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  1. I have no idea but it was her true colour!
  2. Now that I have done this for veggie garden, I don't see why I should not try to make similar to grow out precious! It's dead cheap for sure and will be strong enough to be there through at least 1 entire grow. Once done with your first grow and maybe you want to re arrange the set up, just wet the pot, break it and reuse same to remind another pot in another location... ok it's time consuming and tiring but really if you are ready to put a bit of effort to have lifetime availability of raised bed, seriously I'll probably end up never buying a flower pot ever again!! ? That said, I am wishing you all plenty of good stuff for this new year 2017. Stay safe!
  3. I am going to leave the bamboo showing on the side of the raised bed as I might just attach strings to them and link with the stake that will support the plants. Tomorrow I am on the new potatoes raised bed in a beautiful sun shining location. I have no idea why I didn't start all of this in the right place directly. Ah as we say in French :" faire, défaire et refaire c'est toujours du travail" ask google translate ?
  4. I have done some progress on my Tomatoe Cob buildIng raised bed... I will need one more batch to finish it up. It's a veggie raised bed so it won't necessarily need very nice smooth finishing anyway.
  5. Cheers buddy, it's a Lotus Flower actually.
  6. Timing is everything!
  7. Morning from my side Guys...Got a nice surprise from my Koi pond this morning that I wanted to share with you. have a beautiful day, morning, afternoon, evening or night wherever you might be!
  8. On to some Cob building for my tomatoe raised bed. It's a bit more advance then this by the end of the day. Hopefully I can complete it by the end o the day tomorrow. I am re-thinking what I have done with my compost pile adding layer of soil in between might actual makes it impossible to turn over in time... we'll see.
  9. Phase one of new raised bed completed with the transplant of my tomatoes. midway before transplanting. Phase 2 is in the wheel barrow, I am softening the clay ?. Phase 2 for tomorrow most probably. And yes I know it still look rough lol... but everything comes to those who can wait lol
  10. Just received 4 cubic meter of soil today that I am planning to use for my compost and my veggies garden area. this is the type of soil I have to deal with and actually this one is way better then my garden soil lol... composed mainly of clay, sand and some other soil but mainly clay. so I decided to tripple my composting area, I harvest around 800l of good soil in 6 months with this little spot here. 4m by 2.5m original compost area. I need more compost! lol. Anyway I used that dirt I receive to mix in the pile in layer manner... and I kept layers quite thin to accelerate the process I hope. First a layer of dirt then a layer of compost and so on till reached desire height. I hope within 3-4 months to be able to collect some VIP growing medium. Humidity level in my area never goes below 60% lol and more often in the 80% so the process is accelerated as well.
  11. But of progress this morning... I grant you it's still looking W?T??⚡️⁉️?F!? State. Keep in mind I am working the Stoneage style with an axe and a hammer... no power cutting tools... that's why I have difficulties to make nice regular stripes so I give up and just made stripes... it's mainly for the skeleton. And won't be visible at the end anyway. once everything is tied up it will be ready for Phase 2 Cob buildIng.
  12. So here it goes, construction of new raised bed using a different but never the less on the cheap method. Phase 1: Now I know what you thinking... W⚡️??T?⁉️?F!? Lol but wait... it's phase one only.
  13. Fresh from Capital! Good old South East Asian Sativa Landrace.
  14. Got my Bamboo delivery this afternoon so I'll be busy building 2 or 3 new raised bed but this time around I will a all different approach which will be a mixt between bamboo and Cob building. cost of my raised bed in bamboo: 10$, I will define the dimension tomorrow.

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