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  1. Thank you. Earthy-kushy fruity is how I would describe it.
  2. Stretchnomore I think you probably saw the 'Mighty' by The Volcano people? The company that makes the Volcano(Storz and Bickel), makes a few hand-held vapes now. One is called Crafty I think and the other is the Mighty. Not really my thing but a buddy had the 'Mighty' and was pleased. Although there are much smaller hand-helds out there that I'm sure rip just as good now. Don't skimp on your vape, just save up and buy the one you think is best. Cheap vape parts can be unhealthy due to low-grade metal and plastics, not to mention generic 'craftsmanship'.
  3. Cannabissapean: Here is a link to a company that makes gear like that, but not sure if it's the one I used. I will check with the person who actually owns the machine and get back to you. No, I meant to say a 'server' of pre-tested strains, specifically. If your IP address is not from a cannabis-legal state or country, you cannot access the database on the server, as it connects automatically through your mobile device to which it is plugged-in.
  4. Not sure if its an option for you but if you want to know for sure, there are mini chromatography setups that plug right into your phone or tablet. You put in around .2g of material and it vaporizes it, then compares cannabinoid and terpene ratios to a server of pre-tested strains. These setups are a few hundred dollars usually.
  5. I agree with Cannabissapean to let that sit at least 5 weeks. I know you said you are watering in some TNC masses but you can consider powdered horticultural molasses to add directly to the soil mix when first making it as well. Just an option, not saying its better. All your ingredients look super good, just be careful top-dressing with that palm ash. Test your water that runs through your pots to try and get a feel for whether or not it is causing your pH to spike. Also depending on which ingredients you use in your brews, some of the bone meals and such tend to bring the pH up above 8.0 by the time you are at 48 hour mark or so. Test your starting pH and ending pH, if it ends up too high, use some apple cider vinegar to get it lower to start. That way you do not have to adjust pH when finished, as the fluctuation will kill off some or a lot of the micro-life that you just brewed. Good luck, peace, respect.
  6. Very clean and tidy setup. I like that. Everything looks kept in order and tended to. The plants all look happy at the care they are getting. I haven't tried GH Powder Feeding, but will have to use it on a quadrant in the future very soon.
  7. Respect. I agree. That is exactly what I was wondering about: re-sellers. Thank you very much sir. ?
  8. Here's a few more from that same cut.
  9. Are breeder's packs offered through larger seedbanks legit?
  10. Soil mix is compost, peat, perlite, EWC, oyster shell, bone meal, alfalfa meal, feather meal, fish emulsion, kelp meal, azomite, poultry manure, bat guano. Bacterial and fungal innocculation of multiple species. Rain-water with unsulphured blackstrap molasses and mild mixture of Botanicare CNS-17 Bloom, Vitamino, Hydroplex(bloom booster), then Ripe in last 14-21 days(pre-flush).
  11. Looks good. (SSHaze x BuckeyePurp) sounds awesome.
  12. Was given the clone by a friend who had a tendency to mix up strains so if it doesn't look like $maker genetics I apologize.
  13. The first time I read the Franco's quote: "Cannabis is my passion, my bread, my home.", was the most major turning point for me. I realized that other people were as positive and passionate about cannabis as I had been for most of my life. He showed me that it wasn't only ok to be that way, but completely awesome. We will always remember you brother.
  14. Sorry for long delay on reply. Currently do everything in soil.

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