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  1. Hi, last month i've buy some cheap bulk seeds, the seeds comes from a fail crossbreeding and not expected result from a strain but still a good strain as a breeder says. and it contains an old seeds and a new seeds (mixed). i've got maybe some 100 seeds only for 3 euro. now, the problem is the seeds wont/fail to grow. yes the seeds germinate (i can see the seeds crack and i clearly see the small root there) but then it stop to grow and become spoiled (spoiled start at day 3). planted indoor or outdoor i got the same result. changing the media from coco to soil still the same result. even when i am combine plant it outdoor and soil, it become worst, the seeds eat by ant at day 5 or 6. (cursed ant!) an old friend told me to add sitokinin and giberelin it better, fast to grow. but still spoiled at last. somebody help me
  2. north korea? not too friendly country and very rare people in there who could speak in english so rare, so when you meet one who could understand but cant make conversation...you will thx to god with crying...
  3. hi dust, im so sorry for being too busy in my job in my office, so i have no extra time, even i have, i choose to smoking my weed stock and go to sleep. i am a furniture designer in local furniture factory. my lamp is 50 watt of super-grow led lamp, its made in Chinese, so even i can found the font, i cant read it, the led lamp only contains red and blue led, i use six lamp, the grow room size is around 4x3 meter, i use to grow 12 plants. i use a full hydroponic system, so i will not screw up the watering time, since i am could be very very busy. so total is 300 watt. i have good harvest on super bud, flowerbomb and money maker. the best come from flowerbomb, 300 gr from single plant (wet weight with bud-leaf and bud-stem). unfortunately, money maker and flowerbomb is expensive to me, so i will not buy it much or too often. super bud still my favorite cause its acceptable price & high yield, i dont like the citrus flavor/lime/lemon, but i have no choice, i dont care, its cheap seed, high yield, 8 wk to harvest. i need a lil bit thc to get relax, but i need a lot cbd for give me a clear-mind, help me to build a new furniture design. so far, GSH is my favorite brand, kera seeds is my second, but they have no stability in their seeds, usually from 3 seeds 1 seed not germinate, sometimes 2. they are super cheap, what can i say about the quality.
  4. btw, i believe i dont have any stock of super bud in my hand. right now, i have no more money to buy since i already buy a lot several month ago. but if i already have one, ill send the pic of my super bud. and you are correct about the lamp, i just use 50watt x 6 Red Blue LED i have not enough electricity capacity to cover 1000watt, and even i have it, i cant pay the bill, lol!
  5. lol, yeah, for the outdoor...its still a seeds...
  6. THANK YOU! i'll follow the suggestion and try my heart so bumpy to face the fact i should try this btw, i don't want to start a new topic cause my name appear too much on the question line LOL but, how to get harvest of super bud a same as like on youtube, in a greenhouse channel, while arjan & frank demonstrate it, they got a huge harvest, almost 1000g from a 1 plant! so far, super bud is still my favorite strain to grow by it valuable price & quality, but so far also, my best harvest is around 300g per plant how come? we have space 700g here
  7. shaman & purple #1 from dutch passion, lucky = im just buy 1 seed, bad luck = this is an expensive single seed! how come i dont read it?! i've buy this 4 or 5 month ago, and have a plan to grow it this week after harvested... yesterday i came to dutch passion official site to check a detail information about this 2 strains and BOOM!!! ... OUTSIDE! i have no much option because the seeds are in my hand, but maybe someone have tips & trick for this case...or just do the same way like indoor plant?
  8. hi, just to the point, what could be happen if i grow outdoor plant indoor? I've buy a wrong strain which it outdoor, impossible for me to grow it outdoor in this country
  9. hi, i am very curious after have debate with my friend on my connection. in my opinion, OG Kush, WW, NL, JH is a famous strain that is a must for every breeder to have it, which it all are the same taste or shape. while my friend, she wont believe that its the same strain, she is think that we should get from the original breeder to make sure that is really2 pure (not modified or cross-breed with something) but while im search on some seeds bank and type OG Kush, OH! MY! F! GOD! there are a lot of, very a lot of... so somebody here can give some info/advice about this?
  10. hi, anyone here can give me information...a sativa 100% but have black/dark pheno on leave? like a black domina maybe but sativa 100% i want to cross-breed it with manipuri i have from real seeds company.
  11. hi bam, thx for u'r info, help a lot. btw its produce by dutch passion, frisian duck.
  12. hi dust, thx for reply since im very confused about the duck coz many poeple out there split sativa/indica/ruderalis by it leaf-shape. thx a lot for your info.
  13. hi...i want to know your opinion about duckfoot, its an sativa / indica or totally a new type?
  14. HI...i am from somewhere in south-east asia, sorry im not share my country in a public forum, but an private email, i do. its very very very danger in here, they can throw you on a jail for 20 years even you have only half gram of buds!, and im sure you know how bad life going on a jail, bad food and bla-bla-bla its all bad, and the worst ofcourse a sodomi. LOL! it so F jail here. in here, im not sharing or even talk to anyone, even my butt did'nt know that i plant a cannabis. i use for my self and make it ultra-super-duper-secret. let me tell u, pal...i have a working room on my house, i dont let anyone to enter / peeping that room...on my working room i have secret room, that i use for making some electronic tools, a kind of my hobby...and on my secret room, i have another secret room that i use for biology lab where i plant all my strain.
  15. hi hendrik...I AM SO F JEALOUS with everyone which lives on a country that cannabis is legal. this is totally not fair. while we are dreaming to plant it outside, they are face the fact. plant it outside is the super-simple method of all, no need bla-bla-bla which make so depression and very cheap in cost also... right now, i am so in high-passion for learning all about cannabis, join with trusted community and forum about cannabis, hopefully will be legal soon

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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