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  1. Another quick update. We are on 3weeks and 4days of the flower period. Although this was not really planned, and something more or less I thought i'd just try and because of a burned out bulb and a dud .. (or previously burned out bulb that was placed in the wrong area).. back up bulb.. I was forced to use, or at least start with, a 600W dimmable digital ballast w/ EYE Hortilux 600W Super HPS -- (( no not all bulbs are made the same, some are much more superior and this is one of those bulbs. Make sure you keep your bulb clean by washing every 2-3 weeks and this will not disappoint! But at $1
  2. Hey guys, here's a few photos showing my 1200W LED and dimmable 600W digital ballast w/ EYE HORTILUX 600W Super HPS bulb(great bulb, out preforms other bulbs when kept clean every 2-3 weeks). Pictures are of 3x Super Critical and 1x SensiStar + Critical (which is located on the back right.) and the ladies are in their 2nd day of their 3rd week of flower. I seem to have the 2 common indica dominant phenotypes, but also a sativa dominant phenotype(front left in photos) and was unable to find any information on Super Critical producing a sativa dominant pheno, anyone ever pop one of these phenos
  3. I have started a blog as well as a platform to share my grows, cloning, and harvests with you all and am going to see which seems to garner the most interest. This Super Critical ( and 1 left over sensi star + critical I thought would be cool to grow next to the super criticals) grow has been a very interesting grow. Not only with moving into a new place and starting fresh (from seeds opposed to from clone as I normally do), and jointly opening a new hydroponic business with a new business partner (Support Hillside Hydroponics -- Moncton NB, Canada || Grand Opening February 6th, 2017) has forc
  4. Hello and Welcome to my First blog...... Thanks for stopping by, I'm EastCoastCannaCure(Ryan), am in my early 30's and have been learning from growing for 12 years at this point. Basically I'm 12years inexperienced as we are just learning so much about cannabis at a mind blowing rate these days, and the leaps and bounds being taken each day by notables such as Remo, and Horatio, the guys at StrainHunters and GreenHouse Seeds for some amazing genetics, that a vast part of the true "experience" and knowledge is still out there and being attained and sought after. With colleges being started
  5. Heya folks, October 31st, 2016 -- Happy Halloween! Hope everyone is ready for another work weed *blah* and has their medicine all ready for the week. I used to keep my current journals and logs on this forum, however this will be my first post/grow journal on this forum in many years so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ryan(or ECCannaCure), I'm in my early 30s and have been growing cannabis for 12years now. I mostly grow for the purpose of creating my own supply so to speak, however I do help a few of my close friends obtain quality and fully transparent medicine. I'm const
  6. Hello Fellow Organic Medicine Lovers, My name is ECCannaCure and I reside on the East Coast of Canada. I have just over 15 years experience growing cannabis in all sorts of systems, mediums such as DWC, DWC-R, Ebb and flow, and Flood and Drain. In rockton, rapidrooters, rockwool, coco-coir, organic soil with organic fertz. I was once very active on rollitup.org but have come to find this my new home for the foreseeable future as I've been bestowed the honor of testing some of GHS/SH beans, and document and journal their growth. haha. I am currently awaiting their arrival but I will be
  7. Hello I am a new tester for GreenHouseSeeds/StrainHunters and was asked by Mike to contact you in regards to testing the new Super Critical x TrainWreck seeds before they are released to the public in a seed form. Thank you.

    ECCannaCure (Ryan)

  8. I would like the SuperBud x Train Wreck strain to test, this seems like a fun set of genetics to nourish into full grown flowers! ECCannaCure