 weeks to go..the other plants are my Delicious seeds Cotton Candy Sativa. i will flip them when my autos are done. 1.5 ec 5.7 ph
  14. here is some secondaries .. i got just under 40 o's. going back to Barney's farm Autos now.. before i harvested i did a test on the regulars. i interrupted the dark cycle to see if they would hermie, and on the second time of opening it i noticed a male banana on one of the plants.. for this reason i recommend autoflowers. ty for the follow and comments..
  15. gave flawless flush on the 1st , flushed with plain water on the 4th. going to do water on tuesday again then flawless on friday. then water x2 then downtime. ty again guys for the follow..
  16. last shot of nutes im thinking 6th week tomorrow
  17. coming up to the sixth week on tuesday. flushing will commence in 10 days give or take.
  18. there getting heavy . i had to buy some dental floss to contain them and support some. almost 5 weeks in.

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