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  1. 2 and a half weeks of flowering so far! Currently keeping x2 Sour Diesel's and x2 White Lemon's for the next grow, x2 plants for each tent. Germinating x4 White Lemon seeds and x2 White Widow Seeds (All feminised of course). Planning to do a whole SCROG grow with the x2 White Widow's and a whole MAINLINE grow with x2 White Lemons the next grow after the next. And then keep x2 White Lemon's as Mothers for both tent for all future grows. Considering buying Super Lemon Haze and giving it ago as a special crop. Planning to also 2morrow nite strip some shade leaves of
  2. Not bad for LED! the LEDs in my country wouldn't be able to produce the same results!
  3. Got the seeds from http://www.seedsman.com/en/white-lemon-feminised-seeds?___from_store=seedsman_en One phenotype has huge stretch like a sativa and one has very little stretch like an indica. I've read that both white lemon phenotypes produce very well, so quite excited to see the results. The short plant I've raised up on blocks to keep its canopy the same height as the stretchy one, thus effectively using my light. I have x6 sour diesel's in pots scattered around the outside for a little extra at the end. I predict that I will get more from mainling than scrog due t
  4. Great work and all, but are you seriously using tin foil to line the room? Mylar or Panda is best. Tin Foil can make the light burn your plants, not sure if that's the same with led. That's a beginners mistake. Your plants look very healthy.
  5. Can I please Test. I've grow Green Poison, Super Critical, White Rhino, Arjans Haze, Sour Diesel and soon I'll have my first White Lemon harvest. You can see my White Lemon grow here: http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/10420-white-lemon-mainlined-and-scrog/
  6. Hi Chris, Coco Perlite is 70% Coco & 30% Perlite I use an inch of Grow Stone on the top of the coco perlite to prevent Fungus Gnats from laying their larvae. Its recycled glass, and what it does it shreds the fly/larvae to pieces effectively killing them. The thing with Autopots is that you can't use anything organic as it causes nutrient build up on the value and can stop the feed from refilling in the pot. To get around this I clean the Aqua Valves once per week, flush out the mainline and the terminating end and use House & Garden Drip Clean. As long as your proactiv
  7. Setup 1: Tent 1 = 120CM X 120CM X 200CM Lighting = x2 400w Electronic Ballast's dimmed to 250w during vege & cranked to 440w during flowering stage. 150mm Fan & Filter Pots = Autopots running on a 13mm mainline down to 4mm line feed into Aqua Valves. Reservoir is 47 Liters Medium = Coco Perlite 70/30 mix Growstones on the top of the coco perlite to stop fungus gnats (Sciarid Flies) Nutrient = Canna A & B (Medium EC) Additives = General Hydroponic Floralicous, House & Garden Roots Excellerator, FlairForm CMX, House & Garden Amino Treatment, House & Garde
  8. Hi Jose, I recent bought some White Lemon seeds x10 of them. Germinated 4 of them only 3 survived. Tell Franco I said Hi, I'm a huge fan of his, he sent me seeds to test 5 to 7 years ago and I grew a soil grow with my old man, got to test White Lemon, which to this day I have wanted to grow this again. Kinda like a Lemon White Rhino About to in 3 weeks and 1 day time pull my current crop, so ready in 4 weeks. Anyways I have x1 super critical and x3 white rhinos going at the moment. I use autopots with an inch of pumice in the bottom, followed by coco perlite then f
  9. The Seedlings are all White Lemon, only 3 of the 4 look viable. They are 4 weeks old from the time I germinated them to what they look like right now. The Seedlings were originally potted in 0.45L Planter Bags with Seed Raising Mix. Pots have half an inch of pumice on the bottom, coco perlite is used as the medium. They are suspended in a static feed mix. The Grow is done in Autopots running a 13mm mainline down to 6mm inlet using Canna Cocos A & B nutrients. (47 liter reservoir). x2 400w Digital Balast's, dimable to 250w, 275w, 400w & 440w. I run x2 250w (500w combined
  10. Hi I'm Futurez-Gyarados, I'm a experienced grower. I SCROG my grows. New to SCROG so still learning this technique. Me is thinking of doing a mainlining scrog for a solid canopy. I use Autopots x4 with 13mm drop line with Canna Cocos A & B (Coco Perlite meduim with 1 inch pumice on base & 1 inch of grow stones on top) Floralicous, Roots Excelurator, CMX, Aminos Treatment, Silika, Drip Clean, PK 13/14 & Shooting Powder. I also have a TurboKlone machine with works a charm. Planning to use Canna Boost in future to decrease my harvest times. Currently researching t
  11. I like this diary of your White Lemon very much, planning to make this my permanent strain from now on. I use Canna Coco's A & B with PK 13/14 and shooting powder. Get 1 pound of x2 400w Electronic Balast's, x4 Autopots. Still learning SCROG technique. Well done with this grow, Interested to see this same strain done SCROG with Powder Feeding and see the results. Coco's A & B is annoying, but produces good results. Mix part A wait 5 minutes, then mix part b and wait 2 hours. If you need to make up 35 liters of water, then you need to minus each additive and then later add