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  1. Nice start mate! Really good to see the effort you put on the thread. Cheers brooo!
  2. Welccome Bro, nice to see you here!
  3. Thx bro, this pheno it's really earthy and moss flavour and smell. What you get into your nose grinding buds it's the same you taste at smoke. When you hit t88he joint smokes really have a presence, really strong one. Effect is fast hitting and strong, a sativa energetic high, really puts you in a very good mood and last something like 2 hours. For me, kinda heavy user, it's a really good strain to grow, easy and productive, with a quality that makes honor to his parentals.
  4. A friend super happy with his Cheese x White widow champ clone growed as a bonsai.
  5. Didnt have luck with the seeds, they were stealed at mail office for sure. Luckily Atanasius will shipme some so ill keep growing greenhouse seeds. Cant wait for the next Test.
  6. Just picked up a package with the powders.... now i got ferts for... i dont know years? Hahahaha thx for all guys, not great economy situation here and this is really a great hand.
  7. Yeah! First part of the price is at my hands now! Thanks for all guys Now lets wait for the next test, ill be waiting smoking the strong herb that your seeds provides! Peace.
  8. Yesterday was harvest day! Sixty and beans days (little more than 9 weeks of 12/12). Even being a short one this clone was as productive as bigger plants at my tent.
  9. Do you remember the clones i got from the girl? They are close to the edge... of my scissors. A few days more...
  10. Indoor clone goes really well
  11. Wow nice thats freakin awesome! Congratz to all! Now chill with the herb that the guys from this forum provides! Y un saludo especial para mi gran colega Atanasius y mi socio Gea, por el enorme trabajo felicidades!!!!
  12. Thx man, superb quality herb i have to do some rosin cause its super resinous.
  13. Good luck to everyone!
  14. More Cheese x White Widow curing

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