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  1. can you have a look at the two NL above and tell me what you think ? one of them is completely different from the other. I think I have a he-she. one has huge buds and the other only small one's that have been like that from about week 4 of flowering.
  2. Thanks for the advice Sal, if I did do it I would only use two plant's. I know that scrog takes a lot more veg time too and I hate waiting lol.
  3. Thanks's Sal, I can't wait to harvest them and start my next grow lol. i think i'll try the scrog with them next time.
  4. These are the two NL # x5, one is completely different from the other ?
  5. week 9 of flowering.
  6. Thank you Chris, all is fine, I just had a panic fit when I seen more mold, thankfully it was already there from the first infection. the plants are looking great and smelling like OMG and I'll be harvesting the purple bud on Thursday. It was a big scare but i'll never overlook airflow again. thanks for the support Chris.
  7. update, I found another small bit of mold beside the infected one I got rid off, hopefully it was already there before I made the changes to my grow room. if not wish me the best lol .
  8. Thanks Dust, I have a 12 inch oscillating fan in there as well now. I had a good inspection today and there's no sign of anymore mold. thankfully all I lost was about 2 grams.
  9. Week 8 of flowering and some closeups
  10. Hi Blackmagickgeneti, unfortunately they didn't turn purple and i'll be harvesting them in the next week or so depending on the trichomes.
  11. Thanks Mungbean, all seem's fine now but i'll be keeping an good eye on them. it was all down to the humidity and to much damp air coming in from the intake fan. I have the humidity down to 42 % now and I did a full inspection of all the plants and can't see any more sign's of mold. It was a very close call, good job I check them twice a day or all would of been lost.
  12. update, one of my buds had some bud rot today, which I cut off. if I see it spreading or any signs tomorrow I will be cutting down for harvest. OMG
  13. week 7 of flowering
  15. week 5 of flowering

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