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  1. Howdy, lets say I've been making BHO for my personal stash for years, and had previously been using an open ended glass blast tube, but I recently got a tiny little closed column extractor to see how it works. What are the differences in using a CC setup as opposed to an open blast setup? Haven't had a chance to use it yet so I figured I better get an idea before I theoretically start... not sure why I'm being theoretical, but oh well lol... Any tips, tricks, etc are appreciated. Growers Love, Saint PS I know I'll need to
  2. Thanks, Jose! It's been a looong road, and an exhausting journey. Buuut I'd do it 100 times over in a heartbeat, You only have one Mom!
  3. Hey guys! Just thought I'd tell a little about myself. I've been growing about 6 years now, and loving every minute of it. I've been a user of medical herb since I was in 8th or 9th grade, they always said weed would be a gateway to more dangerous things like sucking toes for crack and fruit loops. Well, they were half right, in that MJ can be a gateway, but not to dangerous things, whenever anyone I talk to says the words "cannabis is a gateway" in that order is when they say "growing has been a gateway to gardening, I now have a jungle in my backyard." or something similar. Tha
  4. Thanks! any thread thats got some good starter breeding info? I was helpin a buddy trim and we started talking about bringing out a certain taste and it kinda reawakened my interest in breeding... breeding plants... breeding two plants together, not me breeding with a plant... just clarifying lol first wake n bake in years has me a bit foggy
  5. I would be more concerned about the vessel used for blasting. If you cant get a purpose made BHO tube, I've heard of people using food grade PVC to make blast tubes. but seriously man, you dont want whats in that water bottle leaching into your errl. Not sure about now days, but in high school we were told it was sketchy to reuse plastic water bottles FOR WATER, because the cheap plastic leaches after awhile. Now this could be complete and total BS, I just remember anytime I'd refill my bottle, there was a 50% chance someone would feel the need to tell me. If money is tight, Dan
  6. Hey all! I'm new to strainhunters so I though I would introduce myself. My name is Travis but most people call me Skinny. I've been a MMJ patient for 4 years and growing about 3 years with a handful of succesful soilless and hydro grows under my belt. Last year, Our living situation became unbearable (Grandpa's having issues with mental stability, not sure what it is bc he wont be honest about whats going on. we spent years hoping it would improve or that he would get help, no such luck.) so my Mother and I had to move to a Hotel until we could find a place, which took ~4-5 months. I obviously