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  1. When they come I be done, but, when they leave I be back again!!! Lets get it popin. Ok so its been a while, whats good to all my folks still here. Growing out the seeds from my breeding. SAtarting with the Gold/gum seeds. Gold gummale was grown last year. Didn't haveit in me to throw him away once i I dentified him as a male. I let him grow in a separate locatation then place a plastic bag over him once he was done, pot and all. I then brought him back about four months latere stillin the bag and shook him over my Bubble Gum, Rock Lock and Chem Valley Kush mothers. Results, Over 200 seeds. roughly about 80 (choice) seeds per mother. Starting this journal with the "goldum" seeds (Columbian gold/Bubble Gum). 07/01)2012 The seeds took about 73 hours to crack, 2 days to sprout and at three weeks were 12 inches tall. pictures will come when i get the rest ofmy equipment.
  2. Short update CLGLD #1 is doing well I took a clone today will be sexxing it in a few. CLGLD #2 Wasn't doing to well in soil, well it was just growing much slower I have recently transplanted it it to the DWC and it's stating to take off. 4/14/2011 CLGD#1 CLGLDG 1 Clone CLGLD #2
  3. Ph 5.86 rest temp 65 air temp 70 GH Grw and BLM DWC 4/3/2011 CLGLD #1 4/8/2011 clgld# soil 4/8/2011
  4. I replaced disks in two units.
  5. what's good good all, OK of the three seeds that cracked so far only two have sprouted. I seeing some sort disoloration on the leaves of clgld 1 have a look any help will be welcome. Also I had to stop using the fog. I noticed the transducer was bering corroded by the nut salt resulting in PH 1 to 2 point ph flux. 33111 CLGD#1 CLGD#3
  6. Whats good all, Some Nubulizer challenges, I ve notice that after prolonged use the outer casing of the nebulizer starts to corrode from the nutrient salts the result of the corrosion is deminished fog and eventual shutdown also it raises the PH by 1 to 2 points i.e rcently changed by res started out with a ph of 5.78 after placing the nubulizer in for 3 minutes ph when up to 5.92. I noticed it was getting corroded and wondered if it would effect the Ph. Also the nubulizer produces a cold fog however the unit itself can generate a lot of heat if placed in a small container or if you useing more than one. I was using three single head fogers in a 30 liter res the temp got up to 75 degrees. This nebulizer has had 1500 hrs of use.
  7. let me know how the clay works out for u.
  8. Week 1 update Started with 3 seeds only 1 cracked started to germ two more seeds for fear of only having one plant. Since then two more have cracked s CLGLD #1 , placed in riock wool, has sprouted, and has a tap root coming out of the bottom of the cube. I have place the seeding ling in the fogponics chamber at the far end of the unit. this is where the fog is less dense and will alow for a good mix of air and nutrient fog and minimizing nutrient shock for CLGLD #1. CLGLD #2 and 3 have cracked but bhave not sprouted yet. Both 2 and 3 have been placed in dirt. CLGLD #2 Cracked 3/22/11 CLGLD # Cracked 3/25/11 Here is a shot of the dense fog zone. the system is a mix of DWC and Fog.
  9. Thanks The CVK are doing really well in the new system the Wht rhno is doing ok I still haven't got the rhino number. I think the next rhino clones will be in soil.
  10. first seed has cracked.... so it begins 3/20/2011
  11. Whats good, I will be germing 3 seedsfor this grow. The seeds are much smaller theni have seen before. Has anyone ever grow this strain before? Interesting crossback 25/75 indica/sativa landrace from colombia., giving as a result a mixture of pure lines come from santamarta zone.High, vigorous and branched, its smell is sweet and intense, stands out for its flavour and powerfull psicodelic. 3-19-2011
  12. Thought I just continue this well the row above didn't turn out to well it was ok three plants 2.5 oz dry mostly rocklock. However I have since chnge my system to DWC and currently in the 5th week of flowering for my CVK and wht rhno clones. attempting to reg veg my rock lock . in this grow are some white rhino/ bubble gum, white rhino/hash plant, and white rhino/afagan breeding experiment. Thed breeding is in clay. Mind my DWC system isn't fancy or pretty 7 black buckets and seven colenders $14.00. CVK/wht rhn CVK breeding rck lck reveg
  13. I have had good results using fog in veg. some challenges I faced was getting the fog evenly distributed, making sure the root zone was with in the fog zone. The vapor doesn't expand upward. Nebulizer malfunction if the happens it's a matter of hours before roots start drying. malfunction can be caused by a dirty disk. Life span of the nebulizer can vary I have three each came with extra replacement disks. during the first grow I replaced disks in all three and one malfunctioned. Each nebulizer had one head (vibrating disk) you can get them with up to 12 heads, however you will have to montior the nutrient solution as the head will heat up. Here is a link to the set up. http://www.420magazine.com/forums/abandoned-journals/116543-dhetep-fogponic-hydro-grow.html
  14. your set up looks good question did the nebulizer come with a float. It's been by experience that when the nut levels gets about two or three inches above the nebulizer the fog is greatly reduce and will eventualy stopbeing produced also I found clones have trouble rooting if the denses part of the fog is more the 3 inches away. al that to say you should have a float to keep the nebulizer at the proper level in the nut also this will give you the ability to raise and lower the fog zone.

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