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  1. hola Cannabissapean! Great to see you again also! I am a big fan of ebb n' flow applications as well. For this run I am using the ebb n' flow for both veg and flowering with this lil lady. I will get some good shots of my system and process. It is quite the simple build and extremely efficient! For my larger gardens I use other applications from DWC, NFT to Organic Soils. For my smaller grows I use very accessible items that you can find at any hardware store. I do this for those I am mentoring personally and for my photo shots. Very excited to hear your comments, opinion and learning about your styles also!! thanks for the stoke out! Saludos!
  2. Hola Jose.gh! Thank you for taking the time to check things out. This is going to be a great stoke out on this round with Caboose. Always excited and motivated when having new to me genetics in the bank to analyze. Also to note. I started the grow journal in the grow room already. This was an introduction to the community. I have the other post under "Caboose - Soil and MultiMedium to Hydro!" under "Grow Journals Indoor" which has the current photos of the grow. Thank you again for seeing whats up on my side of the mountain! Sending you a box of stoke Jose.gh! Saludos!
  3. Hello to the Green House Seed Co. Crew, Community and all the hard working men and woman of this stoked out industry!! It has been roughly a year since my last journal posted here! This is going to be another fun round! Currently there are two great seeds that were germinated and started! Caboose! This is going to be an organic soil with compost teas for feeding and One being transferred to a solid indoor ebb and flow hydroponic application that is of my own production. Lots of stoke and excitement going on over here and I am very happy and humbled to be able to share my techniques, grows and info to the great community here! Looking forward to bringing this to you with maybe some kool things you have not seen or really payed attention too....? Thanks for taking the time to scope things out! Saludos! MultiTech!
  4. Hello to the Strain Hunters and Green House Seed Co. Crew ! I am very excited to be back again this year! Last year I had a post covering my techniques with a landrace sativa that I found in the mountains of Sonora Mexico. This round will be some great genetics from the Green House Seed Co. Team! Thank you guys and gals for all the stoke! And to Franco, always keeping you in our hearts and minds and sending smoke signals to you my brother where ever that may be! Your are truly missed and never forgotten! Respect! This is going to be a journal started up with a beautiful strain from GHSC, the Caboose! This wonderful lady is a cross between Trainwreck and Salmon Creek Big Bud. Very excited to be growing this out for all to enjoy and maybe even see something new and kewl that you have not seen yet. My techniques are a bit unique and deliver results above and beyond many other applications and techniques that I have come across and studied in the past. There are many ways of doings things..... And this is how I do mine...... I will be starting two Caboose seeds this round with preparation for 7 other strains to come into effect shortly. One seed will be germinated 3 days after the first. Germination process was simply popping the seeds in a small glass of RO water for a few hours and observe their progress of water absorption. At which point I transfer them to damp paper towels *organic* with a mild honey/water mixture for extra root vigor from the sugars it comes in contact with as well as the great antibacterial effects of the honey which play a great role in my several techniques I use from germination to cloning to extra natural flower booster. After 7 hours in the paper towel, the first seed popped revealing a solid white root tip getting ready to transfer to an organic soil medium I mix in-house from the prior years compost and add some pea gravel and perlite to the mix. 36 hours later, she came to be! Coming in at day 4 and this lady is looking solid! It it looking like she may be more on the Big Bud side more so than the Trainwreck from her quick upward growth and vigor! Very excited to see this lady perform! I also popped the other Caboose seed and just planted her into her medium. She will be started in a mixture of banana leaves, grass clippings, pea gravel, lava rock, perlite and sand using organic compost teas to start. After she is up to day 14 she will be transitioned into her hydroponic ebb and flow system using General Hydroponics Flora Series nutrient line with my own measurements. Good times and loads of stoke! I hope you will all enjoy whats to come! Saludos! Starting off day 2 from pop this Caboose little lady is looking like she will be loving her new home! When she has developed enough over 14 days she will then be transitioned into her permanent ebb and flow system. She is starting out with organic compost teas for the first two weeks at which point after her transition she will be fed General Hydroponics Flora Series. Her older sister will be in organic soil the whole grow with only organic compost teas as her feed. Super Stoked to be able to throw this down for everyone! Saludos! This is the first seed popped coming in really vigorous on day 8! She is most definitely looking more towards her Big Bud side! Stoked on that! Organic Soil Above A few more snaps of the last few days! Really happy to be seeing this strains great genetics coming out! Banana Leaves, Grass Clippings, Pea Gravel, Volcanic Rock, Perlite and Sand below. Coming into days 6 and 10 these ladies are bringing the stoke meter to richter! Very kool and interesting strain at this point! With two seeds popped, it is looking like two phenos are coming out. One being more of the Big Bud parent and the lady in the pea gravel mixture is leaning more towards the Trainwreck parent! Good times! Saludos! Getting things ready for the ebb and flow setup for the second Caboose! She is looking a lot like the Trainwreck phenotype that I am looking for and have heard so much about! The purple Trainwreck pheno would be a great find! Saludos! Coming into days 15 and day 11. The Caboose in soil just got topped in the evening of the 14th day one hour before lights out to give her the evening hours to recoup a bit. Also------------- The Caboose sister on day 11 is showing Trainwreck mutations! Trainwreck is very well known for an extra leaf that grows on her leaves which will also great a small bud there if left to flower! This is a very exciting sign which is what I am looking for with this great strain! Thanks again to everyone at Green House Seed Co. and the Strain Hunters for allowing this grow to take place and to everyone out there interested in this magnificent species of plant! Sending you all a big box of stoke! Saludos! Very excited to keep you all up-to-date to the on goings with these two solid strains, Caboose! There are also a few photos from other grows posted on instagram for anyone interested. @multitechgrow Keep the stoke high and I will update some other shots pronto! Any comments, questions, criticism, curiosities? They are all welcomed and supported! Thank you for taking the time to see what my techniques and passion are all about!! -Multitech Update to Journal for Caboose in Organic Soil. She was topped 1 hours before lights out on day 14 from seed. She really pushed outwards and is starting to fill in from her first node where her Cotyledons are. Really looking like she is going to be a bush! Leaning very much towards the Salmon Creek Big Bud side. Exciting times! Saludos! Will update again soon with her lil' sister! She will be transferred into her ebb and flow hydroponic application this weekend and ready to blow up! Keep that scale on Richter! Saludos! -MultiTech
  5. Here we are, 12-16 days out from the first snipping. I hope you enjoy the photos. Her flowers are rock solid. I got in as close as I could with my camera. All I have access to at the moment is my phone camera but you can still get an idea. The terpenes photos are from a small nugget I snipped away so I could get away from the HPS lighting. I smashed a few heads with my fingers I am sure but you can still get an okay idea. Looking forward to your questions, comments or critiques. Saludos!
  6. Hello! Here is a a quick update of this chick. Beginning week 10 Ph 6.1 2 400w HPS + 4 32w t8 Fluorescent bulbs 6500k (101,000Lm +/-) PPM 13oo Ambient Temp 25c day / 22c night RH 55% Next week flush. *you can see the transition I do from week 8 to week 9 in these photos. During the start of week 9, I snip the support strings and allow her to fa out and extend her arms. This allows full light penetration for the lower part of the colas. When I harvest, I snip the tops then the lower cola a week or so later, at times 2 weeks later. Hope you enjoy. Saludos. I will be trying to get some better, more clear shots for everyone later today and update you with those as well. Shaka!
  7. Here are a few quick snap shots after a little pruning as she starts working her way into week 8 of flower. I hope you like them.. Saludos!
  8. To answer your question in regards to the double potting technique. In my grows I have found that when I do short veg cycles, I do not like to disturb the roots so much as the upper canopy training that I do. When I double pot, I simply remove the very base of the pot she is sitting in, prep the new pot as needed and set her right on top of the new soil. When I go to rinse her roots for the hydro transition, I like a fuller rooting zone for the transfer. When I double pot, it forces her to naturally dig her roots downwards as I only water the bottom pot. Also when I do have her set up in the hydro, After week 2 I will uncover her top roots and allow her to do some air pruning and produce a huge root mass which fills the whole container. More roots, more uptake. Lava rocks are an amazing medium in both hydroponic and soil applications in my experience as well. Light weight, easy to clean after, never had mold issues or root rot, high mineral count = healthy roots. They are easily accessible and no one questions when you buy lava rocks over clay. Super stoked on you and I am excited to keep you updated! New photos will be coming soon, I am almost done with her setup. Shaka!
  9. Hi Cannabissapean, Thank you for the warm welcome and great reinforcement. I am very happy to be here and to be part of this great community and look forward to keep you and anyone else interested updated to the on-goings on this end.. Saludos y mucho gusto! Thank you for the share!
  10. Hello, Hello! This is a clonette from a current mountain landrace pure sativa that is from the state of Sonora Mexico. She was rooted in an organic soil from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico under 1 32w CFL 6500k for 8 days. After which she was transferred outdoors and super cropped 7 days after transition, 5 days later topped and 3 days later (today Aug. 3) super cropped one again to set her up for high stress training in indoor hydroponic scrog. I will be posting a video of my method of rinsing the roots for the transfer to pure hydroponics with Lava Rock as medium. I left a central cola to grow. This cola to heaven will be surrounded by 32w t8 6500k fluorescents with a 400w HPS making her happy from above. The other outer secondary colas will have a 600w HPS with under canopy lighting as her mother has in my other current grow. Hydro Application - Ebb n' Flo design Medium - Lava Rock Nutrients will be General Hydroponics Flora Series with additives FloraBlend, RapidStart, KoolBloom, Floralicious and FloraKleen for flush. Ph down will be Phosphoric Acid (nitric acid for veg but no veg, straight to flower cycle), Ph up not needed. Water will be Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mini-split ductless a/c set to 18-25c depending on week in cycle and day/night environment. A small fan will be used to circulate the air around the babe and up the cola to heaven lighting chamber. Will be using basic Ph digital meter with Ph drops as well so everyone can see the exact shade of Ph in liquid test kit when compared to a calibrated digital Meter. Also digital PPM/Temp meter will be used. I am excited to see these results as it is my first attempt at the technique for a single cola and am curious to see if she will rob the lunch money from her sisters down below. I will be updating as she progresses so you can see my whole process from root rinse to build of her indoor home to harvest. I hope this strikes up some conversation and gets your minds twirling a bit. The mother mid week 6: Nutrients/Meters Clonette: My baby Dama, thinks Clonette is her baby and will not let anyone near her, only me... Great security! lol Unfortunately, no guard dogs in the flowering room.... Looking forward to your views and comments. Saludos!
  11. Hello, Hello! Figured I would post a couple more photos for ya that I just snapped at lights out. I hope you all enjoy ice cream cones... nummy nummy! 8-) You can really start to see the formation taking shape now. These are a couple shots so you can get an idea of the top of canopy and under canopy lighting effects. The outer main colas are measuring in at just under 40cm and the inner secondary colas are in at 15-23cm at the moment. just under 5 more weeks to go! Saludos!
  12. Thank you Jose! I just enjoy doing what I do and if someone is able to better their grows with my posts, I have done it right! Thank you for your curiosidad and positive demeanor! I did post a quick video for all to enjoy.. It is quick but you will be able to get a better idea as to my grow and my baby up to week 5. I will be updating a new video after harvest, roughly 5 weeks mas o menos. Encanta la naturaleza! Asi es como yo encontro ese guapa! Saludos y Stoked on you Jose!
  13. Whats up Big! This is a great question and has many different methods in order to achieve different results. Here is a routine that I do during my last 2 weeks when I want a bit more swell and sugar on my gals. At start of week two I drop my lighting schedule to 10/14 (light/dark) which gets your chicks hormones racing trying to finish up before the frost hits. I will also drop my environmental temps from 25c - 20c during the day and from 20c-18c in the night. I do this with all my indoor plants hydro or soil. Many people will flush for a full two weeks thinking that that will get rid of the majority of chemical salts in the medium and or ladies, but, in reality it would take much longer to leech the salts out of your plants than two weeks of flushing. I do recommend using a flushing agent such as FloraKleen or similar. As chemical salts have reactions to other salts and chemicals, this allows the buildup of nutrients to be leeched out in a more quick manner without affecting yield, flavor, look or potency. Allowing your babes to have that extra feed for a week is very beneficial to her final development. During the start of the last week of flowering is when I like to start flushing. If in soil I will flush with 3 times the size of the grow container, ie. 1 gallon pot = 3 gallons of water using your choice of flushing agent. I will do this at the start of the last week and than again at the end of the last week. I then will let her dry for a few days and set her in the dark for 48-72 hours with a RH 40% temp 18c. This "theoretically" has the gal thinking she is at an end and tries one last attempt at getting pollinated and produces more resin and plumps up a bit more in order to catch some pollen. After the 48-72 hours in darkness, I will check her out and if the pot is still a bit damp, I will let her finish out in the dark until wilting like a rubbery piece of celery. This method will also help with premature babes that you have to cut down early as it will speed up the flowing cycle. Boosting potency, aroma, flavor and formation are all good in my book. I have been using this technique for roughly 15 years now when I am wanting to finish early, increase yield or potency. To hint on, when I use organics, I do not use a flushing agent and just use plane water Ph 6.5. Here are my numbers which you requested as well: Ec values = 1.8-2.4 *Hanna .5PPM* Ph values = 5.8 - 6.2 final weeks hydro - 6.3-6.8 final weeks soil Medium = Lava Rock for Hydro - Loamy soil with amendments (organic) - Perlite mixed with Local Soil from Guadalajara Mexico Flush with = FloraKleen for hydro *our your preference* - FloraKleen for soil with nutes - RO Water Ph 6.3-6.8 Feed used = General Hydroponics Flora Series with KoolBloom, Floralicious, Rapid Start and FloraBlend additives. Saludos and I hope this helps you to form your own unique style with great results. I am looking forward to hearing which techniques you harnessed. Stoked on you!
  14. Hello again Levente! Super stoked on your grow! It is always a great feeling seeing accomplished grows! Props to you! Out of curiosity, did you have a Ph fluctuation a bit? I noticed maybe an Alkaline crink in some of those beautiful leaves. In my strait grows such as your magnificent beauties, I usually use thin poles in order to support my colas as they swell. Have you ever considered that or have used it in the past? I did notice a couple tie supports in the photos, great job on supporting those colas and allowing the best light penetration that you could in the tent. Is there anything that you would do different on future grows with the same strain? Stoke to you man! Saludos!

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