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  1. The price has arrived First I like to thank my buddy, Kenny Kirkland grower extraordinare, for pushing my to share my grows on line and to participate in this contest Thaks to guys and girls at Greenhouse, specially to Jose for giving me the chance to enter and for his good vibe, also to Juan another good guy, very generous and kind people. And to all the growers in the test and the forum, thanks for taking an interest. All of you have make this humble grower from the far corner of the globe a very happy man, and I am forever gratefull for being a part of this comunity Peace and love
  2. jojojo, what a nice surprise, many thanks to Jose and everyone at Greenhouse, and to all the winners and the rest of the good people that participated, its been fun. Y un abrazo especial a mi amigo y colega Kenny Kirkland que gracias a su incentivo y apoyo me decidi a participar
  3. You are right, great yield and a great smoke, and also and upwards effect, very active and thats a Nice surprise, Ieft her yo the last posible moment, and still a very active smoke. TX for stopping by brother
  4. TX brother Nice yield and great Buds she has a soft citric taste and a hammer of an efect, very active and a Lot of laughs
  5. Dry goods Very very happy with the yield and very nice buds, sticky and stinky
  6. Nice idea the smoothie, about the drying the whole plant is hanging for practical reasons, I have four more plants and three are almos ready to, so separating the branches takes a lot of time About the fender, its just ten years old, bought ot brand new and love it, great blues sound. Thanks for stopping by brother, sonn some close up pics of the buds, i dont own a scale but ill try to give a notion of the yield with more pics. Im very happy with the production of this strain, sticky buds, nice deep stink, dont know if you tried it, iI highly recomend it, in my humble opinion its an elite strain and very forgiving and easy to grow.
  7. Hi brother, already flush her, its almost there, normally she would be already cut and trim but because its a new strain for me and this is a test I want to see how she does to the last posible day,, also the last week of ferbrary and the first of march were awful hot (36 celsius), and that kind of heat delays and stops development so I try to strech flowering as long as i could. But like you said, shes there and looks great, smells nice and deep. Very kind of you to comment, and also very sad that the laws forbid me to just put some buds in a box and just send them to you and to Jose and Dust so it can be tasted directly. sonn some pics of the cut and triming and drying. talking of witch, can i ask about your preference in the drying process? what is the best way to do it in your experience? Thanks again friend see ya
  8. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice work buddy really nice, that scrog is awsome congrats

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