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  1. What's up! A Friend of mine just finished a cookies kush plant indoors. Has a really nice flavor! I my self have a cookies kush clone and a critical kush clone growing in a greenhouse, so might get to see in my own journal in the future! Anyhow, my recommendation for you is this! Ground cover! First, get a couple bags of compost, and worm castings. Spread the compost and wormcastings concentrated at the base of your plants perhaps an inch or two thick. Then spread a few pounds of dry organic soil amendments into the layer of compost. Kelp meal, crab meal, neem meal, alfalfa meal. Your choice. Then what you need to find is 'seeding mulch' it's essentially straw without seed. With this mulch, cover all soil that is exposed to the air and sun. You may also want to Turn the raw ground into a 'living mulch'. To do this simply spread seeds of a typical 'cover crop' under the seeding mulch and keep moist for a few days. The mulch and compost will go far in reducing your watering needs and will help maintain the biology in the soil thereby increasing the vigor and health and yield of your plants.
  2. Nice! Looks like some of the stuff I grew in my greenhouse last year. Mine originated from bagseed but was pure lemon when it finished.
  3. Anyone know the problem I'm experiencing here?
  4. Day 40 flower. Some plants under lights, some getting fed and watered.
  5. Perfect! You gave em a little bend! Now do it like 1 or 2 more times it'll fill right in. Maybe trim stuff that gets choked out from the light if it gets too dense. I like the bend method where you slowly bend it a little bit inbetween each node doing everything I can too not kink or rupture the stem which can cause undo stress and invite other problems. I will also do this to lower branches too. When you utilize tying topping and bending effectively you exponentially increase the surface area exposed to direct lighting. Which essentially means your plants are just going to grow bigger faster and with more budding sites. My theory is pretty much the earlier you start the better.
  6. Hey man, thanks. the strain is East Coast Cookies and yes they're under t5 lighting. It's now day 40 things are doing okay. There are some spider mites but theyve been treated and haven't been seen for 2 days. They were never too bad. Well see what happens. One plant got taken outside to stay and the rest got bent out a bit more. I don't think there's gonna be room to get it back inside. W/e see what happens.
  7. Quick update. It's coming down to the last few days till everything is cut. I'll try to get some nice pics before the cut since there's been tons of improvement since my last post. Some plants aren't fully finished and would benefit from another week or so. A MAJORITY is just about fully ready. 3 have already been cut, hung to dry, then placed in paper bags. Pics to come.
  8. Were on the east coast over here haha. But I used a tiny bit of grow big fox farm but very little And a tiny bit of awesome blossoms liquid feet and no I don't really have a flush method per day just stopped feeding last week of September and let it rain and water with we'll water inbetween. I read organic grown stuff has very little salt index comparatively and that it builds up much slower outdoors. Azomite I do think has some salt content. And fire place ashes I think do but idk too much. They were used a while back. From what I've seen this year, I would recommend supplementing nitrogen to the plants, all the way through till middle September or even a bit later. Either crab meal, some nitrogen guano, or feather meal in moderate amounts. Plants that start to 'Yellow out' before September 20th I noticed produced much smaller buds, and seemed to need extra time to finish.
  9. You say I targeted him like im aiming a gun at his back. No, he made a claim about my room. I simply say, he knows nothing about my room. He chimed in on the discussion, hes not an innocent bystander, he was not 'targeted'.
  10. Awe are you one of those special snowflakes? I didnt violate the rules. I called you a turkey. Relax. And ya I said jankahar must not know anything, because he's telling me I wont yeild what I already know I will yeild. Hes acting like he knows something about which, he knows nothing. Thats not an attack or an insult or a violation of any rule, either. Hes not my omnipotent elder just because he has 500 green plus signs by his name.
  11. Dude, looking at buddies pictures hes got 8 plants which maybe, maybe, will produce 8 ozs. Were gonna find out in the next 45 days whos right. I guaruntee there will be 12-16ozs from my cfl grow. In my picture is a space 4x4ft. In that space there are 9 plants. Each plant has 12-16 budding sites or more, think what you want.... Haha, Im Sal, its interesting, you say I talked down to the grower. No, I made a sound suggestion to help him increase his yeild. Buddy said my canopy is empty. Hes clearly blind. And now he says i wont yeild 12-16ozs he clearly knows nothing. Quite honestly it matters not what I know about mapito, your plants could have been trained to produce more budding sites and thats just a simple fact. Im not saying you must veg for 30 days im saying a few extra days in veg to allow the plants to branch out wont hurt you. I told him he sound like a little kid cause he acted like a kid. He critisized my plants. I never assumed he just "threw them in there." and i never spoke down to the grower, you turkey, I spoke down to the person who spoke down to me first. And what the hell are you talking about? delusional self superiotity? After readig my comments on this anf other threads? What the hellbare you talking about. Youre delusional
  12. These plants had about 30 day veg and in the pic is day 25 flowering. Room is expected to yield 12-16oz

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