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  1. thanks Pal, the last pic where the plants looks a little short of space its from the VEG area, they are growing fast but i have no place for relocate them till i have flowered the first ones, still i think im learning alot with this first ones so maybe the second run will have a bether ending
  2. Well i have to say i am using it but didnt know really was so harmfull, i will change them then, what do you recomend? It is my first time growing so i expect i will have some mistakes more yet, jajjaja, i hope you tip me as much as you can, im eagering to know bether, regards pal!
  3. PICTURE POST ACTUALIZATION Weeds in the 16 week aprox. Growing little buds allready and good news, the other plant its also a girls but are too small to take pic of them the second plants run ok in the 5 week Well Fellows, i hope your plants are doing just fine, im very glad with mines XD. See you around
  4. Oh, Really awesome Man, I Love Japanese culture and my Karate Style its from Okinawa so we plan to get back in a couple of years (if we can save the money once again, LOL), its a little hard for us because of the exchange of money but we got to try PD: where are you from there?
  5. HI Pal! nice to have some Japanese culture in this Forum, this year i was in your country, Sapporo and Okinawa for visit and Practice some Karate-Do, your plants and your indoor set looks really amazing, i hope to scalate to something like that when i got more money (LOL), hope to see your new buds in sometime soon, greatings and good grow from Argentina
  6. also maybe you can visit the topic i started and see many of the doubs and question the forum help me on, maybe you got many of the same doubts http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/10223-starting-indoor-for-first-time-need-some-tips-please-d/#comment-141605
  7. Yes, happily they are, dont worry about you growing, just take care of them and put some love into and they will be fine, besides here is alot of people to help you in the process the same way they did it with me, any question or doubt just make a post and we will try to make the best for them My tip to you its to begean a post with all the caracteristics you may posibly give about the instalation of the indoor, type of soil, light, ventilation, etc. and the people goin to start making his recomendations, and just how i did, try to read all you can, there is a really alot of ways to grow indoor and all can be fine depending on the type of strain, wheather and others, really, the best way its to show to the forum how the plants are
  8. ok, im doing dry periods too, just gaving water in days between or when the plant seems to need it, also someone says to me that vermiculite help on some plagues, IS this right? because that its the main reason for what im looking vermiculite for. PD: you let the plant soil dry entirely or just a little till its not too moist, anyway i think i will found the perfect balance with time, i think im not overwatering by now, i got a little gadget to mesure moist, ph and light but i think its not to sharp so i stop really taking notice of it.
  9. thanks for the tips man, i will answer a couple of doubt, in first im just doing indoor because i live beside a building and i never get much sun really so its imposible to me grow outside (beside of the neightbor problems LOL), i think i have no problems with overheat because the indoor its in my bedroom and much of the time i have my airconditioner on too, but i have to buy a termomether when i can for checking, about the wet leave its done from time to time with Neem oil to try get off some flyes a litle anoying even if i dont really see them attacking my plants i hate them a little bit, jajjajaj, anyway now i know at least one its a girl i will stop doing that. About the perlite, you right, i mistake about the function but i have no problem with retention i think, anyway lasty most of the time i water them by capilarity so i think its like something like retention XD, anyway i have to make the las repot so i will add vermiculite if i can get it because i was trying the las time and i really cant find a place who sell it in my place, if you got another tip before i repot please feel free to drop out here before i do it im doing this last repot because i didnt know about the little rock you have to put in the bottom of the pot for bether capilarity absortion. Well thanks for the tips and ill be waiting for them in the future if you have any other.
  10. thanks you all really, many of you really help me at the begeanning and thats why my plants are what they are today, i will very glad to present my first buds ever when the time comes XD. Greatings and good smoke for all of us mates!
  11. Hello everyone in this forum, even if some of you allready know me i never really introduce myself here because i did from the start in a indoor topyc asking for some help... but, anyway, here i am making it in a proper maner Im a fresh new indoor grower making my first experience and geting skills in the road, Im from Argentina (Tucuman) and here, in the North-West of my country its a little Hot almost all the year so im trying to put in shape a indoor with LED lights (not specific for growing sadly) 2 x 100w RGB for flowering and CFL for VEG 2 x 65w, im growing on organic Soil with some perlite for bether water absortion... Floration area its 120 x 50 cm and have 2 coolers x 10 cm for air exchange and 1 ventilator for air circulation, same on the VEG area but with a size of 50 x 50 cm. For my first experience im just using some regular seed, no strian, but im very eager for getting some good strains to grow and show I let you some of the lastets pics i take from my girls, at least one of them allready show her sex (the bigger one by luck ), and anothers from the VEG area. With not much to say, Glad to be part of this group already, good grow, and good smoke fellows!
  12. Paso por aqui a dejar un par de fotos de como evoluciona el indoor, por suerte y despues de mucha espera y de solucion de problemas finalmente las plantas comenzaron a mostrar su sexo, al menos la mas grande es con toda seguridad una hembrita asique ya puedo dormir un poco mas tranquilo. Las mejoras en intercambio y circulacion de aire parece que realmente les sento muy bien, las plagas estan bajo control por el momento y para los que reniegan un poco con el tema de las mosca de la humedad (y supongo funcionaria bien tambien para las de la fruta) les recomiendo una pequeña trampa que encontre por internet y que termino siendo la que mejor resultado consiguio, solo consiste en una botella cortada de plastico amarillo (el color es muy importante ya que las atrae, otro color no funciona) como las de lavandina o como hice yo en mi caso poniendo plastico amarillo que tenia por ahi dentro de una botella comun y poniendo dentro agua con solo un poco de detergente ( el detergente solo sirve para romper la tension en la superficie del agua y que permite que la mosca al posarse se hunda y se ahogue dentro). La nueva camada de plantines luce espectacular por el momento, su crecimiento realmente me sorprende y van por muy buen camino, ya les hice el FIMing hace un par de semanas y parece que quedo genial porque las plantas se abrieron lateralmente, aunque alguna parece haberse solo abierto en 2 ramas por lo que creo que fue mas bien un topping, jajjaja, bueno, les dejo las fotos y como siempre pueden tirar cualquier consejo que les parezca pertinente Saludos y buena cosecha Fotos del area de Floracion: Fotos del area de Vegetacion:
  13. yeap, they looks really bether now with the new ventilation, start with funncoolers and now just add one ventilator to increase the air circulation, its just reeeeally necesary for plants health, first i thought i whouldnt need it because the led lamp got low heat but the renewall and circulation of air intoo the indoor are really indispensable no mather what, thanks for the tips all of you, i still think im a little low on lummens on the flowering section but im very glad to tell you that at least the big one is without doubts a girl im dowloading some pics to upload here, the girl, the flowering section (very rookie style, do not crucificate me ), and the veg section with 3 very helthy fast growing allready FIM.ed plants. For people who have some troubles with moist flyes and others the trap made with yellow plastic bottle and detergent work awesome well, greatings and uploading pics just now
  14. i Think LED its goin to be the best choice anyway but i think the LED i buyed maybe isnt enought for this case, im planning to create one of my own with red and blue 3w power led units, ill gonna post the result when i have the money for it thanks anyway, in my actual wheather i think still the best choice just goin to pass some time before i really manage the all thing.
  15. exactly right man, even so thank for the tips, i have now twho areas with cooler for in and out air, just need to add some ventilator inside, the light in the Veg area are CFL lights 2 x 65w, works really great, the new ones are fast catching the size of the old ones (witch have no sex yet) so maybe the Flowering area its a little short on light i think, even if they look healthy i think more light will be very good for them, its sad im very bad at currency at the time, hahhaha. Well, will see how it pregress, thanks and hope for the bether

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