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  1. Hi everybody, First, I love weed ! Soooooooooooo much ! My first grow was maybe 10-12 years ago, in my garden with unknows seeds... I maked every errors as beginner then I discover indoor garden. I maked a lot of other errors !! That's the price ! Now I got a vegetative room for mothers plants, a flowering room, and a cloning room. - Végétative room : 1m x 1m x 1,80m with 250 W 100 % PAR Cool White + 2 waterfarm for the plants. I change my mother plants every year of a little more... (I keeped NYCDiesel 2 years...hummmm !!) I can do 3 or 4 flowering by years. Last year I had Nothern Light
  2. thanks everybody ! Drunkknucklehead : i'm on the 47°All the plants are clones from the same mother plant. I dont know exacly when harvest.... I watch the plants everyday. I think at the end of october it will be good. Depend of the temperature and moisture level. Night is cold now that's why the Diesel turned purple. But plants are all OK. That's difference between plants in pot or in soil. In soil they are more resistant.
  3. hi everybody, Here are my outdoor plants. I got 9 : 4 Super Lemon Haze / 5 NYCDiesel (soma)... There you can see 5 plants = 2 Super Lemon Haze. The purple plants are NYCDiesel. To be continued...
  4. I cant do that on every buds !! Anyway, Bubba is drying now.... the smell is sooooooo good... I will take some pictures soon... GHSC answer me about this : ..."Gypsy Nirvana is a very good source, we know him personally and I do not believe he sells fake seeds. The reason for the 2 phenos is genetics. The Bubba Kush is a clone-only strain, and to produce fem-seeds is reversed to itself. Nobody has a father.Because of this it is quite unstable, and suffers from easy-stress, which explains the tendency to hermie after even small stress. When you grow it stress-free it's awesome, but we had sev
  5. I want to smoke it after 1 year of curing...That's very soon !! ) I Just keep all the leafs of every plants for each harvest. There are a lot of differents technic to make hash. I use Bubble bags => 3 filters and I got a mini pollinator too. Sometimes I use a Hashmaker. To compress it, I got a little pollen press byed on internet. For the ball I use the Laurence Cherniak & Alan Dronkers technics in the book "HASHISH, The joy of making and curing". More pictures soon !
  6. hi ! the first was on my finger after harvesting my Bubba Kush... This other brown and dark are make with a bubble bag. The sand/yellow are made with a little polinator. This hash is 8 month old. I keep in blackin hermetic box.... sometimes I open the box for some minutes... I will post more pictures soon
  7. Hello, today I took some picture of my hash collection There are mix of lots of differents varieties.... Made with NYCDiesel, Nothern Lights, and skunk. Enjoy
  8. differents aspect ? differents smell ? differents color ?
  9. Thank you so much for your answer John ! That's clear. I understand it's maybe the cut that's stress the plants. But why buy feminised seeds if you can't clone it without stress it ? It's never happen to me with other regular seeds, I grow since 10 years... That's the first time I can see that. My mother plant had 1 month before I clone it.... Anyway, I think feminised seeds give more fragile plants and can stress just if you talk to her LOL. There seeds are unstable comparate to regular... EC too high can't give hermaphrodite on regular seeds... What about the differents between plants ? I
  10. Hello everybody ! I got some problem with my Bubba kush... First, some informations : - a pack of 5 Bubba Kush buyed online in a GHSC official dealer called "Gypsy Nirvana" - I begin with 2 seeds and make 2 mother plants - I maked clones and selected 12 clones = 6 clones of each mother plant - The flowering room = - 1m x 1m - 400 W - Hydroponic System (Rockwool) - Advanced Nutrients : Sensi Bloom A B + BIg Bud + Kushie Kush - pH 5,5 => 6,5 - EC 1,4 => 2,1 - temp 20°C => 28°C - Multiple air fans I'm now in the week 8. The final phase ! One mother plant give me big hard